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  July 2011 Newsletter ~ Issue No 29
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The Figaro Owners Club is a Not for Profit Organisation. Unlike other car clubs we don't have a fixed annual membership fee. We think it's fairer for our members to make an Annual Donation towards the running of the club.

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Hi and welcome to our July Newsletter. This month we bring you some fab stories from our members plus the normal technical updates, events and more...


Mike carries out a roadside service on-route 

Spain here we come!  

Read about this amazing trip when members Mike and Barbara Jenkinson  drove their Figaro 600 miles down to Bilbao (Spain). It made me feel very envious and since reading it I keep reaching for my large European Map to see where I could go in Figgy?     


FigFest 2011    

Clean your car, pack the wine/beer and dig the tent out of the roof its FigFest 2011 time! If you haven't yet got around to registering then   see below for full details...   


Member Features 

Meet Belinda Wanless (Car of the Month) and see the amazing transformation of her Figaro from Lapis Grey to sparkly Orange and the wonderful Pat Hughes (Picture of the Month) plus five of our latest members.  


Classicline Demand Thatcham Immobiliser 

Those of you who have received your insurance renewal from Club insurer 'Classicline' will have noticed that they are now insisting that your Figaro must be fitted with a Thatcham 2 Immobiliser. The cost should be no more than 100 and can be done by any automobile alarm fitter. Although this is an extra expense you could do without we think its a small price to pay to help deter the theft of your car! 

 Save 15% - Go to classicline insurance - Click here


A warm welcome to all New Members

It's great to have you on-board and thanks again for your kind donation. 



My favorite pastime is polishing all that chrome! 

We'd love to hear from you

Don't forget to share your love for your Figaro and pop over pictures and stories :)



Kevin Fagan  

Editor and general Tea Maker 

Figaro Owners Club Founder      

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calendar entry

FigFest 2011 - 8th,  9th & 10th July 2011  

figfest2011FigFest 2011 is a festival
organised by Paul Atyeo The event is over 3 days but you can turn up on any day to participate. 

Friday 8th July - BBQ and get together

Saturday 9th Jul
y - Pop Master, Prizes , Music from the Figetmenots and in the evening Fancy Dress and an Abba Tribute Band. we will also be celebrating the figaro owners 2nd birthday .

Sunday 10th July - Run to Yarmouth and Prizes for Best Cars of the Weekend.


All money raised will be donated in memory of Paul's friend Marc who died of Cystic Fibrosis aged 29.  


Marc ran a lot of marathons to raise money for the charity and was engaged to a beautiful girl who was nursing him when he was in hospital. sadly they never made it to the church. the weekend will be dedicated to Marc. 

Broad Farm Holiday Park, Fleggburgh, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, NR29 3AF.

Cost of Entry 3 Per Car Per Day or 12/18 Car/Camping
calendar entry

Milton Keynes Car Show - Sunday 7th August 2011



Our club have been invited to attend this event. We have paid for the entry so all our members can get in free.
  This show is now in its 4th year and enjoys bumper numbers of car fans and families.

Why not join us? The plan is to group all our Figaro's together in a row along with the clubs tent so we can promote the car and club. Be a great chance to catch up for a natter too!

Testimonials from last year
"Wow what a day,  Once again blessed by great weather, great people and some fantastic cars. Within 2 hours of the gate opening the site began to look fairly full and moving stands around to accomadate larger clubs had taken place. By 1pm we was looking great, loads of interesting vehicles from old time classics to hot rods. The BBQ was in full flow and we had a real buzz as the first band hit the stage. The whole day had a great feel to it, with both young and old enjoying the sights and sounds of yet another great mk show
Then we got a fly pass by the red arrows, even they took time to treat us to a couple of loops, and if that wasn't good enough we had a lancaster bomber circle really low a few times followed by a hurricane and a few other small aircraft"

Cost of Entry - Free to Members >>>  REGISTER HERE 

Closing date for receiving entries is 8th July 2011

 calendar entry

Charity Drive From Shoreham Airport Sunday 7th Aug

The club has been contacted out the blue by this guy who is putting on this charity drive. Members are welcome to contact James direct.

"On Sunday 07/08/2011 we, being myself and my friend James, are putting on a charity drive in aid of the Sussex air ambulance.

We are setting off from Shoreham Airport to The Lavender Line steam railway near Uckfield. The route is around 50 miles via mainly B roads. None of the route is too hard, steep, narrow or complicated. The fee is a minimum donation of 10 with all monies going to the air ambulance which doesn't receive any funding from the nhs or lottery. At the finish there will be a raffle, BBQ and steam train rides

We are hoping for 150 cars of all types shapes and sizes. You will all be most welcome Search on facebook for "the Sussex air ambulance charity summer drive"

If you wish to attend this event with other members please out a comment on our forum page" - Click here

Alternatively email me:



 calendar entry

Cherished Vehicles Show - Wiltshire on 28 Aug 2011

The club has been contacted by Bob from The Lions Club of Chippenham.

The Lions Club are hosting a Cherished Vehicles Show near Castle Combe race track in Wiltshire on 28 August 2011 to raise money for Lions Charity work.

It's intended as a fun day out - Cherished Vehicle drivers and their vehicles have free entrance if registered in advance - other visitors 2.50 and children under 10 free. There will be plenty of parking and easy access to the site - Allington Farm, Chippenham, Wiltshire.

There will be good food - the famous Allington Farm sausages and burgers - as well as others, and drink and ice creams. We have ordered good weather specially!

There will be many different car marques to see and plenty of opportunity to show and perhaps judge your own vehicles. There's a parade ring as well as auto jumble and other stalls.

Invitations to register will be issued imminently and passes will be sent nearer the day. Don't miss an excellent day out. We look forward to welcoming you to the first Chippenham Cherished Vehicles Show on 28 August 2011.

Cost of Entry - Free to Members >>>  REGISTER HERE 

Closing date for receiving entries is 31st July 2011



Member Pat Hughes with her latest purchase The Fig 


Not Bad for Two Old Girls!


"This is my baby - I spotted my first Figaro in a supermarket car park six years ago and just knew I had to have one! I have never been bothered about cars, they were always a means of getting from a to b but this time it was different - I went straight home and searched the net. I bought The Fig (as she is affectionately known) two weeks later from a dealer in Poole, Dorset after finding her listed for sale on Ebay!

I purchased single train tickets down because I knew I was going to buy her and bring her home.  She is kept in a garage and I only ever drive her if no rain is forecast - my two older grandchildren aged five and six love her, especially when I pick them up from school - I have a bright red straw hat which I wear when the top is down and thoroughly enjoy driving her.

Pat loves the attention of the school run in her new car 


Each month we feature cars from our Members in all their glory! Why not pop a picture of your love and joy to us and we will feature it in our Next Months Newsletter. Click here to send your pic's 


Send in your Pictures for our next Newsletter - Click here

TheFigaroShop Advert

carof themonthjuly2011    

This month we feature a custom Figaro from Member Belinda. The pictures show before and after pictures of her recently refurbished Fig2 - from grey to 'Gemini' - sparkly orange. 


This is Belinda's story... 

"This is the result of a good few years of thinking and talking about it since the purchase of my first Fig (now Fig1) in 2007, and on seeing the colour at a Figaro gathering at Gaydon Motor Museum in 2008. Also as a result of talking to Figaro Expert Chris from The Figaro Factory at The Ace Cafe meet in April, and of coming across a perfect grey Fig a week later (and some savings of course!).  


Chris did a fantastic job and we picked Fig2 up yesterday - I was smiling all the way home!  I shall be out over the next few months hoping to get a good enough picture to make the Figaro 2012 Calendar next year. I intend to run the two Figs side by side to reduce annual mileage of each and ensure they last a very very long time.  I really don't ever want to drive any other car. 'Biscuit' the dog will stay with green Fig1 - he has his loyalty there"


Story/Picture Footnotes:

Belinda, on the first day of picking up her newly revamped originally grey Figaro after 'pimping up' by Chris at 'The Figaro Factory' (after a brief chat at The Ace Cafe meet). Looking forward to a summer of glorious orange Figaro-filled fun!This colour is called 'Gemini' and is, as my sister described it, "like a ripe tomato, but in a good way!"Just utterly glorious!  This is what life is all about!


tools2QUESTION 1
Repair of Front Seat?
tools2QUESTION 2
Headlights left on?  
tools2QUESTION 3
Hub Cap Removal?
I have 2 rips on my drivers side front seat/chair along to piping where I'm guessing it got caught with the seat belt, how do I get these fixed is there a way to repair the rips there not massive only cosmetic look bad or should I just buy a new chair? Jenny 55772 



I would have thought if not repairable then just get the seat recovered ask your garage to recommend some trimmers or look at recommended fig garage list on the club page and contact the one nearest you. Caz  

Hi everyone, I have "broken down" twice in the last month due to me forgetting to turn off my side lights when it has been a nasty morning on the way to work and have come back to a flat battery :( Does anyone know if I can get some sort of WARNING buzzer fitted to my Fig to alert me to turn off my lights like you get with newer cars? Thanks, Lorrela



You should have a warning noise if the lights are left on. My figs a bit temperamental, but works if you wiggle the little greyish black rubber thingy visible on the car when you open the door on the drivers side, this also operates the internal light! Sorry I can't be a bit more technical! chrisfiggynut


I know this sounds dumb but how do you remove the chrome hub caps? Tracyann 


You pull the chrome hubcaps off with your fingers!! There's no tool required or provided. To replace fit the holes over the wheel nuts & bang them on with the palm of your hand. Baz

Original Promotional Video - VIDEO SERIES FEATURE

This video is really strange and does'nt really promote the car at all! Would you buy one after viewing? I guess times have moved on but I hope the person who made this is doing something else now!


To play press >    

nissan figaro prototype car tokyo motor show 1989
nissan figaro prototype car tokyo motor show 1989


About the people behind the Figaro Owners Club
My son Daniel had always wanted a Figaro and after saving for years (plus a small contribution from his mum and dad!) he brought an Emerald Green one in May 2008. That was it - I was hooked too! Even now we spend many a happy weekend polishing her in the garage. We just love all that chrome... After buying the car we started searching the internet for ownership help and advice and although a forum existed there was no real club so in December 2008 we started designing and building the web site which took around 4 Months.

The club was formed in February 2009 and launched on 1st March 2009. 

Kevin Fagan (Figaro Owners Club Founder)
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