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 May 2012 Newsletter ~ Issue No 39    
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Hi and welcome to our May Newsletter. Thanks again to everyone who attended the London Ace Cafe Event last Month (see pictures) and made it such a success. If you did'nt manage to make it, don't worry the summer is almost upon us and we have loads of exciting events across the UK and now even one in Holland!

Ace Cafe Raises £352 for Charity   
The good weather played a vital role on the day as over 150 people and 62 Figaro's attended. Owners enjoyed both the cars and the company. The club was kept busy all day and it was great to catch up with everyone. At the end I felt so proud as everyone kept say 'thanks for a great day Kevin'.


google maps Google Maps added to Website     

The club is always being asked where the closest Figaro dealer is? Well the great news is that you can now see exactly where the dealer is located as we've now added 'Google Maps' to each dealers page. This now allows visitors to zoom in and out and get an idea of distance and their exact location.



Buyers Advice

New 'Figaro Buyers Guide' Website 

We're delighted to announce the launch of a brand new Website specifically for the clubs Figaro Buyers Guide. The site provides information on content and even a sneak view of what the guide looks like in the 'Look Inside' area. Since launching over 2 years ago we've sold over 1,000 copies of the guide! See Website 



Go Dutch for the day!              

Exciting news this month that Dutch Members Brigitte Caro and Tanja Hess are organising a one day Figaro trip to Holland on  the 3rd June. It may be great opportunity to take your Figaro overseas and enjoy some of Hollands wonderful sites. To Get involved see events below.  




This is me Kevin! 

Yes I know I'm very sad but at the weekend my favorite pastime is polishing all that chrome!!

A very warm welcome to all  

new Members!

It's great to have you on-board and thanks again for your kind donation last month.  Don't forget this is YOUR CLUB so please pop us over your pictures and stories Click here  




Kevin Fagan  

Editor and general Tea Maker!  

Figaro Owners Club Founder      


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Each month we feature cars from our Members in all their glory! Why not pop a picture of your love and joy to us and we will feature it in our Next Months Newsletter. Send Picture Now   


ace cafe 2012  

 events2012 Events Calendar  

summersizzlerIf you've never attended an event before we urge you to give it a try this year!

There is something very special about joining other Figaro owners and showing off these great cars.

All events are Figaro Owners Club Members Only  

Events marked* are hosted by the Figaro Owners Club. All other events are 'Invitation' by a 3rd party (in other words not our events but ones we've been invited to attend.  



27th May 2012  

Event: Chippenham Lions Club Cherished Vehicles Show  

Location: Chippenham (Wiltshire)   

Venue: Allington Farm  

Cost: Free to Members  

The show is intended as a fun day out - Cherished Vehicle drivers and their vehicles have free entrance if registered in advance - other visitors are £2.50 and children under 10 are free. There will be good food - the famous Allington Farm sausages and burgers - as well as others, and drink and ice creams. There will be many different car marques to see and plenty of opportunity to show and perhaps judge your own vehicles. There's a parade ring as well as auto jumble, other stalls and things for the children.  



JUNE *****NEW EVENT*****    

3rd June 2012 

Event: Figaro Trip in Holland

Location: De 4 Balken, Brinkstr. 3 Haarzuilens, The Netherlands

Cost: 19.91 Euros Per Team

Brigitte Caro and Tanja Hess from the Netherlands want to organize a Figaro Tour Trip. This tour is only for the Figaro lovers and Figaro drivers. No-competition, no club, but just a nice day to share experiences and enjoy a wonderful Figaro Tour Trip. The ride will be a puzzle / tour trip, so a co-pilot is required.

INTERESTED? Email them @ or



6th, 7th & 8th July 2012  

Event: FigFest 2012  

Location: Great Yarmouth  

Venue: Broad Farm Caravan Park  

Cost: £3 Per Car per day / £12 Two Nights Camping / £18 Three Nights Camping  

We invite you to attend what will be a fantastic weekend of 100% pure figaro fun! The team who brought you FigFest 2011 will be working hard in the background to create an unforgettable festival to be enjoyed by present and future owners of these wonderful little cars.  




19th August 2012  

Event: Milton Keynes Car Show and Suzuki Family Day

Location: Milton Keynes  

Cost: £6

A small show but if your local its worth a visit. This year the event has been expanded to include a number of other features and attractions. Last year we won 'Club of the Show' what better reason do you need to attend!




2nd September 2012  

Event: FigFest North 2012    

Location: Between Rotherham and Barnsley

Venue: Wentworth Woodhouse Stately House      

Cost: £3 to Members  

This is a new event. Join other members and owners of Rolls Royce, Humber, Morris, Mini, Jenson, Jaguar, TVR, VW, MG, BMW and more for a spectacular day out at the amazing Wentworth Woodhouse Stately House!




16 September 2012  

Event: 11th Surrey Classic Vehicle Gathering  

Location: Tilford  

Venue: The Rural Life Centre  

Cost: Free to Members  

A fantastic day out for classic car enthusiasts Loads to do for children & all the family Bring your own picnic, or visit the Café.  


 Video on Changing Light Bulbs     

Isn't it really annoying when one of the bulbs goes on your beloved Figgy? It's not an expensive item and frankly it's a bit of a nuisance to pop into the nearest garage and ask them to fix it when we all lead such busy lives. Well, now there is! This month, our helpful 2 minute video covers changing all of the road going bulbs on the Figaro, with a detailed demonstration of how to change them!  


Check it out and subscribe for free to our Video Channel Click here     


Video is provided by The Figaro Shop  

Another useful instructional video from The Figaro Shop - Changing the bulbs in your Figaro 
Another useful instructional video from The Figaro Shop - Changing the bulbs in your Figaro

 HOW TO... Change the Front Indicator and Side Indicator Lights   

Legal Notice This Information is Copyright Protected and Published under agreement granted by JPNZ International to the Figaro Owners Club.  


This is an extract from Page 46 of the Maintenance and Workshop available from JPNZ International (To order your copy see advert and link below) 

front ind and side ind  

JPN Banner  


dutch trip


TheFigaroShop Advert 

American Story



  TECHNICAL FORUM - Visit our website to see over 1,300 topics - Click here  

Where is my Jack?

Losing Power and juddering        

Can you tell me where the jack stores away in the boot please?
slightly to the right side of the spare wheel recess in the lower boot-it is fitted in a 'jacking up position' extend it a few inches until it locks itself onto a lug just below the upper boot.

Read more

After a long drive in our Fig, stopped at traffic lights and she started to judder whilst idling. As we tried to accelerate away from the lights she was very weak on power with continued juddering. After a while the turbo kicked in ( quite late ) and the car settled down once we reached motorway speed. Took her out again after a long cool down this evening and had the same problem at lower speeds. Once around 50 she seems to settle down. Had her serviced last week and was running well, idling speed was perfect. Any suggestions? Hubby thinks the cold start valve may be the offender or maybe the turbo on the way out. All help gratefully received 

Asked my Fiance about this. He seems to feel it is unlikely to be the turbo as the turbo works more at higher revs such as you would be using when on the motorway and you have no problem then. Poor power delivery particularly at lower revs is more often down to either incorrect fuelling or an ignition fault. Try removing a couple of the spark plugs and have a look at the colour of the electrode. They should be a dull brown or greyish colour. If they are black then the car is running very rich (getting too much fuel in the petrol/air mixture) this richness will clear at higher rpm as demand for fuel increases. It is possible that the cold start valve could be causing an over-rich mixture. These are known to be a weak point on Figs. If the plug has any sign of wetness on it then there is a problem with the spark not getting to the plug as the wetness is unburnt fuel. I hope this may be at least a starting point for you. As you only had the car serviced last week I'd just go back to the garage in all honesty if you don't fancy the above.

Read more 

I have been reading all the stuff about turbos, having not had an automatic and turbo before I am not sure if my figgy is driving well or not and sometimes have been experiencing smokey exhaust. Also she revs quite high at 50 mph but maybe this is normal? Does anyone know, how can you tell if you have problems with your turbo or not? 


Figaros do rev high as it's only a 3 speed auto. You should be doing about 4000 rpm at 70mph. This is normal. A Fig in good condition should accelerate briskly through the gears with no hesitation, & "kick down" at any speed below about 50mph. A smokey exhaust should be checked out as this is not normal & could be a sign of trouble, minor or serious, with the turbo or engine. 


Read more 


About the people behind the Figaro Owners Club
MY CARMy son Daniel had always wanted a Figaro and after saving for years (plus a small contribution from his mum and dad!) he brought an Emerald Green one in May 2008. That was it - I was hooked too! Even now we spend many a happy weekend polishing her in the garage.

We just love all that chrome... After buying the car we started searching the internet for ownership help and advice and although a forum existed there was no real club so in December 2008 we started designing and building the web site which took around 4 Months. The club was formed in February 2009 and launched on 1st March 2009

Warmest Regards


Kevin Fagan

Figaro Owners Club Founder



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