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 August 2010 Newsletter ~ Issue No 18
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Summer Sizzler!

summersizzlerFrom the pictures that Daniel took and Paul sent in to us it looks like FigFest 2010 was a real hit.

Okay, maybe it didn't attract the numbers that Paul might have hoped for but it had a real friendly feel and the fantastic weather ensured it was strictly a topless occasion! Well done Chris, Laura, Paul and Richard. Read the full report from Paul below.   

Forum Membership Hits 500!
We are delighted to announce that our forum has 502 members. Thanks to everyone for their support to date. Click here to join in the fun today.

Hot News - GJNorthall Sells Business
Congratulations to Gareth on the sale of his business. The Figaro community owe him an enormous gratitude for all his help and assistance to probability thousands of Figaro owners over the years!  A statement from our forum reads... "I've sold the remainder of my parts business and the Figaro piece has gone to Simon Barnes - my brother-in- law. He's keeping the name Gjnorthall - certainly for the time being, and the website continues at .Telephone number has changed to 07914850468 and email address to "I'd like to thank everyone who has supported me over the last few years - I've come across some really lovely people. I would ask you to support Simon so that the business survives for the long term. I think you'll find Simon both knowledgeable and helpful but please be patient whilst things settle down. I'll be still around and have agreed to take an overview for a while - I'll continue making an input to the forum - Simon will take this over in due course"

August Meeting?

Would anyone be interested in a mini meet somewhere in the Cambridgeshire/Bedfordshire/Northamptonshire area? Graham (TingTong) is trying to organise something? Might be a chance for all those that missed out on FigFest to get together as well. Follow the thread on our forum if interested - click here

Welcome to our New Members
Last Month we had 108 Members join the club so the normal 'big hug' and welcome from us all! We really are a friendly bunch so please join in the chat on our forum and contribute to this Newsletter with your stories and much more...

Thanks for all the Donations!
We know it's tough out there and money's tight so a huge thanks to everyone who donated to the club last Month.

Hope you enjoy the Newsletter, bye for now catch you next Month :)


Kevin Fagan
Figaro Owners Club Founder
Web Site:

 Picture of the Month
What do you call a long row of Figaro's! Thanks to Paul for this picture which was taken on the Sunday morning when the convoy reached the seaside.


Send in your Picture for our next Newsletter - Click here

Members Stories

We feature every story and pictures sent into us so don't be shy and share your experiences and fun with all our members.

Betty in France - Story Submitted By Jane
Picture shows her teamed up with new car friend in the stag called Barney looking forward to taking her on rally touristique's over here which I am sure will make all eyes open. Unfortunately the weather has now deteriorated badly so she is tucked up in a barn!


Four Into One Does Go!
- Story Submitted by Tracy
I am writing to give hope to mums and dads that there is Fig Life after children. We took our first day trip out to the Fig10 in Gaydon in May. We rocked up with four people in the car and two back carriers in the boot. It immediately drew attention from ladies who love their figs and worry about having to give them up if they have a family...but no. Here's living proof that four into one does go!


The kids love it because of the closeness of us all, they can see all around and out of the windows. They seem to find it great fun. I can put both of the seats in the rear of the car, taking out the rear part of the seat which is no trouble, and get both the kids in there or I can put one in the back and one in the passenger front rear facing which is the safest way to travel. I have also just bought two Babyway Strollers which are cheap and fold up to fit both in the space for the roof. Means we cant have the roof down with the buggies in the boot but hey, put on the aircon and we are sorted. So spread that message that the Fig can be a family car without too many compromises.

Camping Birthday Treat
- Story submitted by Anna
It was my soon-to-be husband's 30th birthday on June 30th so we took the Fig for a camping trip to Edale, in the glorious Peak District! The weather was perfect & i was amazed that we got all our camping gear in the car -no problems at all! We spent the next day cruising to Chatsworth with the top down -we couldn't believe our luck with the weather & had a fantastic time!

camping 2

Send us your story - Click here

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 Figaro Events and Get Together's

August Meeting?

Would anyone be interested in a mini meet somewhere in the Cambridgeshire/Bedfordshire/Northamptonshire area? Graham (TingTong) is trying to organise something? Might be a chance for all those that missed out on FigFest to get together as well. Follow the thread on our forum if interested - click here


19th September 2010 - Rural Life Centre (Telford)

Every year, the Surrey Classic Vehicle Club host their own car show, held at the Rural Life Centre, Tilford. The event is held in September, towards the end of the show season and attracts well over three hundred vehicles from all clubs. The Surrey Classic Vehicle Club welcomes all classic vehicle clubs, motorcycles and individual entries - no matter how diverse.

Pre-registering ensures the vehicle, driver and ONE passenger free entry to the Rural Life Centre and our show. Extra passengers and non pre-booked entries will be charged the normal Rural Life entry. Last year (2009) we had over 400 vehicles in attendance. Included in this years' attractions will be the prize for the 'BEST DRESSED' in the period and keeping of their vehicle. So get your costumes sorted! We will also give a special trophy to the club that enters into the spirit of their vehicles.

Below is further info and the web site is:

Print Registration Form: il.pdf


26th September 2010 - Kingsbury Water Park (Midlands)

We have been invited to attend a meeting of rare Japanese Cars!  Emily Bell the promoter got in touch and is a big Figaro fan. She said "We've been going since 2006 now and every year I try and get some Figaro's to join us, but so far have only ever attracted one. We meet every year at Kingsbury water park in the midlands and just have a little social get together. The whole thing is for rare micro Japanese cars, and everyone who attends always says they'd love to see a Figaro. We would so dearly love to see some more Figaro's.(even if I have to go buy one! There is a prize for best presented car on the day. Doesn't have to be the one that has had the most money spent on it, but instead is voted for by those attending as their favourite!


Further info and the web site is:

FigFestFigFest 2010 Review

Huge thanks to Paul, Laura, Richard and Chris for putting together a truly wonderful festival. In the words of member and FigFest organiser Sir Paul (With a few spelling corrections by me Ed)

"Well here i am on a Monday morning wondering where the weekend went to. I know I'm bias but of all the fig meets I've been to over the last 6 years this has to be the best meet I've been to, with the loveliest people and the best weather.


Our story begins on a scorching Thursday when brave Sir Paul and Princess Laura loaded up the chariots to travel across distant lands to Yarmouth to meet up with Sir Richard and Princess Chris.  After a day of battling with the evil marquee and building numerous shelters Sir Paul and Sir Richard returned to the castle where the princess's had prepared a hearty banquet and goblets of wine and ale were passed around before they all went to their quarters to dream of the conquest that lie ahead of them.


Friday morning as the sun was rising the two princesses' roasted a pig with fresh bread, whilst Sir Paul and Sir Richard planned their attack.  At mid day two chariots head off in different directions to face the challenges that lay ahead of them.  Sir Paul and Princess Laura arrived at Fritton Lake to be greeted by a gleaming white chariot that had travelled many miles to join in the festivities that were yet to come.  Later in the afternoon Sir Paul and Sir Richard had to travel many miles to seek out a so called box that supplies something called 'electrickery' that would help the minstrels with their music. 
On conquering yet another conquest they returned to Fritton where loads of other chariots were busy making shelters for the nights ahead. As the moon appeared fires were lit and hogs were roasted as we sang along to minstrels and watched the stunning stars in the Norfolk skies before all returning to our shelters to prepare for more festivities tomorrow.


As the Saturday sun rose people feasted on more food and swapped tales of previous conquests.  In the morning minstrels called 'The Figetmenots' sang songs about love and towns full of malice,  people travelled to markets to grab bargains, joined together to answer questions on pop culture and general knowledge. Barbeque smoke filled the air as the sun heated up the day.  In the evening more minstrels called 'The Carnabies' arrived in many chariots and Sir Andy Saggers brought black seven inch disc's that proved to be very pleasing to the ears and feet.  People dressed in funny costumes, drank more ale and danced the night away.  Darkness came too soon and people returned to their shelters.


As the Sunday sun rose chariots lined up, ready to seek out new sights and lands. Once lined up the first chariot began to move along the bendy, twisting highways.  The sun beat down as all the chariots travelled along the shoreline attracting attention from people from other lands.  When we returned to camp festivities continued and gifts were given to people with the best chariots and people who purchased special tickets. Alas by late afternoon chariots began returning to the lands from where they come from.  The chariots that were left headed for the local inn for more ale and food.

Highlights of the weekend
Tears from Misty Meg after a kind soul gave her his winning ticket in the raffle.
Serenading Thelma and Louise from our camper.
The Carnabies.
All the beautiful people.
Brian - top man,
The glorious weather.
The love and fun all around for the weekend.


Best camper - scooby and Laura.
Best Mini - mini mouse.
Best Scooter - push scooter - thelma and louise.
Best Lapis Grey Figaro - Iggy.
Best Emerald Green Figaro - Graham- Lovett.
Best Topaz Figaro - Les - Figetm
Car of the show - Graham


Sir Paul and Sir Richard would like to thank you all for coming and thank all the people who donated prizes and yourselves for making this such a stunning weekend.  Hope to see you all next year. Paul

FigFest 2010 By Pictures


 Car of the Month - August

We featured this Figaro owned by member David Rodgers last month and felt it deserved our August Car of the Month. David brought the car in May from a private collector who kept it in an air conditioned garage along with a Bentley, 23 Screen Camper Van, MK1 Ford Escort Rally Car, E-type Jag. According to David all were in mint condition. The owner bought it for his wife 4 years ago before which it has been in a Nissan dealership display window for the previous 16 years. David added that the car drives like a new car and it's untouched inside and out.

car of month aug

You can submit your car for our September Car of the Month - Click here

Help! I need answers!
Upgrade on Clarion Stereo with Sat nav plus?
Can't get out of park / the rear lights gone
Petrol pump hissing
Has anyone had a Clarion stereo upgrade to include Sat Nav, Bluetooth for hands free and MP3 player connection? pennocks

Hi there. I had the upgrade for blue-tooth and MP 3 - works brilliantly I have to say and I had the MP 3 jack wired through the glove box so it would stay out of site and lockable. The only thing you can't seem to do with the MP 3 (don't know if the i pod upgrade is the same) is change tracks using the clarion controls, I have to do that on the player itself but you can adjust volume.

The blue-tooth (parrot) is clear and responsive and pairs with my phone in a second or so.

Can't help with the sat nav, I just plug mine into my phone charger and I have mounted it flat to my dash using small magnets which do not interfere with its operation (I have done this for my phone also as I wanted to keep the dash flat as possible and streamlined)

Hope that is of some help? Welcome to the club by the way and please stop by the members index in chit chat to log your details. Caz

Need Help? You can post questions on our forum
Click here

Help . Can only get my car out of park manually using the little button at the bottom of the gear stick. Plus rear lights and interior lights have stopped working. Any solutions Thanks pinky40

On the face of it - theres no connection between the lights issue and stuck in P. However the shift lock system uses the brake light switch to allow the shift lock to be pressed - so ckeck this out first. The interior light issue is probably something totally different.
Gareth Jones
Figaro Owners Club Technical Specialist

Does anyone know what is wrong with my figgy? When I turn the key, a hissing noise starts. I am confident that it is the petrol pump but I don't understand what can be wrong. Any ideas anyone?l polo

Do you mean hissing when the engine is running or with the ignition turned off.

When you first turn the ignition on you will hear the pump running for a few seconds whilst it is priming and then it will stop until the engine is started. This is more of a low buzz rather than a hiss but your hiss could be my

If you lift the lower part of the back seat you will be able to put your ear against the top of the pump to confirm this is where the noise is coming from.

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Deadline for submission is 31st October 2010.

Each month the Calendar will feature a spectacular photo of a Figaro with a stunning backdrop from places around the world! The picture will be captioned with the cars name/location/photographer's name, and will have a perforation so the photos can be easily removed for framing.

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