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 September 2010 Newsletter ~ Issue No 19
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Dear , we're delighted to bring you our latest edition of the Figaro Owners Club Monthly Newsletter.

The Perfect Bridesmaid...

Images produced by KT Photography
wedding home
This month we feature some wonderful stories from our members such as the one from Rebecca Harbron. Rebecca got married in Cyprus and was so determined to have a Figaro in her wedding pictures that she spent a number of  days trying to track down the owner of an Emerald Green model she'd spotted in Paphos the year before!

Unfortunately Rebecca never located the car but all was not lost as once she returned home she organised a photo shoot with 'Bella' her very own Emerald Green Fig.

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Thanks for all the Donations!
We know it's tough out there and money's tight so a huge thanks to everyone who donated to the club last Month.

Hope you enjoy the Newsletter, bye for now and catch you next Month :)


Kevin Fagan
Figaro Owners Club Founder
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 Picture of the Month
We know its another wedding but we found this picture on the Forum and thought it was a great story too....

"Gotta love the old girl - she's never given me any grief yet waited until my WEDDING DAY to die on me!!! I was at the carwash, on my own and without a phone when she decided, "I don't want to play today. On the plus side, I was lacking a 'something blue' until the tow rope came out - So Lola, the lazy cow, was towed to the venue and parked out front like she owned the place! If it weren't for the speeches, no one would have ever realised!" Beccaboo81

You can see more pictures of Beccaboo81 wedding by clicking here


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Members Stories
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Bella - The Perfect Bridesmaid
Story by member Rebecca Harbron

"Our wedding took place abroad in Cyprus and I was determined to have a Figaro picture, as we'd seen a Emerald Green Fig in Paphos the year before. Unfortunately I couldn't locate it or one to rent for our pictures abroad. There were sightings of the Paphos Fig amongst our guests in Paphos but the Figaro power evaded our cameras. Upon our return home we had a evening party back home on the Newcastle Quayside where it was a great opportunity to dress up again, but more importantly to dress 'Bella' for the day with carefully placed bows and ribbons and a fun 'Just Married' sign, it was almost like she was Bridesmaid number 4!"

Images produced by KT Photography -
wedding large

"I have been a Figaro owner for merely one year, she has the plates and am thankful to my now husband for the number-plate she proudly has (a bargain from DVLA, perhaps they didn't realise its relevance) and I will continue to maintain and improve her so I think that on our 25th Wedding Anniversary she'll be the only one of us looking younger!! Bella thoroughly enjoyed being a wedding car and it was great fun I just can't bear to take the 'Just Married' sticker off just yet! Myself and Carl just love our outings, camping and picnics in Bella who always creates attention and a word to the wise Figaro owners with tall 'other-half's' need not worry as Carl and 6' 8'' has no problems as her passenger! I would not let him drive her!"

Thanks Rebecca. Bella looks fantastic with those little bows around the door handles and both you and Carl look very happy.


David and Goliath

Story by member Judith Laraman

"I am currently babysitting a Hummer from Sweden - a 6.5L Beast and last week needed to take it somewhere for a demo - but it wouldn't start. Luckily, Bluebell came to the rescue and a few minutes later, she had sorted out its flat battery"


Well they do say size isn't everything!


Quote me Happy
Story by member Georgina Abbott

"I just wanted to say thank you so much to the club for the recommendation and discount code for Classic Line Insurance. I have insured my Figaro with Frizzel (Liverpool Victoria) for the past 4 years and the premium gradually crept up to approx 1000/year. I have just made a saving of over 600 by switching and there was no extra charge for adding 3 named drivers. I feel like one of those people on the insurance adverts! Please feel free to use my endorsement on your website and if you would like me to write anything else in relation to this, please ask. Thanks again. I'm hoping to join in one of your events soon"

It's all part of the service :)


And the winner is...
Story by member Mistymeg (Forum Name)

Background to story. At Fig10 Speedyreg donated a Figaro Numberplate and the lucky winner tells her story.

"At FigFest10 I camped up next to a very nice couple - Sharon and Rob. Firstly; many thanks for the stream of tea and conversation! Not only did we manage to win the quiz on Saturday afternoon (at which we won the bottle of fiz Sharon had had her eye on) - but Rob's was the first ticket out of the raffle. As Rob and Sharon had come along in their VW Camper Van he very generously offered the choice of prize to me - advising that there was little fig related he would like to add to his van"


"I nearly fell over with excitement and picked up a new "FIG" number plate for Meg. I shed a tear in excitement and was rather stumped for words the rest of the afternoon (especially when two of my numbers then also came out - but I returned them so that others would get prizes) Therefore this is a note to Rich and Scoobs to thank them for the excellent prizes available - there really were a couple of corkers this year, and HUGE thanks to the generosity of Rob and Sharon. I will remember you and the weekend with a smile each time I see the plate"

Well done Misstymeg and thanks again to Speedreg

PS. Don't forget to Send us your story - Click here

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 Figaro Events
We have two events this month:

telford19th September 2010

Rural Life Centre (Telford)

Every year, the Surrey Classic Vehicle Club host their own car show, held at the Rural Life Centre, Tilford. The event is held in September, towards the end of the show season and attracts well over three hundred vehicles from all clubs.

The Surrey Classic Vehicle Club welcomes all classic vehicle clubs, motorcycles and individual entries - no matter how diverse.

Registration Process

Pre-registering ensures the vehicle, driver and ONE passenger free entry to the Rural Life Centre and our show. Extra passengers and non pre-booked entries will be charged the normal Rural Life entry. Last year (2009) we had over 400 vehicles in attendance. Included in this years' attractions will be the prize for the 'BEST DRESSED' in the period and keeping of their vehicle. So get your costumes sorted! We will also give a special trophy to the club that enters into the spirit of their vehicles.

Below is further info and the web site is:

Print Registration Form: il.pdf


26th September 2010

Kingsbury Water Park (Midlands)

We have been invited to attend a meeting of rare Japanese Cars!  Emily Bell the promoter got in touch and is a big Figaro fan. She said "We've been going since 2006 now and every year I try and get some Figaro's to join us, but so far have only ever attracted one. We meet every year at Kingsbury water park in the midlands and just have a little social get together.

The whole thing is for rare micro Japanese cars, and everyone who attends always says they'd love to see a Figaro. We would so dearly love to see some more Figaro's.(even if I have to go buy one! There is a prize for best presented car on the day. Doesn't have to be the one that has had the most money spent on it, but instead is voted for by those attending as their favourite!


Further info and the web site is:

Flipomatic - The boot opening device that saves your fingernails!

Last month member Graham Foulston (TingTong) started a really interesting thread on our forum about an invention to allow you to remotely open the boot without having to open the door and reaching down to find the boot release catch.

Below is extracts from his story to see the full thread click here

"I got up this morning all excited because the struts should be coming this morning (I've got this week off as holiday) and by 10.30 nothing arrived so me being me and having just one huge phobia about couriers - an who can blame me with their terrible reputation - started to think that something wasn't right, I phoned the company up and was told (yet again) that they had been sent to the wrong depot.

Apparently, it should have gone to the Northampton depot but it went to the Nottingham depot instead. You see the problem was that the computer scanned the location of Northampton in just fine but of course you then need to have a person actually put it in the right bin for Northampton. Unfortunately for me, the people employed appear to have the one and only brain cell of an amoeba and of course they used that one brain cell up on the first character of the destination which was an 'N', after that, there are no brain cells left and they just can't compute the other characters left so it's just a guess after that.

Grrrr - couriers, what do they get paid for - they have to do just one job and that's deliver a package. Most of the work is computer controlled so it really shouldn't be that difficult should it? Perhaps I'm asking for too much. Yep, that's what it is I think.

Anyway, not to be deterred, I opened the top boot lid and tied it in the open position so that I could install the two solenoids to open the boot by using my key fob rather than using the switch in the centre console. I had two solenoids and fixings left over from when I installed the central locking so I used those. I ran a wire from the 'brains' of the central locking (there is a facility on mine to add other solenoids for other functions and there is most likely the same on yours too if you have central locking, in fact some have these wired in already), I took the base of the back seat out and run the cable under the carpet and through the bottom part of where the back seat base sits (there is a large hole already there so no drilling required).

graham pictureThis picture 2 is a close up of the mounting bracket which I will most probably change at a later date to make it a little more like Nissan made it rather than me bending a couple of bits of strapping but for now it's OK for me to test the the thing out. I also haven't cleaned the brackets up and the surrounding area on this side yet but will do after finishing typing this up.

The next step was to do a dry run for the connections to make sure that the solenoids functioned correctly which they both did. Next step was to make some brackets up to hold the solenoids firmly in position, the kit I had included the mounting straps and so it wasn't too much of a task to make these up and bolt them into a suitable position. Once I was happy with the position I then made up the connecting rods to go from the new solenoids to the existing activating rods which operate the two latches either side of the boot, I knew I probably wouldn't get the positions correct first time so everything was just hand tight for now.

Once everything was in place I then pushed the two latches in the down position (as if the boot was closed and pressed the appropriate button on the key fob and hey presto, both latches popped to the open position. After checking this happened on both sides at exactly the same time, I just needed to make a minor adjustment to one of them and all was fine for me to install permanently.

This picture shows the complete installation of the nearside solenoid showing the connection to the existing actuating rod and the earthing cable mounted to the existing bracket (which I cleaned up while I had all the mechanism off). You will note that the strut brace is not mounted for some inexplicable reason.
The revised struts (3rd version) eventually arrived this morning and I fitted them on in a couple of minutes but the solenoids were still too high and were fouling the struts (that's the problem when not having the struts when installing the solenoids). Anyway, after repositioning one of the solenoids the strut cleared so all was well. One thing I did learn and that was that I only needed the one solenoid to activate both latches as the drivers side actuator sends a signal to the passenger side to operate.

graham videoWATCH THE VIDEO

I have made a very quick video here to show you it in operation (it's not great as I had to do the video with one hand and walk at the same time so it's a bit shaky) but it should give you an idea.

The boot now lifts about an 1" after pressing the unlock button on the key fob (this would still be the same amount if you flicked the switch from the centre console) and you then lift the boot lid with a gentle touch and it opens up by itself and dampens towards the end giving a slow buffered stop. You should be able to see what I mean on the video. I didn't want the boot lid to open all the way after unlocking but if you did then you just need to order the struts with a slightly higher setting than what I have fitted (160N for each strut).

I have also ordered another central locking kit which is very similar to my existing one but has a purpose built button for opening a boot, at the moment I am using the button which is used for setting the alarm as a makeshift to get it to work by sending a pulse to the solenoid so the newer version will be ideal.

So that is it from my side, I will be doing a few minor detail changes but nothing that will change the final outcome here.

The good news for you though is that now everything has been sorted out, it will be an extremely easy job for you to have the boot lid popping up without anymore questions about is it the adjustment of the roof cable or is it because the rubbers have perished in the latches, this sorts it out once and for all. All you will need to do is take off you struts, send them to the company and they will either replace your struts if they are worn out or re-gas them if that's all required, they will normally return them to you next working day or two days (depending on when they receive them) so allow about 4 working days without the struts (the car is still drivable and you will still be able to open the boot but with obviously more difficulty. It takes very little time to take the struts off - one 13mm nut at the top and two 10mm nuts at the bottom and they are off - fitting is the reverse.

IMPORTANT - PLEASE NOTE:Be very careful when removing the 2nd strut as once that has been disconnected then the boot lid is free to fall either forwards or backwards with disastrous results, it is advisable to have someone supporting the boot lid when doing this job. DON'T SAY YOU HAVEN'T BEEN WARNED!!!

Before I go any further, I have no connection with this company whatsoever and will not be getting any payment or favours from them should they receive any further orders, I have done this excercise for my benefit but if you would like to do the same then you will receive a 20% discount from the stock prices of the struts. So details should you wish to do the same are:

Company: SGS Engineering Solutions
Telephone: 01332 298 126
Contact: Sebastian

The pricing structure is as follows.
For replacing existing worn out struts (they will test yours overnight) 29.99 each strut less 20% forum discount For re-gasing existing struts 12.50 less 20% forum discount
Plus 6.30 for next day delivery and VAT at the current time.

SGS will contact you and advise you if you will need to either replace or repair your existing struts so your contact details must be enclosed with the struts. You will obviously need to enclose that the struts you are sending them are from a Nissan Figaro and that you are a forum member.

I think that's about it, I hope that you have enjoyed my little modification, I certainly have. The boot now opens how I want it to plus it's been a nice challenge.

I should perhaps make it clear that the boot will not automatically pop open from the key fob unless you have central locking fitted and with a solenoid boot opener but you will still be able to pop the boot open in the conventional way by using the switch in the centre console.

If you have any questions to any of the above then just post away and I will try and answer them if I can."


Many thanks graham for a valuable contribution. Maybe one of the dealers might think about offering it as an 'optional extra'

Help! I need answers! (The following are extracts from our forum)
Alarm Problem
How do I take the drivers switch apart? 
Peeling Chrome on Plastic
I've had my figaro a few months, it has central locking and an alarm, and recently the alarm has been playing up.
After I lock it, it bleeps once to confirm its locked (normal). Then 3 and a half hours later the alarm goes off for no apparent reason! By the time I get to it to switch it off, the alarm stops. Has anyone got any ideas why it might be doing this?!

I think it might be that one of the sensors is not working, as I also find if I drive with the roof up, my hazard lights start blinking. I find I can resolve this by taking the roof down! I have tried putting bits of foil on the roof clip catches to improve the connection, but this is still a problem.

Any suggestions/advice would be welcome! and thoughts on if the two things are indeed related or not! Thanks in advance Sapphirefalcon

I did have a problem with a low battery during the winter when I didn't use it much but I bought an Optimate to keep the battery charged and the problem went away. Recently the switch for the bonnet had to be replaced as the original had become bent and was making/not making a connection. I know it was a problem because on unlocking I heard the multiple beeps suggesting the car had been interfered with when I had been watching it all along. I had it replaced by a Clifford Agent for 30 all in and it has been fine since. Megan

Need Help? You can post questions on our forum
Click here

Hi I have got a problem with my passenger window which will not go down. I have worked out the it's a problem with the drivers switch as I have tried it on another Fig (thanks for that Les!) had had the same problem.

Does anyone know how to take the switch apart? Do the silver levers have to come off first? Chris C

The silver lever just pulls off but I'm not sure how to get inside the switch itself. The switches in the dashboard are made from metal and I've taken those apart but never had to take the window switch apart.

Sorry I can't be of further help but how about using some electrical spray to clean the contacts up first before delving into the switch - just a thought Graham

The circuit bioard has to be unsoldered to get at the switch contacts - theres a risk of ruining the switch. If electrical cleaner doesn't work - we can refurbish the switch for a fraction of new cost Gareth
Has anyone attempted to restore the chrome finish on the plastic parts with "chrome" paint, and was it successful.
Regards Chris

Hi Smithy, Other than having the light rims re - chromed I have found that Chrome finish paint isn't chrome just a silvery finish. What I have done in the past with very good results is to apply chrome coated film. There are basically two ways to carry out the work. If the chrome flaking is quite extensive then you can wrap the whole light unit in film obviously great care needs to be taken when applying the film to keep it taught and to stop bubbling.I use carpet spray adhesive which gives a uniform surface to apply the film. The second and easier method is to apply the film using the disguised system where you cut the film in non uniform cuts so leaving a jagged edge apply the spray adhesive and using a soft cloth lay the film over the cleaned surface making sure to cover all the dechromed area press home in small circles until the film is completely flat with the surface when all is dry polish with your normal wax. this system works because our eyes are drawn to straight lines where as Jagged lines tend to be ignored. once the film is applied properly it should be very difficult to see where the film ends and the good chrome starts, problem solved. The repair should be good for quite a while, enough time to do the same again or save to have them re- chromed. Cheers Brian
PS I must add, I have never carried out this procedure on a Nissan Figaro but I have used the method on other cars I have owned with great success.

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