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  April 2011 Newsletter ~ Issue No 26
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Hi and welcome to our April Newsletter. With all the nice weather around we hope like me you've managed to get out and give your car a nice run after such a long winter. If your popping along to our London Meeting then have a safe journey.



We've won an award...

Our little club has been recognised by one of the USA's leading electronic media communication companies. We are so happy to be named as an All Star by Constant Contact!   The award is in recognition for our level of communication and engagement with our membership and loyal readers. I'd like to thank all our members, supporters, my family, and anyone I've missed!


Interest in Jersey Figaro Rally 2012 grows   

Last month we hinted about a possible meeting in Jersey around May time in 2012 to gauge opinion. We're pleased to announce that so far we have 18 interested members. If you too would like to register your interest then just pop your details in our on-line form - Click here 

Figaro watch!

Those of you who follow our forum will be aware that there has been a number of thefts in and around the London area of Figaro's. Just as we were going to press we had yet another notification from Member Robert Ingram of the theft of Doris. You can follow the thread Click here 



Figaro Trader gets off to a flyer!

It's still early days but we're chuffed to bits with the take up of both Private and Trade advertising on our new sister website Figaro Trader. At the time of writing we have over 30 cars for sale. Take a test drive at   



My favorite pastime is polishing all that chrome! 

We'd love to hear from you!  Don't forget to share your love for your Figaro with us and pop over pictures and stories for inclusion in our next Newsletter :)


PS - Looking forward to seeing some of you at the Ace Cafe London :) 


Kevin Fagan

Figaro Owners Club Founder     



Event PDF  

You can download the event information but you must ensure you have Registered to attend before you depart (see below) DOWNLOAD EVENT INFORMATION  


Register Now 

You can register online - REGISTER NOW  


Date:  Saturday 16th April 2011  Time: 11.00 - 16.00  Entrance - FREE   



Only members of the Figaro Owners Club who have registered will be allowed to participate - REGISTER NOW 


Remember before you depart to...

  • Complete, print off and place in the windscreen the poster
  • Bring your judging form with a pen to complete it! 
  • Pack a Camera to take some lovely picture
  • Give your car a spring clean if you want to win one of our great prizes!
  • Bring some cash for our Raffle (in aid of charity)

How to find the venue:


Travelling anti-clockwise on the North Circular Road:

Take the second exit - signposted for Park Royal - after the traffic lights at Brentfields Road (where you'll see Ikea and McDonalds) . Turn right, then right again onto the old North Circular Road. The Ace is 100 yards on the left.


Travelling clockwise on the North Circular Road:

Take the first exit after Hanger Lane - signposted for Park Royal - turn left at the traffic lights & immediately right onto the old North Circular Road. The Ace Cafe is 100 yards on the left.


Ace Cafe London, Ace Corner, North Circular Road, Stonebridge, London, NW10 7UD, United Kingdom +44 20 8961 1000


Car Parking on Arrival - Main Car Park (Maximum 50 Cars)

Only Nissan Figaro's will be allowed into the Main Car Park. If you wish to attend in another vehicle you will be asked to park in the road.  



Please remember to make your way to the Figaro Owners Club tent and register your arrival.



The café has a great retro restaurant which serves a variety of good food and beverages. 



  • Meet our fantastic Members
  • See some lovely Figaro's
  • Trade Stands
  • Raffle - We have some brilliant prizes (All monies raised will be in aid of our charity)
  • Competition
  • Figaro Owners Club (meet the team)



11.00 - Event Opens


12.30 - Competition Judging

All members will be asked to judge all cars from the following categories:

  • Car of the event
  • Best Custom Colour
  • Best Classic Colour
  • Furthest Traveled 

14.00 - Group Photo Shoot

Say Cheese! We would like everyone to stand by their cars as we want to take a group picture from the roof of the Café - Give us a wave!!!


15.00 - Raffle/Awards

We will draw the raffle and announce the winners of the above competition.


16.00 - Event Closes


Nominated Charity - CLIC Sargent


CLIC picture with child Every day 10 families are told their child has cancer. As the UK's leading children's cancer charity, CLIC Sargent is the only organisation to offer them all round care and support.


You can make a cash donation on the day and all funds

raised through the raffle will go to the charity.  



Found this Video on YouTube and thought it was cool!  The clip is now 10 years old and these guys were real pioneers and started selling the cars after June acquired her Figaro for her birthday. We laughed out loud when she said she only sold the cars to 'happy people' which she nicknamed 'Figarists' ...

Absolutely Brilliant!! Does anyone know June or Dell?

Andy Wilman on Top Gear - The Figaro
Andy Wilman on Top Gear - The Figaro


Member Kay showing off her gorgeous Figgy-Flo 
"Picked up my Figgy-Flo last Sunday, Ive had a week to get used to her  and i love her to bits. It's really cool that my number plate finished with my initials a fluke i'm please with"






Members Olga and Julian wrote into us about a problem with their Clarion Radio...


We have had our Figaro radio refurbished by Clarion and we have been delighted with it. However over the very cold weather we had battery problems with it going flat and not holding a charge.  On one occasion we tried to jump start the car. Just recently the radio simply 'froze up' and refused to do anything.  We phoned Clarion about it and the first thing they asked us is whether we had jump started the car recently.  We said we had and it turns out that jump starting produces a power spike that than 'fry' the electronics of the radio.   


The radio is at present with Clarion being repaired. So, you have been warned!  It you have a Clarion reconditioned radio in your Figaro DO NOT JUMP START IT. Trickle charging is OK by the way. We hope this helps,


You have all be warned however it does seem like a design fault after all Jump starting a Figaro is not unusual ed 


Last Month we had an unexpected email from the South Korea Figaro Owners Club. Jihyuk Park sent us some pictures of a meeting they'd had in Yanpyung. We decided to look this up on Google Earth and print the map details. Thanks to Jihyuk - Enjoy the pictures


Send in your Pictures for our next Newsletter - Click here


TheFigaroShop Advert

This new Video Series is copyright owned and produced by The Figaro Shop. The Figaro Shop supply high grade, hand picked, low mileage Nissan Figaro's and refurbish them to suit customers' requirements. They carry out work from basic servicing and maintenance to show standard be-spoke Nissan Figaro's with unique features.


Oil and Water Leaks

Hints and Tips: How To Spot and Deal With Oil Leaks!


The video is below - To play press >   

DIY video from The Figaro Shop - Oil Leaks
DIY video from The Figaro Shop - Oil Leaks

As 90% of our engine rebuilds are incurred due to oil starvation to the engine, we thought it would be useful to create a 'how to' about oil leaks. We have put together some film pointing out the most common areas of leakage, how to deal with them and the ones to worry about. In every mechanical Figaro restoration project, we always check for perished rubber as this often causes oil leaks. Most Figaros that have not been restored in detail are prone to oil leaks of at least one type. Some are more important than others!


Other than looking under the car, the best way to spot oil leaks is to look on the ground underneath you have just parked the car. N.B. Don't forget to check the ground when you first park as lots of car parks and spaces already have oil stains. The colour of the stain can also be a good clue as to what fluids your Figgy is losing!

Next Month

Interior Gators and how to make them! 



ownershipissuesThis series is written by Gjnorthall Factors - Nissan Figaro Specialists. The company is well respected and has been involved in maintenance, servicing and new parts supply since 1999. The documents are all copyright protected and cannot be reproduced or passed off by any 3rd party. They can be printed and used for personal use.  

This is document is available on PDF via our website Click here 

When you start a Figaro first thing in the morning, it should fast idle. The idle speed should then gradually drop to normal over a few minutes as the engine warms up. On a cold winter's morning - the idle speed may be as high as 1800RPM + initially. If the car doesn't fast idle and you need to coax it to prevent it stalling on a cold start - chances are that the cold idle valve has failed. It's becoming a very common problem on Figaros, but realistically - failure of such components is to be expected after 18 years!

The valve is easy to change - it's held on by two bolts. Don't use undue force on the bolts - they can snap easily and it's then a very time consuming job to remove the fractured bolt!

You're standing in traffic and the engine isn't smooth and the steering column may vibrate. Often this is simply due to the idle speed being set too low. Increase the idle speed marginally and check if this improves matters. Do not increase idle speed excessively - on a level road, car in D and without touching the accelerator - the car should creep at no more than a slow walking pace.

If the creep is excessive then it's usually due to the idle speed being set too high

You're standing in D and as you turn on the headlights or turn the steering wheel - the engine speed takes a dive and remains at a low idle speed. There is a system that should compensate for the additional engine load when equipment is operated. What should happen is that there should be a momentary dip in revs followed by a rapid recovery. Often a clean and adjustment of the compensation system is all that's
needed to sort any problems. The compensation system only operates in D or R and not in P or N

There is a similar compensation system that operates when the aircon compressor switches on and off

The idle speed suddenly drops - remains low for a while- then recovers for a while before repeating the cycle. This oscillating behaviour has two main causes.
  • The window switches can stick. This causes the window motor to try to turn when the window reaches the closed position. The excessive load on the motor causes the idle speed to drop. After a while, the motor overload operates so the idle speed recovers. The overload resets itself and the idle speed drops again. It's easy to check for this problem by opening the windows halfway - if the idle speed continues to oscillate - the window switch isn't the problem!
  • Certain failures of the Lambda oxygen sensor can cause the idle speed to oscillate. This is by far the more common issue. Sometimes the problem can be observed not only at idle but also whilst driving at a steady speed with a steady accelerator position. A new Lambda sensor usually solves the problem!

Generally the automatic gearbox on the Figaro is very reliable. Problems encountered

  • D or R take a while to engage and the engine may need to be revved to get the car to move eventually  
  • The gearbox won't change gear, or upward gear changes only take place at abnormally high road speed  
  • The engine revs are abnormally high for a given road speed

A very significant number of gearbox problems stem from a low level of automatic transmission fluid (ATF) in the gearbox. Low ATF level will cause serious gearbox damage so it does need to be checked now and again. It's not the easiest of routine checks and it's an operation that's often omitted when Figaros are serviced! We've outlined the method below. 


It may seem a strange comment but the ATF on the Figaro shouldn't be drained and refilled - draining the oil can cause gearbox problems!!


It is essential to check the level with the engine HOT, and the high and low hot levels are marked either side of the hatched area on the "HOT" side of the dipstick. Hot (50 - 80 deg C) means driving the car from cold for about 10 minutes at no more than 50MPH. 

  • Park the car on level ground  
  •  With the engine running and the handbrake applied - move the selector stick through all gear positions ending up in P.
  • With the engine still running - remove the dipstick - BEWARE OF ROTATING EQUIPMENT!! Remember that the radiator fan / aircon condenser fan can start unexpectedly. 
  • Clean the dipstick with lint free cloth and re-insert to measure the level. 
  • Always wipe and re-insert the dip stick to check the level. 

Whilst checking the level, ensure that the fluid is bright and clear. If it's dark or smells burnt - consult an auto-transmission specialist. Do not drain and refill the gearbox without consulting a specialist. Nissan advise not changing the fluid! If topping up is required - use DEXRON 3 ATF (if Dexron 3 isn't available - use Dexron 2). Topping up is via the dipstick hole - unfortunately it isn't east to manoeuvre the ATF bottle into position. Pinch the plastic extension tube to prevent spillage whilst inserting the tube into the dipstick pipe. Add only small quantities at a time. Both high and low levels can cause gearbox problems. The capacity between

NEXT MONTH - Figaro Niggles Part 4  


Huge thanks to Simon for the information - The series continues next month (ed)  


Each month we take a look at what's currently on the market through our sister website Figaro Trader.


customcolour4500Custom Colour Nissan Figaro
Price : £ 4,500  - PRIVATE SALE
Finished in red with a white soft top with white unmarked leather interior. This is an import figaro which was imported in 2004. It has power steering, orignal cd player, chrome bumper, chrome wing mirrors, chrome handles and head lamps. It is Auto transmission and has electric windows...

pink5995Custom Colour Nissan Figaro   

Price : £5,995 - TRADE SALE 

All our colour change Figaro's are oven baked and sprayed to the highest standard, all the seats are fully reconilised, making them look as good as new, this car comes with a new roof, fully serviced including a new cam belt/ water pump, we only use top quality parts including semi-synthetic oils


paleaqua4995Pale Aqua Nissan Figaro
Price : £ 4,995  - PRIVATE SALE

LOW MILEAGE - only 57,000 miles. One lady owner from import in 2008.  Fully refurbished, including new roof.  Very well taken care of, reluctant sale due to circumstance.  Key features include: Original CD stereo... 


emaraldgreen3850Emerald Green Nissan Figaro
Price : £ 3,850  - PRIVATE SALE

1 owner in the UK post import - only selling due to arrival of a baby. MOT until Nov 2011 Tax until September 2011 Had new battery & exhaust fitted in 2010 - pulse immobiliser anti theft system, speedometer in mph & fog lights also installed...  



customecolour4999Custom Colour Nissan Figaro Details

Price : £4999 - TRADE SALE

POWER STEERING, ELECTRIC WINDOWS, REMOTE CENTRAL LOCKING, AIR CONDITIONING, LEATHER INTERIOR, CD STEREO All our Figaro's are sold with the following: One year comprehensive nationwide RAC warranty. One year MOT. One year full service. Six months road tax. WWW.WIMBLEDONFIGARO.COM 



Broken Radio Button ?    Coolant Thermostat ?  Top Boot Sticking? 
Hi, one of the buttons on my radio has broken off, I've still got the button but much of the plastic which sits over the metal part has snapped off.  Does anyone know where I can source a new button? Would I need two so that they match? Thanks Emma


Give Clarion Service a call - they'll supply a pair of knobs to genuine Figaro owners. £10 a pair last time I bought some


Gareth Figaro Owners Club Technical Specialist

Need Help? You can post questions on our forum Click here  

It must be a 'senior moment' but I can't find where the coolant thermostat is located on the engine . . can anyone point me in the right location as I want to put a new one in.cheers? Vic


Almost central on the front of the engine - you'll see a large coolant hose connected to the housing - the cap is held in place by 3 bolts.
When fitting the new thermostat - the air bleed hole needs to be uppermost.



Gareth Figaro Owners Club Technical Specialist


Hi to all, Got my lovely little pale aqua figgy off Figaro Bob last September time (thanks Bob she's fantastic), and have to say I still absolutely adore her, at her first service recently our local garage (who work on other figs) were very, very impressed with her, unfortunately I haven't been able to drive much lately due to illness, but as we'd had some decent weather the past few days I thought I'd take a little open air drive to cheer myself up, but am having problems releasing the top boot lid.

It worked perfectly before, but now seems to be catching on the passenger side latch, drivers side catch opens and lid pops up enough to get fingernails under easily, but not the other side, it can be opened if one person lifts it at the same time as the release button is pressed, but I can't open it on my own as I did before.
I've searched here and other forums, my Figaro manual, and G J Northall's site, and have as suggested removed the gunky black goo that was once the rubber blocks in the catch and replaced the rubber blocks, and given a spray of WD40 on the latch mechanism, I manually closed the catches with the lid open and pressed the release button and both catches opened fine, but still the left side doesn't release properly with the lid down.
Did read suggestions on adjusting the latches but am not sure how to do this, I'm not particularly technically minded ::), also read about re-gassing or replacing the struts, but wondered if anyone could advise how to adjust the latches first, any photos or images with some pointers would be fantastic if possible, or any other tips, before I go to the expense of tackling the struts, Just thought I'd try and see what I could do myself before heading off to the garage.
Any advice appreciated, Many thanks Abbe


Same question asked directly to ourselves and another forum so for the benefit of other owners - answers reproduced below


Sounds as if the latch isn't releasing because theres too much tension on it. The latch can be adjusted upwards slightly - the mounting holes are oversize - just slacken the mounting bolts and move the latch upwards. Japanese owners often put half a tennis ball in the boot lid gutter near the top each side. This helps pop up the lid so you don't need to lift it with your fingernails.  


by Fistral Fig » Sun Mar 27, 2011 8:26 am  Hi Abbe, it sounds like it is a latch adjustment, as you have eliminated that it is releasing when the boot is open, but some times they wont relase if they have pressure against them, if you do attempt to adjust the catch, draw round it with a pencil first so if all goes wrong you can put it back where it was, the only thing I can think to try is to remove the rubber block that you replaced yourself first and to try it again, it may be pressing the latch to tightly, I always try to think whats changed since it last worked approach, I removed my gunky rubber blocks because it was sticking the catch in the latch, and didnt replace them, and all works fine, ......

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My son Daniel had always wanted a Figaro and after saving for years (plus a small contribution from his mum and dad!) he brought an Emerald Green one in May 2008. That was it - I was hooked too! Even now we spend many a happy weekend polishing her in the garage. We just love all that chrome... After buying the car we started searching the internet for ownership help and advice and although a forum existed there was no real club so in December 2008 we started designing and building the web site which took around 4 Months.

The club was formed in February 2009 and launched on 1st March 2009. 

Kevin Fagan (Figaro Owners Club Founder)
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