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                                                                                  November 2010 Newsletter ~ Issue No 21

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Mug Topaz Mist

Beach Tote with Figaro Montage

Hi , we hope you remembered to change the clocks this morning! With the dark nights drawing in we have something to brighten up your day!

Figaro Owners Club 2011
Wall Calendar is HERE!

Calander Front CoverLaunched on Friday our very first Figaro Owners Club 2011 Wall Calendar is flying off the shelves. 

Can we just say a huge thanks to all the members who took the effort to take pictures for inclusion (please try again next year) and congratulations for those who where selected. We are chuffed with the results, seeing all those wonderful cars from different parts of the world - please order your copy today for a treat or in preparation for Christmas!  

Priced at just £11 (Inc P+P) - See each Month  Click here

Cheshire Meet Up and Pub Lunch 13 November 2010
We bring you news from a meeting at the George And Dragon, Holmes Chapel, CW4 7EA. Directions: Junction 18 from the M6, head straight into the village, turn left before the double roundabout and you'll see a large car park. 12 noon at the George and Dragon, followed by pub lunch at 1230. Plenty of parking for the Figs!  Come one, come all - aspiring Fig owners most welcome.

Nissan Figaro Trade Price Guide 2010
The issue of publishing a 'Price Guide' was raised on our forum a while ago. We produced a very rough version and corresponded with a number of Garages to tweak the prices. The guide has now been included in our Buyers Guide and will shortly be added to our web site. As a club we feel the document will help new buyers establish what they should get for their money. We understand and accept that 'pricing' is a sensitive area and has caused some concerns on the forum but still feel that as a club it provides useful guidance.

Welcome to our New Members

Last Month we had 46 New Members join the club so the normal 'big hug' and welcome from us all! We really are a friendly bunch so please join in the chat on our forum and contribute to this Newsletter with your stories and much more...

Thanks for all the Donations!
We know it's tough out there and money's tight so a huge thanks to everyone who donated to the club last Month.

Hope you enjoy the Newsletter, bye for now and catch you next Month :)


Kevin Fagan
Figaro Owners Club Founder
Web Site:

 New Members Cars
New Members Cars
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 Car of the Month

Congratulations to Brian Pritchard and his superb black 'Ron'

carofthemonth november 2010
Ron is October Month - 2011 Wall Calendar
 This is my Figy RON he is dedicated to my Father who past away one year ago. You can read about how I bought him in the October Newsletter (click here), to say it was a harrowing experiance is an understatement, but with a happy ending. He is a beautifuly balanced little car and a joy to drive. Shortly after buying him I drove to Norfolk for the Figfest 10 weekend 300+ miles without a hickup and I had a fantastic weekend with great company.

My highlight was when RON headed up the fun run into Great Yarmouth with his hood down and the Scottish flag flying from his aerial.

See more pictures - Click here
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Members Stories
Every month we feature stories from you so don't be shy and share your experiences and fun you have with your Fig with the club. Click here

A lovely story
Story by Member Graham Austin

"We have just joined your club and see that you are looking for stories about our cars etc,. We first saw a Figaro at a stately home. We were on holiday in Buckinhghamshire and paid a visit to Clivedon House to view the gardens; as we approached the house itself which is now a very posh hotel, there was a collection of rather prestigious cars at the front. Among Bentleys and Jags and the like was this peculiar little car, the like of which we had never seen before. Being already in the old car world (we have a 1955 MG Magnette and previously several pre war cars), we were naturally interested. I left my wife and crept quietly towards it - expecting at any time to be chased by a commissionaire as we were not staying at the hotel and the area looked as if it might be reserved for those who were, - I quickly glanced at it looking for a badge to tell me what it was. (anyone watching me must have thought I looked very sus!) However, all I saw was 'Figaro' The miniscule 'Nissan' legend evaded me in my haste. My wife was smitten and resolved to find out more. Lo and behold, within a few days we saw another but it was on the move so we still didn't know who made it. Once back home, we investigated further and found more about these lovely little machines but, already involved with our own car we did nothing more than admire from afar, until we retired last year.
We went to a local show with our Magnette and there on the field were two lovely examples; I was frogmarched over to have a closer look and of course we got into conversation with one of the owners who was very helpful and told us all about them. It was only a few weeks later when a friend rang to say he'd found one advertised for sale in our local paper. It turned out that it was a garage advertising and they had seven of them all in different stated of repair. We went for a look; some were really tatty and were going to be restored before sale, some were very good but too expensive and a couple were within our price range and very presentable. It was one of those we came out with. All of them, the man said had just come into the country apart from the one we chose which had already been owned by a local man so was already tried and tested on our roads. We were told that the sticky roof lining was because the Japanese are heavy smokers and nicotine caused the stickiness and the marked carpets were because they also drink coffee whilst driving and tend to spill some. I believed the nicotine thing but took the coffee story with a pinch of salt until I read it in a publication so who knows? Actually maybe you seasoned owners do!!.
So now we are the owners of two classic cars. The Fig has only two drawbacks as far as I can see, being comparatively new, it is still taxable - our older cars have always been tax exempt. Perhaps the government will relent one day! And the other is that is fairly expensive insurance compared to classics but now we've joined the club I see there is a discount available so I'll test that out when time comes to renew. Other than that the little Fig is a delight to drive and joy to own and has brought a whole new dimension to my wife's retirement. Congrats on the club newsletter and good luck for the future."

Thanks Graham, it must be tricky to choose what car to take out on a nice sunny day! ed

 Our special one
Story by Member Cath

"We have had our Fig for about 3 years now. We tend to only use in the good weather to preserve her. I have seen quite a few in my area, Whitley Bay Tyne & Wear. They are becoming very sought after"


If you drive down our road we could play snap! It's identical to our Figgy!..ed (:

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Revised Buyers Guide - Version 7

Buyers Guide Cover Written by experts this comprehensive Buyers Guide is an essential publication for anyone considering buying a Nissan Figaro privately or through a Garage.

The On-Line (PDF) Guide will be emailed to you within minutes and is a comprehensive guide to buying a Nissan Figaro. The guide is divided into 23 sections and includes what should be included as standard with the car, what to look out for, inspection, test driving, what you should pay, dealing with the paperwork, haggling for a discount and much more...
The guide also includes over 100 important inspection points, colour pictures, accessories, insurance, garage lists and useful contacts.New sections now cover the following:

* What you should Pay
* Setting the Budget
* Price Guide
* Contacting the Seller
* Test Driving
* Doing the Paperwork

Order Now - Click here 

calendar It's here and it's cool!
Figaro Wall Calendar

Prepare your Figaro for Winter!

Remember all that snow last year!  If you are planning on using your car during the next few Months now is the time to carry out a few simple checks:

Prepare for Winter
Remember This - Now were did I put the sledge!

The minimum legal tread depth in Ireland is 1.6 mm, measured across three quarters of the road contact surface of the tyre. This effectively is the depth of tread that allows the water to disperse away as the wheel drives over a film of water. Ensure you have enough tread!

If a battery is in any way weak at all, Winter is generally the time that this will show up as a fault. Winter driving demands more from batteries as the extra loads of heating, rear screen demisters, lights on in both the mornings and the evenings all take their heavy toll.

You should ensure at the very least that the connections on the top of the battery are clean, damage free, secure and free of corrosion. Where there is corrosion build up, this often manifests itself as white 'furring' around the terminals and should be cleaned off with warm water and sealed with petroleum jelly (not grease!). Be careful not to let any corrosive substances come in contact with your skin.

Motorists are legally obliged to ensure that all the vehicle lights are in good working order at all times, but this becomes more significant from a safety point of view in darkening Winter conditions. Ensure that all bulbs are examined and found to be working including those number plate bulbs, and make sure also that the headlights are aligned properly.

A general check under the bonnet for any signs of wear and tear is advised. Keep an eye out for any damaged or worn belts or hoses and any signs of fluid leakage. If you are in any doubt at all, have your car examined properly by a qualified technician.

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Help! I need answers! (The following are extracts from our forum)
Sparkly Dash Board
Fog Lamps 
Lack of Speed!
I was in Lakeland Plastics today and came across an odd looking pot of cleaning product called 'white wizzard'.

It claimed to clean just about anything and was non abrasive and non toxic so thought I'd buy a pot to try cleaning Lady Penelope's insides and I have to say I'm rather pleased with the results so I thought I'd share it with you all. You can buy it on Lakelands website too. (It's £4.99 a pot) Sarahs

This product seems ideal for cleaning the internal plastic areas. Many thanks Sarahs (ed)

Need Help? You can post questions on our forum
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This is my first time on the forum, My figaro ( RUBY ) has one of her reversing lamps wired up as a fog lamp but it is still white. Does anybody know if I can put a red bulb in there or is there a red covere for it, if so do you know where I can get either a bulb or a cover for it. By the way it is my wifes car and it is green. Tony

Welcome to the forum. I assume you have checked what colour it glows? We removed the fog lamp unit connected to the bumper and installed a red LED from GJNORTHALL - now £8.99 delivered. It only glows red, it looks white so it and the lamp unit appear to be a normal reversing unit until switched on. This is neat and keeps the original Japanese look. Its easy to fit and comes with instructions. You do need to modify the holder of the 'reversing' bulb to take the new LED but this is straightforward ie either clip it with snips or file back. We have tried using a normal bulb and painting the lens red but this does not work for long and can look naff.
Good luck. Megan

hey everyone, i was wondering if anyone knew why when im driving along, i suddenly feel the car slowing down and it almost coming to a stop, before it pics up speed, this seems to happen as the rev counter sits between 2-3, sometimes it feels like im about to stop completely....any help/advice greatly appreciated ? Tyler

Unless they were specifically asked to check the pump then why would they do so? Theres absolutely no connection between the pump (which sits inside the fuel tank) and changing the cambelt. First thing to check with this sort of problem is Fault Codes - see the owners section of our website - there's an article on how to read and interpret the codes. If theres evidence that it may be the fuel pump (there are several other possibilities) - confirm this by measuring the pressure output of the pump at various engine speeds. A Nissan replacement pump is around £350 - we have a Japanese equivalent for around a third of the price!
Gareth Jones
Figaro Owners Club Technical Specialist

Figaro's For Sale - Currently on our Forum

Looking for a Figaro? The following cars are for sales privately through our members:
  • Topaz mist for sale
  • Lapis grey/97401/Manchester/£6000    
  • Red Figaro for sale 74500 miles £4600
  • 1991, J plate Figaro, pale aqua
  • Emerald Fig/1990/80k/Herts/for sale
  • New price! White/116,000km/Suffolk/£4800.00
  • Pacific Blue Nissan Figaro, 59k miles
  • Lapis Grey/100K/Birmingham/£5995
  • Black Body/White Roof/46000mls/London/£5500
  • Emerald Green (SW London) £4,980 with 53,000 miles
  • British Racing Green/33554 M/London/£7995
  • Pale Aqua 39,000 miles Portsmouth £6995
  • Pale Aqua Blue 1991 Figaro, offers over£4000
  • Emerald Green/86,400Km/Leicestershire/£4,200
  • Emerald green 52,000miles great car £4,450 London
  • Aqua Blue/26000Mls/Rochdale/£6750
  • Lapis Grey/20,000/Gloucestershire/£8,225
  • Emerald Green/29,000 Kms/Suffolk/£7,495
  • LAPIS GREY/BRISTOL/113000/2495/0N0
  • Lapis Grey Figaro Worcestershire
You can advertise your car for only £5 for 12 Weeks.
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Figaro Car Insurance

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About the people behind the Figaro Owners Club

My son Daniel had always wanted a Figaro and after saving for years (plus a small contribution from his mum and dad!) he brought an Emerald Green one in May 2008. That was it - I was hooked too! Even now we spend many a happy weekend polishing her in the garage. We just love all that chrome...

After searching the internet we found very little help or advice so in December 2008 we started designing the web site. The club was formed in February 2009 and launched on 1st March 2009. 

Kevin Fagan (Figaro Owners Club Founder)
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