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  December 2010 Newsletter ~ Issue No 22
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Hi , T'is the season to be jolly fa la la la la la la la la.. . Welcome to the Christmas edition of our Newsletter. And with so much snow around in the UK today it really does feel like Christmas. We hope your safe and your Fig is snuggled up in a garage or has a winter coat on to  protect her!

It's the season of thanks and giving, for appreciation of what we have and for striving to keep peace and spread joy. In its own way, there's been a lot of thanks and giving going on at the Figaro Owners Club. We're most thankful for your support and the support of our members who continue to make us proud
also our advertisers who's support is never taken for granted.

Have a fantastic Christmas and thanks to the following:
All Our 3,027 Members for their support ~ Caroline (Caz) who runs the forum almost single handed and does a fantastic job keeping everyone in check and welcoming new members ~ Graham (Loveitt) who creates the most amazing inventions, is fantastic on photo-shop and is a super technical person to have around - He really is the clubs real life 'inspector gadget' ~ Gareth (gjnorthall) For all the help in the Technical Section of the forum and Figaro Bob for his forum posts - Algys Autos Ltd ~ Figaro Car Sales ~ Figaro Import ~ Figaro Restore ~ Gjnorthall Factors ~ Figaros4sale ~ Nissan Figaro ~ The Figaro Car Company ~ The Figaro Shop ~ Wimbledon Cars ~ Jap Cars and Parts ~ Figaro Village ~ Nissan Figaro World ~ Figaro Club ~ DTN Trading ~ Figaro Car Imports ~ The Figaro Factory ~ Alexanders Motor Company ~ Figaro Cars ~ Derek Champion Figaros ~ Figaro Imports ~ Leigh Car & Commercial ~ Figaro Doctor ~ Classic Line Insurance ~ Speedyreg and anyone we've forgotten!

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Security Feature
Nick from Figaro Doctor called the club a few weeks ago and told us about a number of thefts in London. It appears that some of his clients have had their cars broken into and the Clarion Radio removed! This got us thinking about just how secure the Figaro is in its basic form. The answer is not very! We contacted a number of dealers for comment and advice. Click here

London Meeting Registration NOW OPEN
If you're planning on attending our event in London on the 16th April 2011 you can now register free. Click here

Figaro Ownership Series (New Series)

GREAT NEWS - Simon Barnes from GJNorthall has agreed to allow the club to publish some of their excellent information on running and owning a Figaro over the next few months. We kick off with the recommended Servicing Schedule. Click here

Welcome to our New Members
Last Month membership level hit just over 3,000 and we had 37 New Members join the club so the normal 'big hug' and welcome from us all! We really are a friendly bunch so please join in the chat on our forum and contribute to this Newsletter with your stories and much more...

Thanks for all the Donations!
We know it's tough out there and money's tight so a huge thanks to everyone who donated to the club last Month.

Hope you enjoy the Newsletter, have a cracking Christmas,  as we said thanks again for all your support throughout the year, bye for now and catch you next Month :)


Kevin Fagan
Figaro Owners Club Founder
Email: figaroownersclub@o2.co.uk
Web Site: www.figaroownersclub.co.uk

 Picture of the Month (Series)
Emma Murphy sent this in last Month and we just love the vivid background colours of the beach huts. One for our 2012 Calendar perhaps?
Picture of the Month
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 Members Cars (Series)
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 Car of the Month (Series)
Congratulations to Caroline Andriani & Rosey Fig for our December Car of the Month.
  It's so exciting collecting a Figaro!
"I am the new proud owner of Rosey Fig, I first saw a Figaro in Sheffield whilst on a night out with my Hubby and friends, we were all mesmorised by it, so I went on a mission to find one of my very own, It has taken me about a year to find one, after trawling the country to find MY perfect Fig I finally foung it in Bradford sat in a showroom nestled between 2 big musle cars looking all dainty and vunrable.

See more pictures - Click here
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Members Stories (Series)
Every month we feature stories from you so don't be shy and share your experiences and fun you have with your Fig with the club. Click here

Robert Plant, me and my Refurbed Radio
Story by Member Smithy55 (Forum Name)

robert plant"Some people gradually wake from their slumbers, others, like myself wake as if a switch had been flicked on. There I lay thinking about what the day had in store for me, would my refurbished Clarion radio arrive today, had I gone for the right option? One, two or three, were blue LEDs the right choice, would they be Gaudi or Gordy?

The central heating gently growls into action, ten minutes before the alarm clock goes off. Thoughts turn back to the radio, must remember to raise the aerial. The alarm bursts into life, sometimes you just know when the day is going to be a good day, and today 29th October 2010 is going to be a good day. Chris Evans is playing Led Zeps' "Stairway to Heaven", now I confess, until today I have never played air guitar in bed, although I have played it naked before. What a way to start the day.

Tony the work post room bossman emails me, "we have a parcel for you, wine?" Let me explain, he knows me well, mystery parcels arrive at my work place and it seems to have become a competition among the post room staff to guess the contents. The last parcel was a Figaro bumper, now that really confused them. The Tesco Wine box did contain the radio. Opening the wine box, it did not look that different, but it certainly grabbed attention as it sat proudly on my desk. When shall I fit it? Nothing planned for Saturday that can't be put off, so Saturday it is then.

Back home that afternoon there was only one thing for it. One hour of daylight left, go for it. Wraps off the Figaro, screwdrivers at the ready and off we go. The rear fixing plate was attached to the unit first, the wrong way round, Doh! Rear plate refitted, aerial and cables plugged in. Next I screwed the rear plate into the holes in the centre console, (probably not the right word, but it fits) next in go the large bolts on the side fixing plates, a matter of seconds with my sonic screwdriver. Says he giving away the identity of yet another of my favourites. Ignition on.

Tesco's finest 99 starts pumping through the veins, the Fig bursts into life. Aerial up, and now for the moment of truth. Nervously my digit extends to the knob marked "On/Off", contact. The unit springs into life with a gentle blue glow to accompany the crackle and hiss, not a breakfast cereal, but just what you'd want from a radio that requires tuning in. I live in a very poor area for FM radio reception and additionally the car was parked down the side of the house just to present a challenge to the refurb'.

Down at the bottom end of the UK FM frequency is Radio 2, Simon Mayo was warming things up for the BBC Electric Proms with Robert Plant that night, first song on my new radio, "Black Dog", preset one set, but it hurts my ears, where's the tone controls. Ah ha, now hidden by the cassette eject and stop button. Bass was added to the sound quickly, top end tamed, AM found, presets set, LW, where is the Light Service, sure it was on Long Wave, never mind, found some English language station at 198, that will do. Traffic on, living by a motorway that can be a nuisance with the frequent interruptions, Traffic off. More Plant, Page and Zep, by now it is getting dark.

My next door neighbour expresses concern, it looks weird, you are dancing in your car with your face eerily lit up with a blue glow, "is everything alright," he asks. "Perfect", I reply, thinking should I go for the reduced price upgraded speakers from those nice people at Clarion? Now where was I, oh yes? It was through the land of ice and snow...."

Wonderful story, it reminds me I must re-tune mine! ed

Cheshire Meet and Pub Lunch 13 November 2010

Story by Figaroo (Forum Name)

The following cars and owners attended our little meet and pub lunch: Figaroo (Suze) ~ Mowse (Rebecca) ~ Talulah (Jo) Richard (ummmm... can't remember, I was too dazzled by your sparkly paint work!) Ron (Brian) who made it all the way from Scotland!! Another lapis grey that had all the bells and whistles! (Judith?) Some car that was a fascinating cousin to the Fig and driven by a really nice guy, but I can't remember his name!

cheshire meet

Now that's what we call a pub line up!..ed (:

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Ownership Issues - Servicing Schedule (New Series)

OwnershipThis series is written by Gjnorthall Factors - Nissan Figaro Specialists. The company is well respected and has been involved in maintenance, servicing and new parts supply since 1999.

The documents are all copyright protected and cannot be reproduced or passed off by any 3rd party. They can be printed and used for personal use.


This is document is available on PDF via our website Click here

We would have to say that standards of servicing can often be poor and of course, optimum servicing is a key factor in the reliability and longevity of the Figaro. Changing oil, plugs and a couple of filters is half an hour's work - but a service constitutes a lot more. We constantly see cars which have allegedly been regularly serviced but it's pretty obvious the brake fluid has never been changed, wheels haven't been off in an eternity, door hinges and catches have never seen a drop of oil or grease, settings are wrong...........etc. On the other hand there's lots of cars, which receive TLC servicing - so choose your garage wisely


A key item is a Service Schedule this basically tells you what needs to be checked, changed or adjusted and when it needs to be done. Without a schedule - important things tend to be missed. We have developed an optimum schedule based on many years dealing with Figaro's and we've included a copy for your use. You can print it off and use it as a checklist when servicing your Figaro, or give a copy to your garage so you ensure that the right things are covered at the right time. Keep a file of servicing invoices and checklists - they're valuable evidence if you come to sell the car.


It's all very well having a service schedule, but it's of little use if you don't know which oils and fluids to use or the various servicing settings. This is a stumbling block for many garages since they don't have easy access to the data. We've therefore recommended printing Lubricants & Fluids PDF and give a copy to your garage when you take your car in for servicing. We also have a Settings and Adjustment PDF which it may be worth taking with you to ensure the Garage has the correct figures for the Figaro.

Download Lubricants & Fluids PDF via our website Click here


Download Settings & Adjustments PDF via our website Click here

The Figaro needs to be serviced every 6,000miles or 6 months, whichever comes first. Most Figaro's cover less than average annual mileage and in general are serviced on a time rather than mileage basis. Many owners service their cars once / year on the basis that the car does very little mileage - this is false economy - in some respects, low mileage with lots of stops and starts, short trips etc is more arduous than cruising at 70mph on the motorway day-in day-out.

Assuming that the car is fully serviced, cam belt changed etc when you acquire it, then future servicing should look something like:

  • 6,000miles / 6 months Minor service including oil and filter change
  • 12,000miles / 12 months Full service including oil and filter + replace spark plugs  
  • 24,000miles / 24 month Major Service including oil and filter change + change brake fluid + change coolant (if using normal coolant - every 5 years if using long life coolant) + adjust valve clearances. Replace air and fuel filters.
  • 50,000miles / 5 years Replace Cambelt, tensioner and water pump 
    Servicing Kit
    You can buy Service Kits
    from GJNorthall Website

From the above you'll see that the optimum service kit: 

  • 3 x oil filters
  • 3 x sump plug washer
  • 1 fuel filter
  • 1 air filter
  •  Set spark plugs
If you purchase the above (preferably from us!) then you'll have enough service parts for the next 24000 miles or 2 years. Replacing everything every year, particularly if you miss out the 6 months services, is false economy and will cost you more in service parts overall!

Buy from the web site - Click here

So what's the difference between a minor, full and major service? A minor service is a comprehensive check of key systems but without dismantling. At a full service - the same items are checked but to a greater degree e.g. all wheels and rear brake drums are removed in order to make a more comprehensive examination of the braking system. Also at a full service, linkages are lubricated, engine tuned etc. The major service is similar to a full service with the addition of a few further operations.

Don't buy cheap service parts! Don't go for "bargains" on Ebay - items described as "Japanese Quality" are often made in India or Thailand - buy parts made in the EC or Japan only!
Try to phase the MOT with the annual service to minimise inconvenience. A regularly serviced car should hold no surprises at the MOT!


Lastly, please remember that good servicing is not a substitute for the regular checks you need to carry out on your Figaro. In particular, tyre pressures, operation of lights, condition of windscreen wipers and fluid levels should be checked weekly or before a long journey.


Huge thanks to Simon for the information - The series continues next month (ed)

Security Advice - Special Feature

alarmThere has been a number of break-ins and thefts from Figaro's reported to our dealers. We put our concerns regarding security of the car to the dealers and the information below is their feedback:  

Simon & Gareth from GJNorthall Factors

"Theft of Figaro's and Figaro parts and accessories has been on the increase and it may be appropriate to review security precautions on your vehicle. Firstly, it's amazingly easy to get into a Figaro essentially because it has frameless windows and it's a convertible. Once inside - a thief can either steal items or drive away with very little effort and within a short period of time. Unfortunately Japanese home market cars of this era have feeble security systems - essentially because there's very little car crime in Japan.
Figaro car crime is lucrative! A stolen Figaro can be worth almost double its used car value if sold off in parts! Even easy- to- steal items can net the thief a small fortune - new cost of parts commonly stolen is given in brackets below:
  • Upgraded CD unit (up to £600)
  • Radiator grille (£300)
  • Set of hub caps & trims (£200)
  • Drivers side window switch (£150)
Clarion Radio
The Clarion CD/Radio has been targeted as it has a good re-sale value! Secure yours with tamper proof screws and make a note of the Serial Number
What can you do?

The best way of minimising the chance of a thief stealing your Figaro or its contents is to fit an alarm system. It doesn't guarantee that your Figaro won't be targeted, but in general, thieves are more likely to move on to a vehicle that's not alarmed. There's nothing very difficult about fitting an alarm system to a Figaro and there are many modestly priced systems on the market. We would however always recommend fitting an alarm which is Thatcham 1 approved (Thatcham is the motor industry approval body). One benefit of a Thatcham approved alarm is that many insurance companies will offer a premium reduction for cars fitted with such alarms. Essentially an alarm system should offer basic functions - other features are discussed later.
  • The alarm is armed from outside the vehicle using a remote fob. If fitted - the same fob operates the remote central locking system.
  • The doors, boot lids and bonnet are fitted with devices that sound the alarm if opened with the alarm armed.
  • An internal detector sounds the alarm if someone gets into the car with the alarm armed.
  • Activating the alarm will also activate an engine immobiliser. This either makes it very difficult to start the engine or in some cases - stop the engine after a brief period.
  • If the alarm is triggered, it should automatically reset to provide ongoing protection.
There are several manufacturers of Thatcham approved alarms - there's
A typical Thatcham Approved Cat 1 Alarm can be installed in your Figaro for around £300
no good and bad systems - they all tend to be to a standard. Clifford, Toad and Cobra are just three good brands you'll find widely available. Note however that the Thatcham approval is only valid if the alarm is fitted by an approved company. A certificate will be issued for the installation - keep this safe and not in the car - your insurance company may want sight of it in the event of a claim. Fitting alarms is generic - there's nothing Figaro specific about the job. Check out at least a couple of local car security companies - they generally appear in Yellow Pages under Car Security or Car Alarms. A Thatcham 1 approved alarm system will cost of the order of £300 fitted. There are numerous "cheap" alarms available in the £30 - £60 (+ fitting) price range. However such systems may not be a good choice.
  • They may be no match for a professional thief
  • They may be troublesome - nuisance alarms can be a big issue
  • They may not be robust. In particular cheap central locking systems can be very troublesome.
  • Technical backup may be poor
  • Spare parts availability may be poor e.g. replacement for a lost fob.
  • There may be no interface to link to an existing or future central locking system
If you are on a budget - there are good basic alarm systems available
Cobra A8510
The budget Cobra A8510 can be DIY fitted for £90
from top manufacturers such as Cobra for around £90 for DIY fitting or around £180 professionally fitted. They come with full instructions and are reasonably straightforward to fit by a competent DIY person. If you wanted central locking - this would be an additional cost and would operate from the same remote fob as the alarm system.

We've already discussed the basic features of an alarm system. We list below some of the more common features on various alarm models - there are many more! Some of these features may be a desirable option for you - others may be a pain! The feature may be selectable - in other cases the feature cannot be bypassed carefully consider the features of a particular system before getting it fitted.
  • Valet mode. You can select the option of someone else to drive your car (e.g. a garage) without having possession of the alarm remote device.
  • Anti car-jack. System locks the doors when they're closed and a few seconds after starting the engine.
  • If you're careless (e.g. shutting the garage door with the engine still running) - you can be locked out of the car with the engine running!!
  • Anti tilt sensor. Sounds the alarm if the car is jacked up to steal the wheels or lifted to transport or tow.
  • Dual zone protection. Usually a voice warning if someone gets close to the car.
  • Personal / panic alarm. The alarm can be activated by a single button push.
  • Automatic window closing. Windows automatically close when alarm is armed. We would not recommend connecting this function on a Figaro.
  • Microwave internal detector. Essential for a convertible if you park with the top down. The normal ultrasonic sensor to detect entry won't work with the roof down. The ultrasonic sensor normally supplied with an alarm package can be substituted for an optional microwave detector.
  • Turbo timer. A few upmarket alarm systems have a built in turbo timer which allows the engine to run for a period after removing the ignition key in order to protect the turbo unit. A very worthwhile feature for the Figaro.
  • Central locking. Most alarm systems can be supplied with remote central locking operated from the same fob as the alarm.
    You could mark the Clarion CD/Radio with a UV Pen?
The next step down from an alarm system is an immobiliser. This will minimise the possibility of the car being driven away, but will do nothing to prevent theft of vehicle parts or contents. It will also not prevent your car being towed away or loaded on to a transporter. Since alarm systems have an immobiliser built-in - it's false economy to fit an immobiliser if you're considering fitting an alarm in the future. As with cheap alarms - cheap immobilisers may not provide a good level of security. A good immobiliser will have what's known as a dual circuit - it will isolate two different key systems which would give a thief some considerable difficulty in defeating. As with alarms - consider an immobiliser that's Thatcham approved (Thatcham 2 approval for immobilisers)

We don't sell or install car security systems so here's our impartial choice of security systems.
  • Top of range Thatcham 1 alarm system is the Clifford concept 650 G5.
  • Budget on £300 professionally fitted - central locking would be additional (this alarm system has a built in turbo timer)
  • Basic alarm system Cobra G193
  • Budget on £90 for DIY fitting or £170 fully fitted - central locking would be additional Immobiliser system Cobra A8510
  • Budget on £40 for DIY fitting or £95 fully fitted. (this is a Thatcham 2 approved dual circuit system)

Clarion CD Units

Original CD units in Figaros are particularly vulnerable. There's a sizeable demand for units and in particular,those that have been reconditioned or upgraded by Clarion. It takes literally a few seconds for a thief to remove a Figaro CD unit using an electric screwdriver!! We recommend replacing the 4 cradle mounting screws with tamperproof screws. Without the special key - the screws are very difficult to remove. Tamperproof screws come in various designs and are used extensively on electrical equipment, public transport and street furniture. Don't use one way tamperproof screws - they're not designed to be removed and you may need to remove your CD unit at some point! Make a note of the serial number of your CD unit and in the case of a theft - inform Clarion-Services and publish the serial number of Figaro forums.

Radiator grilles
A new radiator grille is around £300 - they're sought after because they're vulnerable to accident damage and often loose the plastichrome coating. They simply pull out with your fingers!! We recommend replacing 3 or 4 of the plastic clips with U-nuts and screws (you could use tamperproof self-tapping screws). The grille is still removable but it would be fiddly for and time consuming for a thief.

Bonnet badges
Theft of bonnet badges does occur - it's not a huge problem and a new badge is around £35. They're easily removed - they're held in place by double sided adhesive tape. Usually no other damage is caused in removing the badge but don't be tempted to fix it in place with strong adhesive - you're likely to end up with more expensive damage if a thief tries to prise it off!

Wheel trims and window switches
Both are very common theft items. Window switches will be protected to some extent by an alarm system. Consider marking the registration number of the car on the underside of trims and on switch bodies using a soldering iron. It obviously won't prevent theft but will make life a bit more difficult for the thief!"

This is document is available on PDF via our website Click here

 Darren from Leigh Car & Commercial


"To be honest we have heard this a lot later as well, we have two Figaro's here that are insurance jobs where they have been broken into, we always subject a cat1 alarm, which is an immobiliser as well as a motion sensor alarm, if we can be of any help in advising anyoneplease do not hesitate to call me on 07944 925755"



Fitting a Cat 1 Alarm POA


Hamid from Wimbledon Cars


"We have had the same problem. Who ever is doing it knows about Figaro's because they don't brake in but somehow get in and take all the nice things like the stereo, electric window switches and any other extras like cup holders etc. without braking the windows. I have had 4 of my customers cars stolen in the past 4 months and in the last 8 years since I started never had any problems before so it's a recent thing. I have alerted all my customers to this issue and a fair few have come back and had alarms or immobilisers fitted. We charge £85 for a Thatcham Cat 2 Immobiliser and £290 for a cat 1 Alarm/Immobiliser and central locking. Don't really want everyone to think that Figaro's are becoming a target of thieves because people will not buy them. But I realise that existing owners must know about this problem"

Fitting a Thatcham Cat 2 Immobiliser£85

Fitting Alarm/Immobiliser and central locking £290


Adam at Figaro Imports


"Sadly I had a couple of customers units stolen recently, in one case having replaced there original stolen unit with a new Clarion refurb they nicked it again only 3 days later! I talked to David at Clarion and put the idea to him about some tamper proof screws perhaps I think he may be looking into it. Whilst it is straight forward fitting an alarm system I usually leave it to the security specialists since they have the relevant qualifications with the manufacturers and the insurance industry. If a car has been stolen with a Thatcham device declared on the insurance I'm pretty sure the insurance co. will want to see the relevant paper work and if the fitter wasn't approved I think they may think twice about paying out."



Taking your car to a Security Professional with the relevant qualifications 


Baz of Figaro Car Imports


 "There are no major issues in fitting a security system to a Figaro. Fitting immobilisers without an alarm may be cheap, but they can be defeated in 10 minutes & does not prevent thieves from breaking into the car & stealing accessories. There are many good security systems but it's advisable to have a Thatcham Cat.1. We charge £295 for a Thatcham cat1 system fitted by a Thatcham approved technician who has fitted over 100 systems to our Figaro's. It's possible for a good DIY operator to fit a security system, but it won't be insurance approved. It's a good idea to mark the radio with a UV pen so that it can be identified if stolen"



Fitting a Thatcham Cat 1 £295 (Fitted by Thatcham Approved Technician)

Mark the radio with a UV pen so that it can be identified if stolen


Nick from Figaro Doctor


"As with any vehicle these days, Security systems are a must for Figaro's. They have become the target of organised theft. An Alarm and an immobiliser would help most people sleep better. The key to this is to have a VISIBLE DETERRENT. (Even a flashing LED in the car could be a deterrent). The major issue with a figaro alarm fitting is time. The make of the alarm is not as important as the fitting. It should be THATCHAM CAT 1. Thatcham alarms can be fitted for about £350.00 and will also get some discount on insurance renewals. Also any alarm with a PIR will help. These can be fitted for as little as £100-150. Advise to take note of radio serial numbers, Have radio mounting screws replaced with security bolts"


Fitting a Thatcham Cat 1

Ensuring the alarm has a flashing light

Make a note of your Radio Serial Number

Change the Radio screws for security bolts


What the Thatcham Standards Mean?


  • Alarm
    Perimeter detection
    Ignition detection
    Passenger compartment movement detection
    Inclination detection (Motorcycle only)
    Audible warning with battery back-up power supply
  • Immobiliser
    Passively set
    Isolates a minimum of two operating circuits or systems, or a minimum of one operationally relevant vehicle control unit with coded intervention


  • Immobiliser
    Passively set
    Isolates a minimum of two operating circuits or systems, or a minimum of one operationally relevant vehicle control unit with coded intervention

Visit the Thatcham website http://www.thatcham.org/security/


  Don't be a victim of vehicle crime!

By taking this advice you can help protect yourself from the cost, stress and inconvenience of vehicle crime.

  • Take valuables with you. If you can't, then place them out of view in the boot or in a lockable glove-box. Make sure all electronic goods are switched off
  • Always remove Sat Nav's or other equipment from view and remove any cradle or suction marks that could give away the fact that they may be in the vehicle
  • Immobilise and alarm your vehicle every time you leave it unattended
  • When parking, watch for people loitering around cars even if they are well dressed and don't necessarily look like a 'car thief'
  • When locking your car using your key fob always check that the vehicle has actually locked before you move off
  • Always park in a well-lit street or in a secure car park
  • At home, leave your vehicle overnight in a locked garage
  • Never leave your keys in the vehicle even for a moment, such as at petrol stations or to 'pop' back into your house/office
  • Keep your keys out of view in a safe place. At home, place them in a drawer away from doors, windows or the letterbox
  • When leaving your vehicle, check all windows, sunroofs and doors are locked and use deadlocks if fitted
  • Plan your journeys in advance to avoid stopping in unfamiliar areas
  • When driving, lock your doors and keep the windows closed
  • If your vehicle doesn't have an alarm fitted as standard equipment, then have a Thatcham recognised alarm professionally fitted to your vehicle.

Help! I need answers! (The following are extracts from our forum)
Front Radiator Leaking
Timing Belt Change 
How do you feet eyelids?
My front radiator seems to be leaking. it appears to be oil coming from it, Is this right and what is the radiator for? Paulpreston

The bottom of the radiator has the Automatic gearbox cooler built in. It is not uncommon for the two pipes to leak slightly and the clips can be tightened up a bit. If it is leaking from the radiator itself you can either get it repaired, buy new or buy secondhand. Figarobob

Need Help? You can post questions on our forum
Click here

Please what are the mileage change for the timing belt Rebecca

Nissan recommends that the belt be replaced every 60000miles. This interval is based on an average mileage of around 10000 per annum and there are plenty of Figaros that haven't covered 60000 miles in 20 years! Our advice is to change the belt at 50-60000miles or 5 - 6 years whichever comes first. If you don't know when the belt was last changed then do it soon - the cost of a belt failure can be up to 5 times the cost of a belt change! It's false economy to change the belt alone - change the tensioner and coolant pump at the same time. Theres very little additional labour cost and is good insurance against any other failure in this area before the next schedule change in 5 years or so! Gareth Figaro Owners Club Technical Specialist 
I have a original pair of eyelids and wonder if anyone knows how to fit them they look like they have some sort of screw holes in them want to find out if I can do it myself or need a garage? Jenny55772

Hi Jenny, these are very easy to fit, just pop the bonnet up and look down to where the chrome headlamp rim is and you will see a bolt on the rim (on the radiator side of the rim), just unbolt this and the rim should move a bit, it won't come off completely because it is also held on at the bottom of the rim by a small peg which goes through the front of the bodywork (there maybe a fixing on the other side of the rim as well but to be honest I can't remember). After the chrome rim is off then pass the appropriate eyelid (it will have a hole the same diameter as the rim) through from the back and locate a very small lug on the eyelid into a small bracket and screw on the rim, now locate the rim and now assembled eylid back into position not forgetting to locate the small pin on the rim back through the bodywork. The bolt you first took off should now be able to pass through the hole in the eyelid and the chrome rim and can be bolted back into it's original position. DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN. The rim is only plastic and can break if overtightened. The above sounds really complicated but it isn't, it will all become very obvious once you start going. If I've missed anything off then I'm sure someone will come along and correct me where necessary but that's the basics anyway. Hope that helps. Graham

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  • Pale Aqua Blue 1991 Figaro, offers over£4000
  • Emerald green 52,000miles great car £4,450
  • Aqua Blue/26000Mls/Rochdale/£6750
  • Lapis Grey/20,000/Gloucestershire/£8,225
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