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  March 2011 Newsletter ~ Issue No 25
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The Figaro Owners Club is a Not for Profit Organisation. Unlike other car clubs we don't have a fixed annual membership fee. We think it's fairer for our members to make an Annual Donation towards the running of the club.

If you've not yet donated then please do so today.  Donate Now


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You've invested in your dream Figaro and now it's outside in all that rain! You need a cover to keep it dry and snug and we have a fantastic range available. Car Covers the UK's largest range of fully tailored, waterproof and breathable indoor and outdoor car covers provide a 10% discount on their superb quality covers.Learn more  

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If you drive your car in the rain we recommend this protection. Waxoyl will provide valuable protection to the underside of the car. You can receive a £100 Discount off Waxoyl under car treatment. Learn more


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The Latest Numbers from our Database 

Current Members: 3,148
Forum Members: 656
Forum Unique Posts: 7,564
Unique Web Visits: 115,080

Coverage: 33 Countries
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ace cafe advert


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Hi and welcome to our bumper edition of the clubs March 2011 Newsletter! This month brings you exciting news about a brand new Website and a possible Figaro Rally in Jersey plus the usual Members Cars, Stories, Forum Updates and more...

Figaro Trader (New Website)    

Where to buy and sell your Nissan Figaro


figarotraderpromo has been developed off the back of a real need from our members to sell their cars privately through the club.  


We also felt that the club was crying out for a kind of 'compare a Figaro dot com' (without the Meer cats!) where prospective buyers can compare price, specification, colour, accessories all in one place.


100% Nissan Figaro!     

The main benefit is the fact that it only features Figaro Cars!  We've spent a lot of time on providing comprehensive buying and selling advice as well as 'Specific Figaro Characteristics' which we feel enhances the user experience.   


As an example it even shows if the car has a breakdown flair! Read more     


Jersey Figaro Rally (2012)   

Fancy a few days on the wonderful island of Jersey? With over 500 miles of road and some stunning scenery it's also the perfect place to check that folding roof works okay!

jerseyLast month the club was contacted by Member Jon Smale who is the proud owner of a Figaro and Hotel in the beautiful channel island of Jersey! Jon planted a seed regarding the idea of organising a Figaro Rally next year and staying at his very nice hotel. He suggested we consider the month of May (May ferry costs are much more reasonable than June/July/Aug).


Would you be interested in joining us?



We thought a 4 day trip? 


Approx Costs?

Based on this year 



1 passenger with Fig - £115 return 

2 passengers with Fig - £160 return 


£45 per person (Share double or twin) per night 

£55 per person for superior single room per night 


Jon has a 90 bedroom hotel so accommodation is not a problem. He would be very happy to offer us a great deal on our stay? He said he will book dinner, bed and breakfast and receive dinner free of charge! Entertainment after dinner each evening if required. 



Obviously we have loads of ideas like - Treasure Hunt, Disco, Fancy Dress, fun quiz and bingo evening hosted by Jon himself. 


Register your Interest

If you feel you would want to participate simply drop Kevin an email at


Printing Error 

In our February Newsletter we got a bit confused! We printed the wrong caption against the wrong picture and got a bit of an ear bashing!! Apologies to Members Maxine and Andria. Maxine sent in the the picture of the baby which was 'Olivia' from Swansea and not 'my lovely little Figgy' - Andria's picture is featured below; sorry girls!! 


Club Invests in new Membership Software

The new system will allow us to communicate more efficiently through email and letter.

A quick plug

Last month we featured a fantastic picture of the month from Member Claire. She just wanted to credit the photographer... His name is Peter Evers and his website address is



My favorite pastime!

We'd love to hear from you!  Don't forget to share your love for your Figaro with us and pop over pictures and stories for inclusion in to our next Newsletter :)  


Kevin Fagan

Figaro Owners Club Founder     


Ace Cafe Meeting (London) ~ 16th April 2011



Latest News: We now have over 50 cars registered to attend so it should be a fantastic event. Next Month we will be covering the event in full.  


Where is it? London      Entry Cost? Free 


Who's behind it? Kevin Fagan the founder of the Figaro Owners Club Email -


Venue Details:The famous Ace Café! This cult venue attracts thousands of motorbike and car enthusiasts every year and is worth a visit in its own right! 


What's happening on the day? The day is relatively informal, it kicks of at 11.00 so just turn up when you can. The club will be in attendance (you can't miss us in our orange gazebo!) so come and say hello. We will be running some competitions and raffle to raise money for charity so bring along some spare change! 

Sounds good how can I Register?
You can Register on-line REGISTER NOW


PictureofthemonthSay cheese... Member Vicki Fennell showing what it feels like when you've just purchased your dream Figaro!

Picture shows Vicky and 'Audrey' at Burton Dassett hills in June 2010. Vicki tells us 'Audrey' is her pride and joy and she loves driving her and watching peoples expressions when they see her!




membersstoryMember Carole sent in this story...


Pippa was bought with my Husbands accident compensation money.  Brian & had been together for seven years when a man crashed in to his lorry and died my Husband then suffered very badly with post traumatic stressed disorder, lost his job our lives together had been turned upside down.  After 2 1/2 years of struggling and arguing and much counseling we made it. Finally we received Brian's compensation as a thank you present Pippa was bought for me for all my love and support through our worst time. We have all moved on and Brian has now recovered and our marriage and life is still hard but great.


Thank you so much for sharing that heart rendering story with us. One cannot imagine what you've both been through. We hope 'Pippa' can help bring some normality back into your life ed.

Pippa at Hedsor Rock 'n' Roll Car show 2009


Each month we upload to our website and feature our New Members Cars in all their glory.

Submit your car for inclusion click here or email Kevin at 
Send in your Picture for our next Newsletter - Click here


We found this on our Forum (thanks Paul) and thought it would be fun to ask our members to caption it!


Email Kevin at  

The winner will be announced in our April Newsletter

caption competition


TheFigaroShop Advert


Note: This site is a Beta Version

This means its still under test and development. Please be patent as there may be some early glitches that need fixing. Please provide feedback good or bad on your thoughts and or experiences.  

Provide Feedback CLICK HERE      

Figaro Trader Webpages

We found these on the internet. The Figaro looked stunning even back then.
If anyone has an original we would love to hear from you email

Original Brochures 



ownershipissuesThis series is written by Gjnorthall Factors - Nissan Figaro Specialists. The company is well respected and has been involved in maintenance, servicing and new parts supply since 1999. The documents are all copyright protected and cannot be reproduced or passed off by any 3rd party. They can be printed and used for personal use.  

This is document is available on PDF via our website Click here 


NEXT MONTH - Figaro Niggles Part 3  


Huge thanks to Simon for the information - The series continues next month (ed)  


Adjustment of two screws next to the idle control?    Dipping Lights Problem?  Parking Stick Fittings? 
Does anyone know the correct factory settings for the 2x screws that are next to the idle valve. All of the pictures I've ever seen have sealing bungs in them but mine have been removed & 'tampered with', most likely! Does anyone know their function & their best position please? Ruby


These are the fine adjustment screws for the idle step up systems. One is for the aircon system - the other for electrical and power steering systems. Their purpose is to compensate for the drop in engine speed which occurs when a system (eg aircon) is switched on.


Setting up these systems correctly is quite involved and we'll cover in the Owners Section of our website in due course. If you're not experiencing problems - it's best to avoid adjusting the screws.


The rubber caps are mainly to prevent ingress of muck - if they're missing you can improvise with a rubber blanking grommet of a suitable diameter.


If you're checking the operation of the compensation system - don't be misled into thinking that the electrical / steering load system is faulty - it's not designed to operate in either N or P


Gareth Figaro Owners Club Technical Specialist

Need Help? You can post questions on our forum
Click here  

I wonder if anyone can help, please? My sidelights work and also full beam but the dipped headlights don't! I've been advised to change the bulb - but my husband found it really difficult to get to the bulb to remove it. However, he said the bulb looked OK. Any suggestions please? Thought I was going to have an accident last night as had to use full beam and other drivers weren't too pleased! Welwyngirl 

As strange as it may sound - it's not unusual for headlamp bulbs to fail at about the same time since they're usually the same age. Whilst there are other possibilities - check the bulbs first. Simply pull off the rubber shroud behind the lamp after pulling off the electrical connector. The bulb is retained by a clip - squeeze the arms of the clip to release it and pull out the bulb. Access to the left hand lamp can be made easier by unclipping the coolant expansion bottle and moving it to one side.

Insert a new H4 bulb and rotate it until it seats properly - the bulb only fits properly in one position. Avoid touching the bulb glass with your fingers - it will shorten it's life through contamination with oils and salts on your skin. Clean with a tissue if you accidentally touch the glass.


It worked! All lights working perfectly now! Many thanks. Welwyngirl


Gareth Figaro Owners Club Technical Specialist


I have purchased a parking stick off ebay and am quite sure not all of the bits are there.I have had it rechromed and am now ready to fit.I take it it fits to the bumper bolt underneath and then by 2 screws onto the plate which is pushed through the gap above the bumper.BUT! there is a hole half way up the stick, is there suposed to be a rubber and if so can you still get them. Also the plastic top has a hole, is there suposed to be a screw or some other attachment.
Would love to hear from someone that can offer some insight.

There are some great pictures with this thread along with the solution. Click here 
About the people behind the Figaro Owners Club
My son Daniel had always wanted a Figaro and after saving for years (plus a small contribution from his mum and dad!) he brought an Emerald Green one in May 2008. That was it - I was hooked too! Even now we spend many a happy weekend polishing her in the garage. We just love all that chrome... After buying the car we started searching the internet for ownership help and advice and although a forum existed there was no real club so in December 2008 we started designing and building the web site which took around 4 Months.

The club was formed in February 2009 and launched on 1st March 2009. 

Kevin Fagan (Figaro Owners Club Founder)
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