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Hi , with the UK submerged in rain we're delighted to bring you your Monthly Figaro Fix!

ScotFest Gains Momentum...

scotfestHot News.... This month there is the possibility of a much needed event in bonny Scotland! Member Brian Pritchard is trying to rally support for a 'Scot Fest'. He intends to try to organise the festival around Easter 2011. The reason behind this is, he can do their usual fun run into Dumfries, but also include the Cash for Kids charity and Easter Egg rally, the idea is that this would run along side with South West Radio. As for the weekend, Brian is intending to run it as close to the Fig Fest 10 format as he can, with Barbecues, Disco, Competitions and a Live band.

The venue he is hoping to use is Park Farm, which is about one and a half miles from the centre of Dumfries, with easy access from both the North and South. This venue also makes the fun run much easier to arrange with the local authorities, as it would cause the minimum amount of police involvement. The Figs will be able to park next to the river where there is a huge car park. Although the centre of Dumfries is pedestrianised, it does have access from both ends for traffic, with a large Piazza in the centre where the cars can be shown to the public. Part of the camping fee will go towards Help for Hero's, as will any money raised by raffles which he intends to hold throughout the weekend. Brian is also  hoping to have as many of the Figaro Suppliers as he can get to travel the Distance. As you can see from the photographs, it really is a stunning location!

We wish you good luck Brian. If you wish to participate, add weight to the idea, or just comment then Brian has created a specific post on our forum:
Click here

STOP PRESS - London Ace Cafe Meet
The club is pleased to announce that the London Meet for 2011 is on! We have had confirmation from the venue Ace Cafe. The event will be for one day only (Saturday 16th April 2011) 11am - 4pm. If you have never been to this unique venue its well worth a visit in its own right! We hope to get a few trade dealers to the event too so you can get some of those Figgy Extras! We will promote this heavily in the new year and hope that many members can make it to this event... Watch this space

facebook group launched
Last month saw the launch of our facebook group page and we already have over 60 members! It is hoped the group will provide an 'entry point' into our little world of Figaro Ownership. You can 'Like' the page to Click here

Welcome to our New Members

Last Month we had 66 New Members join the club so the normal 'big hug' and welcome from us all! We really are a friendly bunch so please join in the chat on our forum and contribute to this Newsletter with your stories and much more...

Thanks for all the Donations!
We know it's tough out there and money's tight so a huge thanks to everyone who donated to the club last Month.

Hope you enjoy the Newsletter, bye for now and catch you next Month :)


Kevin Fagan
Figaro Owners Club Founder
Web Site:

Calendar2011 Figaro Calender Update

2011 Calendar Version 2 Our New Calendar will go into print in November and we are still looking for your pictures to feature in it!

If you've taken 'that special picture' then why not send it into us and you never know you could be featured in the Calendar!

Don't forget we are looking for your Figaro with a really stunning background (not parked outside your house or Tesco!)

** CUT OFF DATE: 16th October 2010 **

Each month the Calendar will feature a spectacular photo of a Figaro with a stunning backdrop from places around the world! The picture will be captioned with the cars name/location/photographer's name, and will have a perforation so the photos can be easily removed for framing.

Submit Your Pictures Now

 Picture of the Month
This month our picture of the month features new driver Luna... 

"Hello! Hope everyone is well! I have just joined do not own a Figaro yet but have started taking driving lessons so that i may own one....:) (v. excited) However....i keep seeing them EVERYWHERE!! I have seen the emerald green three times (same car or three different ones i dont know) at morrisons, at willen and at the city centre. and today we only parked next to a topaz mist at Woburn safari"


Send in your Picture for our next Newsletter - Click here

 Car of the Month

Congratulations to Claire Duncan with her silver 'OO7' Coloured 'Frank' Claire sent in this story which is self explanatory!

"Got this for my birthday from Louis. He missed the first flight to London after a mix up with who set the alarm! Got an afternoon flight and headed back to Glasgow at 4pm, arriving 2am - I love this man!! Best present ever. My son who is 3 years old has named him Frank the Figaro - just suits him perfectly! Everyone breaks their neck for a second look at Frank and provide a smile in return." Picture shows Daniel and 13 year old dog Oscar takes pride in putting his head out the front window at a record speed 70mph which causes some stares/laughs/shocks - especially when he turns it!"


See more pictures - Click here
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Members Stories
Every month we feature stories from you so don't be shy and share your experiences and fun you have with your Fig with the club. Click here

Cleaning Nori's Seats
Story by Member Mrs Number 7 & an unamused Frankie

cat"I decided to give Nori's seats a good clean, so took them out to make the job easier. Some how I don't think that Frankie appreciated me removing them as he had nowhere to curl up and sleep in the sun!!!"

Thanks Number 7. We agree Frankie is looking somewhat bemused! ... ed
A short story about Ron (Its well worth a read)
Story by Member Brian Pritchard

"I broke every rule in my common sense hand book when I decided to buy my Figy. First of all I joined the club that was a good move, I then checked the various dealers advertising their cars and I picked "Figaro Bob" I sent him an email explaining that I had just lost my Father after a prolonged illness, and that his estate was in Probate so the cash to purchase was not available immediately.

He understood and said don't worry we will have a fig for you when it all clears. Several months past and I received my inheritance. I contacted Bob to arrange to buy my Figy, unfortunately he had none in stock, but had a couple of cars in transit from Japan if I was prepared to wait. I said I would and we agreed that he would contact me when the cars were in the country. This is the point when my silly head took over. I was looking through the Figaro ads on ebay when I spotted this lovely little metallic black Figy for sale at my sort of money, I was smitten. By the time I got round to bidding on the car the auction had finished with the car unsold.

The Figy was not re listed ,so I contacted the owner who turned out to be one of the partners of Nissan Figaro World, his name was Ron. At this point I threw my common sense hand book out the window and proceeded to buy the car unseen untested and 333miles away crazy eh! Ron and I decided I would travel to London on the Sunday when the trains and the roads would be Quiet ha ha that's a laugh. My 9.45 train from Carlisle was delayed indefinitely due to works at Beatock it eventually arrived 2 hours and 20 minutes late. Not a good omen. I forgot to mention my pockets were bulging with 20 and 50 pound notes as I decided to pay cash for the car how stupid was that. The train was packed with no seats unbelievable on a Sunday and to top it all it ground to a crawl just outside Preston station. We were asked to vacate the train as it was broken down and to connect with the next train due in 20 minutes. one hour and two large strong Coffee's later it rumbled into the station. That is when 900 plus tired and fed up people stepped on to a train with over 900 tired and fed up people already on it with no Buffet car and very limited toilet facilities. So I stood with my bulging pockets surrounded in very close proximity to my fellow miserable passengers.

I arrived in London instead of 2.45 at 5.45 tired and dishevelled that's when I noticed London was anything but quiet it was packed I had only picked the Wimbledon farmers market day to turn up, the traffic was horrendous. I jumped into a taxi and we started for Wembley. Stop start stop start and on it went an hour later and 30 quid lighter I got out of the taxi to a very bemused Ron. "What happened " don't ask I said. Now I should explain instead of seeing a garage full of shiny Figs I was stood in front of a pub. Eye eye whats all this I thought never buy a car in a pub my suspicions were alerted. Ron invited me in and when I explained what I had just gone through he offered me something to eat and drink and was very courteous. I finished my tea and he proceeded to tell me that he was in a partnership with three other people who were also passionate about Figy's and that three times a year they travelled to Japan to purchase their cars and bring them to Britain. They totally refurbed the cars on arrival before putting them on sale. He took me to there premises and showed me my car I was smitten all over again. My car had been registered in Rons name as it was his own car but he had decided to sell it after driving it for a while. So it was not pristine and had been obviously used, but it was still in very good condition and being offered at a fair price, so we shook hands and it was mine.

We went back to the pub and he gave me the documents and I emptied my bulging pockets of all that loverly lolly and handed it over to Ron. We returned to the car and he gave me the keys, as I got into the Figy it suddenly donned on me that I had just bought a car in a pub handed over all that cash and this was me about to drive it for the first time. How stupid had I been what an absolute plonker I needed my head read all the time that I was chastising myself I hadn't noticed this sweet little engine singing along and changing gear ever so gently and how effortless the steering was and how comfortable I was feeling it was getting through to me in dribs and drabs just how sweet this little car was. In fact I was getting so comfortable in my little Figy that I started yawning. I pulled onto the M1 and started my 333 mile journey home. I was now taking in what was happening around me in my lovely cream coloured cockpit.

Ron well away from the M1 and London

I was starting to love this little car very much the smooth and lively engine the burble from the exhausts this was great I thought but will it get me home. I pulled into the first services to fill up with petrol as the tank was nearly empty. This is when I noticed that the tank on the Figy is not that big. Splash at 20 it weed all over my feet, damn what a mess petrol everywhere. I paid for my fuel and went to the Cafe for something to eat and drink and to ponder what I had just done. I met a Dutch trucker who wrote out on a bit of paper the conversion from Kilometres to miles at 30, 50, 60 and 70 miles an hour. By this time it was starting to get dark and I was starting to get very tired. I decided to call it a day and stay over at the Days hotel and continue my journey the following day. Contrary to what the advert says about big comfy beds I did not sleep well. I kept thinking about how stupid I had been to buy a car in such circumstances and had I bought a bag of bolts. Now up to this point I had been I thought Stupid naive and taken for a long walk of Wigan pier (Wigan pier is on a canal and is about 4 feet long) I breakfasted and then made my way to my little black buggy. Turned the key and it bursed into life right away. I selected Drive released the handbrake and we were away. I drove through the car park and that's when I noticed the heads turn and I felt proud as punch.

Me and my new pal slipped onto the M1 and once more headed north, and apart from having to pull into petrol stations more often than I thought I would to put a poultry amount of fuel into a very silly tiny weeny tank, my journey home was the exact opposite of my journey down."RON" (as I had now named him after my father) behaved impeccably and drew admiring glances from the general public every time I stopped. I got home very late and the journey had taken longer that planned but not because of RON but because of road works and accidents on the A1M. A few days later I decided to attend Figfest 10 but that's a different story tell you later."

A fantastic story.. We have fallen in love with Ron too! ed

A very excited grown up! 
Story by Member Paul Ayers

paulayesThis story started when the club received the following from Paul..

"Hi Kevin... Guess what ............. We have only gone and bought a Figaro!  We visited a dealer advertised in the Figaro club and was very impressed with the quality of work carried out on the car and the general honesty/passion of the dealer (that may sound gullible but I think you get a gut feeling when things are right) that we put a deposit down. The car was such a better buy than the private car we viewed earlier in the week as all the necessary protection and restoration is completed (with a warranty) so although we paid more than the first viewing we have piece of mind that work will not be necessary hopefully for some time. We eventually picked a car finished in non traditional colour (hope that doesn't offend the traditionists in the club), post box red with a slight glitter tint, that sounds terrible but it looks sweet and surprisingly easily on the eye. Anyway I had to tell someone because we are so excited, thanks for the advice and the information I gathered from the web site it was so helpful making the final step of ownership a lot easier than expected.

The car's now sitting in the garage and we are so excited and pleased with the purchase. I collected it on Friday morning from Bolton (figaros4sale) this was my real first experience of driving a Fig and what fun, motorway for 20 miles then the pleasurable cross country climb over the Cat and Fiddle and into the heart of the Peak District. The "grin" the club members talk about was deeply ingrained into my face!

I don't know how to explain it but it feels so right and complete to be an owner of such a magical little car, everything is just so well designed and finished, the dealer (Jason) has made a first class job both internally and externally."

We know what you mean about the car feeling right...ed (:

Got a good story? Don't forget to Send it in  Click here

TheFigaroShop Advert

 Figaro Car Insurance for drivers under 21 - Advice Centre
The club has been made aware of some difficulties with drivers under the age of 21 getting insurance cover.

Many thanks to Caz (Mod God) for contacting Classicline Insurance and clarifying the situation!

  1. If you are under 21 and either on a provisional or a full license held for under 12 months - sorry, forget it!
  2. If you are under 21 and have held a full license for OVER 12 months - ring them and ask them to speak to their underwriters to see if they will agree to insure you, it is not a guarantee that they will - just a maybe!
  3. If you are over 21 but under 25 and have held a FULL license for over a year - see 2
  4. If you are over 25 and have held a FULL license for Under 12 months - ask them to speak with underwriters - you have a better chance of agreement
  5. If you are over 25 and have held a FULL license for over 12 months - they will insure generally.
It all boils down to maturity - because the fig is 20 yrs nearly it does not have modern braking systems and airbags etc and the insurers feel that new drivers and especially young, new drivers are more likely to panic in an incident and forget that the brakes are maybe not as responsive as the car they were taught on, so it really has nothing to do with the fact that the car is not speedy or even that parts can be scarce.

If Classicline do agree insurance for you - don't forget to tell them you are a member of the club and you will get a 15% discount on your premium. NCB is not particularly relevant for ClassicLine but if you have looked after your fig or have imported it yourself and spent a few bob, don't forget to look into "Agreed Value" insurance with them and that way, if unfortunately you are in an accident or the car is stolen you will get its agreed value paid out and NOT the general worth of a 19 year old Nissan.

Its worth noting here that just because you have found it easy to be a "named driver" of under 21 on a modern cars insurance - the same rules do not apply with older or classic cars, again, its all down to age and driving maturity.

Agreed Value:
You will need a certified garage usually to sign a form stating its worth and supply 6 pictures showing the condition of the car (they may agree to agreed value on your say so only with pics) - the initial agreed value period is 2 years and then new pics need to be submitted. Also don't forget about agreed mileage - Last year I paid for 6K agreed miles but have actually done less than 3k as its my 2nd car so by reducing my next years agreed mileage to 3K I have saved 40+ pounds.

I hope that the above has clarified the situation a little for anyone seeking to be insured for the first time. Whilst usually it is a good idea to "shop around" for car insurance you will find that classic cars are in a separate category to other cars and normal and cheap insurers, especially supermarkets just will not insure a fig at all and comparison websites are not usually helpful so the first port of call should be the specialist insurers.

Finally, if you have not yet bought your car and you are a young/new driver PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE!! look into the insurance question BEFORE you agree a sale - if you cannot find insurance anywhere because of your age or experience you will be left with a car you won't be able to drive for a few years maybe.

Good Luck

Caz (God Mod)

Thanks again to Caz for your contribution ed

Replace your roof for just 99!

europian roofLast month the club was contacted by Sam Walter who is the Sales Manager of European Trimming's Company Ltd.

The company is offering to replace your roof for a very competitive 99.00 inc VAT for the sunroof, with a UK Mainland delivery charge of 8.00 inc VAT. They claim that you will not find a better product for the same money. Matching vinyl material is also available to cover the rear window surround upon request and has an extra cost of 25.00 inc VAT

The work is carried out at their workshop which is based at 7 Amy Road, Oxted, Surrey, RH8 0PX and takes 3 to 4 hours job so you can leave your car with them in the morning, then go for a wonder around Oxted, have a coffee and breakfast and your Figaro will be ready to collect by lunchtime!

The company have now been trading for over 35 years in the Automotive and Aviation Trimming business and have applied their wealth of experience in manufacturing and fitting hoods, seat covers and ancillary items to the manufacture of this Nissan Figaro Sun Roof.

This roof has been designed to be a direct replacement of the original Nissan product in look, feel and quality. Manufactured in house from original style White Vinyl material with High Frequency Welded Stitch Lines this is as close to the original as you will find anywhere today.

Specifically manufactured and cut in such a way to reduce the common problem of shrinking across the width of the roof this means that you will have a longer life from our product.

To book your car in please call a member of our team on 01883 718530 or visit their web site Click here

Sounds like a great offer. We may well get 'Figgy' done and replace the rear window surround too. ed

Spot the Figaro!

Just for fun we thought we would test your observation skills!

Overseas Members Meike Ploeg & Remco van den Brink sent this picture into the forum of them flying over their Figaro. It took us about 2 minutes to find the car after which I got an eye appointment with Spec Savers!


Remember I took a couple of Minutes.... Keep looking.... Still no luck... She really is easy to spot!
Given up - Okay Click here to see where she is!

Help! I need answers! (The following are extracts from our forum)
Mud Flaps
Cambelt and Pump Change
Petrol Pump Hissing!
I am expecting some of these through the post. I suspect they will need some attention. What has anyone used to make the black bits re-blacked and pick out the white lettering? Whimsy

You can get a tyre whitening pen on ebay and I would think tyre black would do the job. I bought the pen for use on mine, forgot to give it to the workshop and tell them to touch them up before they fitted them so mine are a bit scuffed but you can hardly see the flaps so it really doesn't show much. Caz

Need Help? You can post questions on our forum
Click here

Since we've no idea when the cambelt was ever changed I thought it an idea to get it done. Found a local gararge that will do it but the price quoted is 360 for parts and labour. no idea if this is a good or bad price? anyone had there's done recently that would mind giving me a guide? Miggins

It's around 2 hrs 20 mins to replace the belt, pump and tensioner including refilling the coolant. With parts and coolant - the total should be around 180 at an independent garage.

Dob't waste your money just changing the belt - the slightly higher tension on a new belt will often finish off a well worn coolant pump so you could be doing the job again in a couple of months. Change the pump, belt and tensioner and you've got an excellent chance of going 5 years to the next schedule replacement without issue.

To check garage prices - have a look at the owners section on our website we've listed the standard times for a number of common jobs on the Figaro. Just multiply by the hourly labour rate of your garage to get an idea of the labour cost. 

Gareth Jones
Figaro Owners Club Technical Specialist

Does anyone know what is wrong with my figgy? When I turn the key, a hissing noise starts. I am confident that it is the petrol pump but I don't understand what can be wrong. Any ideas anyone? Polo

Hissing or gurgling can often be due to air being drawn into the pump so before condeming the pump - check that the in-tank strainer hasn't become separated from the pump. Usually in this case - the noise improves if you fill the tank to the brim. Check also that the rubber tube which connects the pump in the tank hasn't split or fuel will be squirted against the tank wall. A new Nissan pump is around 360 but we do an excellent Japanese made replacement for 128.00 Gareth Jones
Figaro Owners Club Technical Specialist

spotthefigaroSpot the Figaro - Answer

Okay be honest how long did it take you?

Story of the Picture
By Members Meike Ploeg & Remco van den Brink.

On January the 21th 2009, more than a year ago, I got a very unique present for my birthday that year ! 'Be a passenger on a stunt-airplane, for just 30 minutes' This arrangement was including 9 stunts !! Well, that arrangement was neven gonna happen for me, from April 2009 till November 2009 the dates to fly, where constant cancelled, because the weather ofcourse, but also because the pilot was sick or the stunt-plane was broken. Any-way, I decided to give my dear partner almost the same present... A sightseeing tour above Utrecht. I turned my stunt-arrangement into a flight with 3 persons for a hour, so we (My partner, his dad, and I) can enjoy our neighbourhood. This is the air-photo of my-father-in-law's house, just near where the Figaro is. We parked Figgie out there because it was such a nice day and after our flight we made a short tourist-trophy to home again :D
This photo is taken on the 10th of July this year and I have sweet memories to his day :)

Fab picture, okay now where did I put my glasses again?. ed

Save 15% on your
Figaro Car Insurance

The Figaro Owners Club has joined forces with Classic Line Insurance to create Figaro Insurance Services. This service is exclusive to members of the Figaro Owners Club only and could save you hundreds of pounds on your Figaro Car Insurance!

We have negotiated a volume discount rate which means you can enjoy 15% off an already very competitive price!
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on Waxoyl Under Car Protection

Our Members will receive a 100 discount! Rustmaster usual charge 390+VAT for a Figaro but we have negotiated a massive 100 discount which means members price is just 290+VAT!  

Why Waxoyl? Uniquely Waxoyl Professional 120-4 has UV impregnation which allows us to check coverage in tricky areas using UV lighting. From a Defender to a Bongo, from a Discovery to a Motorhome our technicians treat every vehicle with the same level of attention to detail working to standards set by Waxoyl's experts.
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About the people behind the Figaro Owners Club

My son Daniel had always wanted a Figaro and after saving for years (plus a small contribution from his mum and dad!) he brought an Emerald Green one in May 2008. That was it - I was hooked too! Even now we spend many a happy weekend polishing her in the garage. We just love all that chrome...

After searching the internet we found very little help or advice so in December 2008 we started designing the web site. The club was formed in February 2009 and launched on 1st March 2009. 

Kevin Fagan (Figaro Owners Club Founder)
2010 The Figaro Owners Club
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Figaro Owners Club, 58 Earl Howe Road, Holmer Green, High Wycombe, Bucks, HP15 6QT.
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