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  August 2011 Newsletter ~ Issue No 30


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Hi and welcome to our August Newsletter. This edition has a real 'overseas' feel to it, bringing you stories from members in the Netherlands and pictures from Germany and Russia too! Plus the normal technical updates, events and more...


It's official there are 4,552 Figaro's in the UK!  

At last we can now settle one of the biggest pub arguments amongst Figaro Owners. How many Figaro's are there in the UK? Thanks to David Morgan from the DVLA (and the freedom of information act) we had it confirmed that on the 30th March 2011 there were 4,552 Nissan Figaro's in the UK.


FigFest 2011 delivers yet again    

Three cheers for Paul Atyeo, Laura and his team for pulling off another great event. For those of you who attended a big thanks for supporting the festival. See below for some wonderful pictures of both owners cars and fancy dress outfits!   


Technical Forum reaches 1,300 Topics   

Every so often you reach a milestone of sorts. I was on our forum this week and couldn't believe that we have now reached 1,300 topics! This is only possible through you guys so a huge thanks to everyone for your continued support. 


25 Members Express Interest In Jersey 2012 Rally

You may recall that early in the year we put out an idea to run an event in Jersey next year in May. We're delighted to announce that so far we have 25 members who have registered their interest to attend. We will be developing the event in the Autumn so if you also fancy meeting up for a once in a lifetime rally with loads of other Figaro's register your interest today - Register Now   


A warm welcome to all New Members

It's great to have you on-board and thanks again for your kind donation. 



My favorite pastime is polishing all that chrome! 

We'd love to hear from you!   

Don't forget to share your love for your Figaro and pop over pictures and stories :)



Kevin Fagan  

Editor and general Tea Maker 

Figaro Owners Club Founder      

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 EVENTS - Visit our website to see all events - Click here  

Milton Keynes Car Show - Sunday 7th August 2011 






Surrey Classic Vehicle Gathering - Tilford 18th Sept 2011

The club has been invited to attend this great event by Figaro enthusiast 'Dirty Den' (Remember his Pink Figaro and matching Trailer!) . If you would like to register (FREE TO MEMBERS) then on our website below.


Surrey Classic Vehicle Club - annual classic car gathering !!

Sunday 18th September 2011 - 10.00am - 5.00pm Tilford (supporting Shooting Star Childrens Hospice & Tilford Rural Life Centre)

400 + classic & veteran vehicles expected ~ Classic & veteran motorbikes display ~ Car clubs & individual entries ~ Autojumble stalls ~ Arts and crafts stalls Bird display with Owls, Hawks Buzzards & Kestrels ~ Café / Bar 

Steam railway for adults  and children ~ Country life museum with displays showing life in the 1800's ~ Village hall, Victorian Laundry, Schoolroom, Chapel, Forge etc. Displays of period tools & trades dating back over 150 years Annual event in partnership with Tilford Rural Life Centre. 

The Rural Life Centre is a country life museum run by a charitable trust. It is located in 10 acres of beautiful woodland and comprises a large number of reconstructed outbuildings & realistic period displays showing implements and devices marking over 150 years of farming and social history - a real delight !!

Fantastic day out for classic car enthusiasts Loads to do for children & all the family Bring your own picnic , or visit the Café

Register Free To Members - REGISTER NOW

For additional information including feedback from previous visitors plus pictures of past events & booking forms for this years' show, please refer to the attachments to this email or visit our club website



This month brings you a story from Netherlands member Brigitte Caro. Brigitte found her Emerald Green Figaro after a chance internet search. Along with her husband she took a 3 hour drive to view the car but it appeared on closer inspection she was in a very poor condition. And you'd think that would be it. Turn round and head right back but the story didn't end there because after a test drive Brigitte starts feeling sorry for the car and ends up buying her. Proof if you ever needed it that these cars really do get under your skin!


"My story of how I became a Figaro owner is a bit strange maybe. Normally I drive a Chevrolet Blazer but then I decided that I would like to have another car instead of the Blazer. Of course I have to make sure that my dogs can go in it and my car is also always the holiday travel car! So I started with a Chevrolet HRR, still loving it, but not with in my budget. Then I saw a Jaguar X-type Station Wagon.....but my husband didn't agree on that one.  


A friend of mine told me to look for a MG ZT-T also station, but in Holland only as a diesel and I don not drive diesel. Then I thought I would buy a jaguar S-type for Holiday and shopping and a very old classic American station as a dog car.  


When I was looking the net for the Classic American, I searched on the words, old timer, automatic.........and there she was a Emerald green Nissan Figaro..........and I loved it!!!!!!!!


My husband Rene couldn't believe this, but agreed to look at it, so we called made an appointment and drove 3 hours to see her.


She was in a bad shape, bumper front and back badly damaged, her backside is still in a bad shape, lots and lost of rust, the hubcaps weren't white anymore and the interior was very dirty, the paint was rough and just looks as if there was nothing done to her in a couple of years. My first reaction was NO, I don't want this car, and she is just too badly damaged.

But I had to test drive it, because I wanted to know if I like to drive it, and we where not in the car for 3 hours to go aback directly.
When I drove her, I felt sorry for her and even when somebody did not care enough for her, she still run like a little rocket.   

I really enjoyed driving her, and wanted to give her a good life, with all the care that she needs.On the way home, Rene asked me, can you live with the state she is in? Well my answer is no secret..........YES I DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!


So we bought her and now she is here, I gave her a lot of TLC and she is shining now, her hub cabs we sprayed our self, bought new midsection bumpers front and back we did received with the car, new oil etc, she is doing great.   


It's a funny car, it is a sweet car, she is a complete car, a different car, drives like a great car but most important, she is now my car and I love it.


When ever I get the chance I take my Figaro, she is fun, easy and always puts a smile on your face. There is no special road or trip that is my favorite, she goes from east to west, I have even taken her to go to Belgium. I don't mind, the seats are great and the drive is fun.     


I'm just a rookie in the Figaro world and have only owned her since April this year, but she will never leave again.


Next year I will try to go to the ACE Cafe meeting and hope to meet many of the clubs Figaro owners and learn about the cars and most of all have a great day over there"



The Netherlands


GALLERY - Visit our website to see more - Click here 

Each month we feature cars from our Members in all their glory! Why not pop a picture of your love and joy to us and we will feature it in our Next Months Newsletter. Send Picture Now 


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Have you ever wondered how the Figaro ends up in the UK? 


The club thought it would be really interesting to look into the buying process for the Figaro. Many owners are unaware that UK based dealers use Japanese Auction Systems to locate and purchase the cars you see in their showrooms. 


It turns out that the Japanese auction system is probably one of the best in the world. Auction companies have invested millions in making the buyer comfortable in the auctions as well as giving them all available information about the cars they buy. The system works like this;


The largest auctions have around 10,000 cars for sale on a given day and therefore the system we have here in the Uk where cars are brought into the auction one by one would never work in huge auctions in Japan. Instead the buyers sit in a huge hall with two, three or even four huge cinema screens in front of them with each screen showing the pictures of different cars and its auction sheet(this auction sheet gives the details of the cars, such as mileage, condition, model and chassis numbers). At any one given minute 3 or 4 cars are being sold at this kind of auction through a bidding process which involves computer bidding by those in the auction and on the internet world wide.

Just imagine bidding for your Figaro here!  

UK dealers we can either go to Japan and be involved in this process or we can find a good reputable agent who will do all the hard work for us and buys the cars. The agent must be trust worthy and know exactly what cars you are looking for and in my case he must know what to look out for in Figaros.


Once the figaro is bought for which the agent charges a fee of between £600-£700 the car is then taken to the nearest Japanese port for shipping to the UK. This process of buying the car and shipping to the UK usually takes around 5-6 weeks for the car to arrive. 


If you are familiar with the Japanese auction process and have had experience dealing with importing of Japanese cars then buying from Japan is simple. But if you have had no experience then the process could turn out to be a nightmare as many have found out in the past. It is important that the agent you use is reputable and knows exactly what your looking for otherwise things can easily go wrong.


Many thanks to Hamid Fadai of Wimbledon Cars 


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TECHNICAL FORUM - Visit our website to see over 1,300 topics - Click here 

tools2QUESTION 1
Vinyl Dye Colour?
tools2QUESTION 2
Re-chroming of back lights?  
tools2QUESTION 3
Tokyo Nouvelle plaque?
I Have decided after cleaning all the sticky gunk off the interior panels that i will spray them with vinyl dye as they look a bit patchy in parts, has anyone used this and if so which colour did you use? Mabel



The best way to re-paint the interior panels is to go to an automobile paint supplier (they're in every town, just Google it.) They supply the correct interior paint in aerosol form. It's probably best to take the Fig or an interior panel so they can match it. Bazf   

The chrome around my back lights has peeled and Graham advised that I can't buy the chrome separately. Does anyone have any tips to make them look shiny and new again? Any advice appreciated. Emma



I purchased my chrome tape from the Ace Cafe--Google Ace Cafe and go to the shop,they sell reels of tape principally for motor bikes. Tip if you put on straight from the reel it shows because of the square edge-try and make the profile uneven it doesn't notice.stopper1941


Does anyone know if these plaques (the ones that go on the side of the wheelasrch not the inside mirror one)were originally sold as pairs or singles? Just wondering if people usually bought 2 or if they were availiable singly. Want some eventually when i can afford them! Mabel  


The plaques were fitted to a number of cars but not all in Japan in pairs. They are quite rare so can be expensive. They are sold from time to time on Ebay, But I think there is a company manufacturing replica's. I think the company is one of the ones currently advertising on the main page of the club, but I can't remember which one it is off hand. I hope this has been of some help to you. Brian

VIDEO HELP GUIDES - See more video clips - Click here 
Cleaning The Drain Holes In The Roof Gully


We know you love your Figgies and want to look after them. One of the seemingly straightforward tasks is to keep the drain holes in the roof gully clean and unblocked. Otherwise they can get rusty and water can leak and collect in the boot, leading to expensive problems in the future!

However, it can be fiddly and you do need to know what you are doing. Therefore, we have created this helpful 2 minute video showing you the easiest way to clean the drain holes in the roof gully.  

The Figaro Shop Drains Maintenance 
The Figaro Shop Drains Maintenance


About the people behind the Figaro Owners Club
My son Daniel had always wanted a Figaro and after saving for years (plus a small contribution from his mum and dad!) he brought an Emerald Green one in May 2008. That was it - I was hooked too! Even now we spend many a happy weekend polishing her in the garage. We just love all that chrome... After buying the car we started searching the internet for ownership help and advice and although a forum existed there was no real club so in December 2008 we started designing and building the web site which took around 4 Months.

The club was formed in February 2009 and launched on 1st March 2009. 

Kevin Fagan (Figaro Owners Club Founder)
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