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  May 2011 Newsletter ~ Issue No 27
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Hi and welcome to the Figaro Owners Club May Newsletter. I guess like the rest of the country you've been glued to the TV watching the Royal Wedding. What a wonderful occasion this was with all the colour and atmosphere it made me proud to be British! My only criticism was when the happy couple appeared in an Aston Martin DB6! Now a convertible Aston Martin Volante DB6 MKII is indeed a stunning car, but a Figaro looks just as good and if you don't believe us take a look at the pictures of Member Hollie Power's Wedding below! Read more


Great turn out ensures Ace Cafe is now an Annual Event  

Fantastic, Brilliant, Awesome that was some of the comments we received after our Ace Cafe event! Not only did we raise a whopping 305 for Charity but we also had a whole load of fun in the process! Congratulations to the winners of our competitions and many thanks to everyone who supported the day. Read more   


Join us at Milton Keynes Car Show - Sunday 7th August 

The club has been invited to attend this massive car show. We have paid for entry so all you have to do is register on our form so we can forward the details on. Read more 


Interior Gators How to Video 

The Figaro Shop have upholstered hundreds of different styles and colours of interior gators for the Figaro. Read more


Much needed 'Figaro Owners Guide' in pipeline!      

Ever thought you could do with a handy manual or guide that provides essential information on every aspect of running and looking after your car? We're excited to announce that in association with experts GJNorthall we are planning on publishing the Figaro Owners Guide for launch in late Autumn 2011.   


My favorite pastime is polishing all that chrome! 

We'd love to hear from you!   

Don't forget to share your love for your Figaro with us and pop over pictures and stories for inclusion in our next Newsletter :)



Kevin Fagan

Figaro Owners Club Founder   


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miltonkeynesMilton Keynes Car Show - Sunday 7th August 2011

miltonkeynesOur club have been invited to attend this event. We have paid for the entry so all our members can get in free.
  This show is now in its 4th year and enjoys bumper numbers of car fans and families.

Why not join us? The plan is to group all our Figaro's together in a row along with the clubs tent so we can promote the car and club. Be a great chance to catch up for a natter too!

Register here

Testimonials from last year
"Wow what a day,  Once again blessed by great weather, great people and some fantastic cars. Within 2 hours of the gate opening the site began to look fairly full and moving stands around to accomadate larger clubs had taken place. By 1pm we was looking great, loads of interesting vehicles from old time classics to hot rods. The BBQ was in full flow and we had a real buzz as the first band hit the stage"

"The whole day had a great feel to it, with both young and old enjoying the sights and sounds of yet another great mk show
Then we got a fly pass by the red arrows, even they took time to treat us to a couple of loops, and if that wasn't good enough we had a lancaster bomber circle really low a few times followed by a hurricane and a few other small aircraft"



Just imagine, your Figaro could be featured in our 2012 Wall Calendar! 

The club publishes its own Calendar featuring our members cars. Below is a submission from Member Gilly Webb and features Sid in a fabulous English backdrop. Submit Pics  



Member Amanda with her Figaro named MJ in Cornwall
This picture was sent in for inclusion in our Members Gallery by Amanda but we thought it was just worthy of more publicity!
 What Amanda needs to complete the picture is a Surf Board! 




Each month we feature cars from our Members in all their glory! Why not pop a picture of your love and joy to us and we will feature it in our Next Months Newsletter. Click here to send your pic's 


Send in your Pictures for our next Newsletter - Click here


holliepowerMember Hollie Power sent in these wonderful pictures of her Figaro 'Dionne' on her wedding day. 


Hollie says.. "We had a vintage themed wedding on 28th December 2010 in Cardiff Centre. Al worked really hard over christmas to make Dionne look nice & drove her to the church on the day. One of the highlights of the day was driving around Cardiff, the three of us, having our photos taken! We parked up outside of the reception venue right in the middle of town & fig sat very proudly all night!"  


We agree that Figaro's make superb Wedding Cars!  (ed)  



Send in your Pictures for our next Newsletter - Click here


The One and Only - A special car from The Figaro Shop 

Toby from the The Figaro Shop sent in some stunning pictures of a custom Figaro he created recently for a client Marion Crerand.

Toby tells the story...

"We built the Figaro to the very highest specifications.  As with all of our restorations, we spent over 300 hours on the car, taking over 100 hours on mechanical work alone. This project involved a significant rebuild of the mechanics of the car - including the suspension, steering components to brakes, control valves and temperature senders etc.


We finally settled on a Porsche metallic blue colour and we repainted every area of the car, from under the bonnet to inside the boot, including all of the white parts and trims. We also fitted an alarm and central locking system, Bluetooth connectivity, a radio with iPod upgrade, heated seats with two heat settings and an in-car Sat Nav.


The custom interior included hand-stitched and re-foamed Italian leather seats coloured in blue and ivory. The design contrasted the original Figaro style by using the ivory on the piping and the blue colour on the main area of the seats. We continued this design by creating the new leather rear bench seats in the same manner.


The door cards were re-trimmed with the leather backing in the same ivory colour and we also recreated the leather speaker pockets and armrests in the contrasting blue and ivory. All other areas, such as the gear shift, handbrake and steering wheel were custom designed in the same colours.

We think our hours of loving craftsmanship paid off and produced a truly beautiful Figaro - we love projects like this!"


If you are a dealer we would love to feature your projects - Send your pictures and story

TheFigaroShop Advert


interagattersInterior Gators   

At The Figaro Shop we have upholstered hundreds of different styles and colours of interior gators for the Figaro. They look fabulous and we are very proud of them, some of the more unique ones are pictured below. We have hoped for some time to be able to make one that can be sent mail order and stitched on by owners in your own homes, replicating the original Nissan ones made when the cars were first produced.


Nissan only made one colour - the beige. We have made a set very similar to these but have also made four other shades to go with original colours; other custom colours can be made to order. We order and fly in all of our own fine Italian leathers and hand craft these pieces.


Each set comes with a special needle and thread and below is a video showing how to stitch on the new steering wheel, handbrake and gearshift gators. It's easy to do and gives the car a luxurious feel we are very proud of.


As you can see the effect is much smarter looking than the pull-on sock type. Our starting offer includes 2 gators for the steering wheel; 1 for the gearshift; 1 for the handbrake and a specialist curved needle and a thread to complement the leather.


See below for the film on how to fit the gators, Our special introductory offer is 49.99 inc all postage, VAT and the fitting kit. Just look at the film and pictures to see the difference it makes and the look you can achieve!


The video is below - To play press >   

Figaro leather trim DIY video
Figaro leather trim DIY video



ownershipissuesThis series is written by Gjnorthall Factors - Nissan Figaro Specialists. The company is well respected and has been involved in maintenance, servicing and new parts supply since 1999. The documents are all copyright protected and cannot be reproduced or passed off by any 3rd party. They can be printed and used for personal use.  

This is document is available on PDF via our website Click here 

There were two sizes of tyres fitted to the Figaro originally: 155SR12 or 165 70 12. Don't mix these sizes on the car - all four tyres should be one size. It is recommended that if you're fitting a new set of tyres - then go for 165 70 12 - these will give better handling and ride quality.

12 inch wheels are pretty rare on cars nowadays, so most of the premium tyre manufacturers such as Dunlop and Pirelli stopped manufacturing 12 inch tyres some years ago. Therefore you're fairly limited in terms of brands you'll find. There are three brands commonly found in the UK - Federal, Nankang and GT. These originate in the Far East and are all perfectly decent tyres. Tyres sold in the UK have to comply with certain standards and must carry the "E" compliance mark.

At times it will be very difficult to find 12 inch tyres so you'll need to shop around and probably wait a couple of days whilst your tyre depot orders them in. Tyre outlets tend to deal with 2 or 3 distributors so you may need to try more than outlet, You may well be more successful with web based tyre dealers - some of these can arrange local fitting - try Camskill, Tyres Delivered and Black Circles to name just a few.

At the time of writing, Kwik Fit have a competitive web based offer on 165 70 12 tyres by GT. A set of 4 tyres including VAT, fitting, balance and new valves should cost you in the region of 135 (Jan 2010)

UPDATE 20 March 2010

The difficulty continues with the supply of 165 70 12 tyres to the extent that it's virtually impossible to find any. It's not at all a popular size and may well disappear altogether in the longer term.

Some Figaro's were originally supplied with 155 80 12 tyres - fortunately these are still readily available. This is a way forward if you're fitting 4 new tyres but doesn't help people looking for 1 or 2 tyres - all 4 tyres must be the same size. If you do move to 155 80 12 tyres then inflation pressure is higher at
31.5 psi

With a fair amount of difficulty!! The oil filter is at the back of the engine and it's virtually impossible to reach it from above. With the car up on a lift or over a car pit - it's simple to reach up and change the filter. It's a different story if the car is on axle stands or ramps - it's not easy to reach
the filter lying on your back and you'll probably end up anointing yourself in engine oil! If this isn't your idea of fun - there's another way.........

Nowadays there are plenty of rapid service centres who will change oil and filter for around 28 - a pretty good deal! Generally these centres use quality semi- synthetic oils such as Mobil S - check this first! It may not be the best idea to ask for an oil and filter change on a Figaro - you may well get blank looks! Just ask for an oil and filter change on a 1989 Nissan Micra K10 1 litre - the oil filter, sump plug seal and procedure are the same as the Figaro! A bonus is that you don't have dispose of the old oil!

The end spark plug on the passenger side of the car is a little difficult to remove. We've seen owners removing turbo pipes and doing various amounts of dismantling to get at the plug - we've even seen plug sockets firmly wedged in the plug recess! In reality - all you need is the right tool, so it may cost you a few 's to do the job properly and easily. First of all, you'll need a 21mm spark plug socket. Go for a 3/8 drive, good quality plug socket - inch drive or cheap sockets tend to be thick walled and are therefore a tight fit into the plug recess. Use an universal joint in conjunction with a short extension and a ratchet handle or T bar and the job's simple. When replacing the plug - hold the extension, and screw the plug by hand until a few threads have engaged - this avoids any risk of cross threading the plug.

If you've tried it - you'll know that a one piece swivel spark plug spanner is pretty useless to change Figaro spark plugs!

The first thing to ascertain is weather the wet carpets are a result of rainwater leaks. If the wetness is in the front foot wells towards the centre of the car - the issue could well be a leaking heater matrix - this is
becoming a significant problem. Usually the smell of coolant can be detected and the carpet won't dry fully - there may well be unexplained drops in level of the coolant system.

Having eliminated the possibility of a coolant leak, there is a need to investigate likely routes of rainwater into the car. It's highly unlikely that rainwater is entering the car via door seals or the vinyl roof even if badly shrunk - except of course if the vinyl has split! If you drive in very wet conditions with the front underwing plastic guards missing - water can get past the door seals - check that the guards are fitted! Water can enter the car in one of 5 ways:

1. There are roof gutter drains near the front of the roof. These do very little in normal circumstances. However if the car is parked facing downhill -rainwater can collect in the gutter until it eventually overflows. It's usually pretty obvious if this is the problem and the solution is to unblock the drain pipes. . Test routinely by pouring water into the drains. The tubes drain into the sills so you should see the water draining from the sill drains.

2. When clearing the drain holes at the front of the roof channels - take care that you don't push the drain tubes off the spigots - otherwise water will drain into the car rather than the drain tube! These drain tubes can be difficult to clear by poking and it's sometimes necessary to remove a couple of inner roof panels in
order to get at the tube.

3. The chrome trim which runs across the top of the windscreen is attached with clips that go through holes in the roof of the car. There is a rubber seal along the edge of the trim - this deteriorates and allows water to get under the trim - this can leak into the car via the clip holes. Usually the leak occurs when the car is regularly parked facing downhill. Water getting into the car in this way flows behind the plastic interior panels and ends up on the floor - it's sometimes possible to observe water droplets at the joins of the interior panels. The solution is to lift the chrome trim and apply clear silicon sealant along the trim edge.

4. If the rubber seal around the edge of the roof aperture becomes detached - rainwater will collect between the seal and the metal of the roof. It's not particularly common, but rust holes can develop and water will then leak into the car. Before rust takes hold, any loose section of seal needs to be re-secured as soon as possible with contact adhesive, and any gaps or imperfections made good with black silicon sealant. Before sticking the rubber - pull the seal to one side and treat any rust with Kurust followed by a coat of paint.

5. Wet carpets in the rear foot wells and wetness beneath the rear seat will usually have originated in the lower boot - check for dampness in the boot. There are several ways for rainwater to get
into the bottom boot:

* Blockage of the two drains in the hinge side channel of the top boot will cause water to trickle past the edge of the top boot tray and enter the bottom boot. Check and clean these drain lines regularly.

*Water can leak past the rear window seal and is often solved by removing and refitting the seal. Any leaks can usually be observed after unclipping the inside window surround panel and gently spraying water on to the rear panel.

*The top boot isn't designed to be dry - hence there are two drains in the bottom of the boot tray. If these aren't kept clear, water will slosh over the edge of the boot tray and into the bottom boot. Check and clean these drain lines regularly

*The seal at the top of the upper boot diverts water sideways to the splits in the seal (these splits are inline with the sides of the rear window panel). Water collects in a rubber reservoir beneath each split and is diverted to the channels either side of the top boot opening. There are two drain holes in each reservoir which block easily and a blockage causes the reservoir to overflow. The overflowing water should enter the top boot tray but some will trickle past the side of the tray and into the lower boot.



These drain holes are frequently overlooked - have you ever cleaned these on your Figaro!!

The drain holes are marked A and B in the photo below

Drain B is quite difficult to see - it's right in the bottom corner of the reservoir!

After investigating and curing a water leak into the car - it's important to dry out the wet areas otherwise it's all too easy to end up with serious corrosion in the floor panels. It may be wise to remove the carpet, allow it to dry and refit when you're confident there's no longer a leak. Carefully check the car and lower boot floor - treat any rust with Kurust and finish with a coat of paint.

If the demister does nothing, then the first thing is to use a test bulb or multimeter across the 2 edge terminals on the rear glass. If no voltage, it's a case of checking fuses, connections etc. However before doing this you should be aware that there a system that isolates the power to the window when the roof is open! There's a switch mounted on the roof frame hinge - top boot drivers side, and it has a habit of sticking when the roof has been open. It's easy to free off with a little WD 40 after peeling back the
protective rubber boot.

If only some elements on the window work, then there is an electrical break in the non-working elements. It's possible to find the breaks in the elements and repair them with a special paint which contains silver
powder - this is not always successfull. What's not possible is to fit a new window - this is now an obsolete Nissan part. However.........

.........Even when new the rear demister isn't very effective - it certainly won't clear ice and takes quite a while to demist the glass. It's actually far quicker to use the aircon to demist the inside of the car and many owners therefore just don't bother with the rear window demister!

NEXT MONTH - Figaro Service Check Guide    


Huge thanks to Simon for the information - The series continues next month (ed)  


acecafeThanks again to everyone for a wonderful day. We had over 50 Figs brave the London traffic to attend the event.  


Blessed with some cracking weather the day kicked off around 10 o'clock as cars started to arrive at the gate. Ipyana (our man on the gate) did an excellent job turning away any NON FIGARO CARS and helping members park. As the morning progressed more and more cars turned up and at one point we were concerned that we
 would fit everyone in! Judging commenced at 12.30 and members browsed the cars making their decisions and popping their voting forms into our special voting form bucket! Nic and Simon from Figaro Doctor were busy assisting members on a range of maintenance issues spending much of the time under the cars... Thanks again to Figaro Bob and his family who were kept busy with their range of accessories and roof fitting services. As the time approached 14.00 everyone took up positions by their cars for our group shot. (Apologies to a few of our members who were clipped out - we must invest in a wide angle lens!). As the day came to a close we announced the winners of the raffle and our competition winners (see below).    



305 Raised for CLIC Sargent - Charity Link   

We should all pat ourselves on the back as our little club raised an amazing 305 in our raffle which was a superb result and we have soooooo many people to thank, Figaro Bob, Figaro Doctor, Figaro Restore, Figaro Factory, Speedy Reg, European Trimming Company and Julia Jepps, and of course everyone that brought a ticket.


Competition Winners  

The lucky winners were...


Vic Turner/? - Furthest Traveled - 187 Miles

(We did actually have Rob Janssen a member from Holland turn up with a distance on 650 Kms but he had to leave early and wanted Vic to win it!)

Linda Pitts/H726LNA - Best Classic Colour

Well done to Linda with a superb aqua blue Figaro


Sarah Gill/J731MJK - Best Custom Colour

A beautiful pink example


Alison Caraccio/FIG4454 - Car of the Event

Stunning colour and workmanship






Dash Removal?
Catalytic Convertor Light?
Constant Alarm?
This is my first post and I am a newcomer to your site, may I compliment you on a very friendly and informative forum. My question is how do you remove the top dash, it looks like someone has tried to recover it and not done a very good job. I have a Friend who can recover it properly but needs to be taken out of the car first, is this a DIY or garage job? Pancia



Dash removal is only for a very skilled DIY person or preferably an experienced bodyshop mechanic or trimmer. It involves removal of the switches & heater linkages, & dropping the steering column. And that's only so you can get at the bolts holding the dash top on! Replacement is even more critical as there are wires at the back of the dash which can be easily trapped & stripped resulting in smoke & flames just where you can't get at them! Leave it to a skilled operative!



The catalytic convertor light is on all times, shall we worry and how do we fix this? Lucy just came back from the garage today after our accident we had last month, I just had a little drive to check if everything was good and I've noticed the the light stays on and also that one indicator flashes faster than other. Any ideas Ania



The cat light is a very common problem on the Figaro. It means that unburnt fuel has entered the cat and caused the temperature to rise. It can happen because of something simple like a loose plug lead. The excursion may be almost instantaneous but once the warning light has been triggered - it stays illuminated. The problem is that the trigger is actually a fusible link - once it's failed, it has to be replaced. At one time these were a few pounds then Nissan increased the price to around 150!!


I would suggest not replacing the link and simply disabling the warning light. The reasoning is that after 20 years - the cat on the Figaro is well shot and is doing very little in terms of emission control. The catalyst matrix is robust unlike some modern units so is unlikely to be seriously damaged by overheating. Conditions potentially leading to cat overheating should be easily recognised in any event - misfires etc


You can disable the warning light by removing the bulb or earthing the lead that's connected to the sensor on the cat.


As previously noted - Figaro cats do very little because of 20 years of use and the fact that they're not very sophisticated - they're not required by UK legislation such as the MOT test.


Removing the cat removes a bottleneck and as such you'll get a modest improvement in performance / economy and of course - it can no longer overheat.


The cat matrix is contained within a metal canister and it's just a case of removing the internals - the external appearance is unchanged and there is no change to the engine note. It's not the easiest of jobs - but well worth doing.

Figaro Owners Club Technical Specialist


When I drive my figgy or reverse it there is a loud Constant Alarm the boot and top is down and fitted correctly but it silent when engine is on and not driving does anyone know what it could be

The roof and boot alarms only work when the car is in motion. Likely cause is the roof latch sticking - it's a chrome hook located in the roof gutter - passenger side. Give the pivot a dose of WD40 so that it moves freely. If no joy then a small adjustment of the operating cable should do the trick - the cable adjuster is at the bottom of the boot strut - passenger side.

Figaro Owners Club Technical Specialist
About the people behind the Figaro Owners Club
My son Daniel had always wanted a Figaro and after saving for years (plus a small contribution from his mum and dad!) he brought an Emerald Green one in May 2008. That was it - I was hooked too! Even now we spend many a happy weekend polishing her in the garage. We just love all that chrome... After buying the car we started searching the internet for ownership help and advice and although a forum existed there was no real club so in December 2008 we started designing and building the web site which took around 4 Months.

The club was formed in February 2009 and launched on 1st March 2009. 

Kevin Fagan (Figaro Owners Club Founder)
2011 The Figaro Owners Club
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