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StastisticsThe Latest Numbers from our Database 

Members: 2,215
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Forum Unique Posts: 4,237
Unique Web Visits: 73,180
Geographic Coverage: 56 Countries

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Countdown to fig10 - Register Now

You don't need to dress like this!
fig10 kicks off in just over two weeks time and we're so excited at the prospect of meeting so many of our members. Fingers crossed the weather will be nice and sunny so we can have a car park full of topless Figaro's.

Don't forget to collect your FREE Membership Badge from us whilst at the event.

You won't miss us, we're located in our very orange (Look for Easyjet!) gazebo so please come and say hello and meet me, Sue and Daniel.

Thanks for your contribution

This month we have some lovely stories from our members. Our first overseas event attracted just two cars but who's counting. The fact that the club brought together two people in another country who share the same interests is a great result! And what about Niall who went camping in Melkridge, near Haltwhistle Northumberland in his Figaro. Makes you want to dig out that old tent from the roof and head for the hills. And thanks to Scooby and Bex for sharing their tales with us. We also have a superb Car-of-the-Month from member Glenn Smith. Remember if you have a story please share it with us Click here     

Welcome to our New Members
For those newbie's to the club then a big hug and welcome. We really are a friendly bunch so please join in the chat on our forum.

Next Month
We will be reviewing FIG10 and looking forward to the Classic Vehicle Event along with the usual forum updates, news and more... 

Look forward to seeing you all at Fig10 and hope you enjoy the Newsletter bye for now :)


Kevin Fagan
Figaro Owners Club Founder
Web Site:

Picture of the Month (New Feature)

The club receives so many great pictures sent in by our members so we decided it would be a nice idea each month to feature what we think is the best. There is no prize just the knowing that your picture has been seen by over 2,000 figgymad people!

To kick things off this was sent by Nikki and captures that excitement you feel on your very first Figgy Trip along with friends.

Left to right Nikki, Sam and Tiffany, picture taken by Caroline

Franke 400w
Send your picture and story Click here

FIG10 May - Sunday 16th May 2010

Join the line up at Fig10
It's here at last! Fig10 will be a great event and we urge all our members to make the journey if they can.

Before you Travel

Clean your car and remember to Register.

Print off the Programme and the Car Plaque to place on your windscreen (optional). Remember to take your Camera as we will be featuring loads of the pictures within our web site so get clicking and share your photos with other members.

Send us your Pictures
We have set up a special page on our web site to help you download your pictures and stories. We will  be featuring the best pictures in our next Newsletter so get clicking!

Send in your pictures and story Click Here

Why Attend?
In addition to meeting other Figaro mad people you can show off your car, chat to experts, win a raffle prize, go on a tour, buy some Figaro gear and come and meet us! All this in the knowledge that all the money raised will go to charity.

fig10 landscape

How to find the venue
The address is: Heritage Motor Centre, Banbury Road, Gaydon, Warwickshire, CV35 0BJ

On Arrival
Collect your welcome pack from the registration point. The pack will include the following:
  • Voucher for reduced entry price to Museum
  • Entry form for Roof Prize Draw
  • Car of the Event Judging Form
  • Window Display Plaque
  • Details of how to share photos after the event.


09.45 Earliest time for entrants to arrive

10.00 Traders to set-up

10.30 Official Opening

12.00 Roof Down Prize Draw

12.30 Roof Down Demonstration by fiagros4sale

13.30 Prize Raffle Draw

14.00 Figaro 30 Mile Car Tour (See below) (Optional)

15.30 Awards Presentation

16.00 Show Closes

roadFigaro 30 Mile Fun Car Tour - 14.00 (Optional)

Join other Figaro's (limited spaces so book on arrival) on this optional activity. The tour will take around an hour and the circular route allows you to discover for yourself the hidden secrets of Shakespeare Country.

30 mile Car Tour around Gaydon taking in old Warwickshire Villages, Towers/Windmills and great views following part of the Edghill. Don't forget to register on arrival

Sands Photography

Will be covering the event and on the day you can purchase a 7x5 Colour Print of your pride and joy on gallery paper in a slip folder for 8

roofWant a new roof?
Jason from figaros4sale will be fitting four roofs on the day (sorry all booked up) plus one for a lucky competition winner. He'll also be fitting the chrome trim to cars - Worth a look so just visit Jason on the day.

Figaro Businesses Attending

  • Hallen Import Specialists / Figaro restore 
  • Flydeimports
  • FigaroCity
  • Figaros4Sale
  • GJ Northall
  • Figaro Car Imports
  • Wimbledon Cars
  • Figarocarsales
  • Clarion Service
  • Nissan Figaro World
  • FigaroClub
  • Figaro Owners Club

Look forward to seeing you all :)

Car of the Month ~ May 2010

This is our 15th Car of the Month! And what a car she is. With just 3,000 miles on the clock it's truly stunning. Many thanks to Glenn Smith for sharing one of his Private Collections with the club.

The pictures show the quality and finish of the car
car of the month may 2010

This car is one of my private collection, having only covered three thousand miles from new the car was already in tip top condition. I think it was a grade 5A, but like all the others in my collection it was stripped down to a rolling shell and thoroughly detailed both mechanically and cosmetically, just the same process as all cars from Halifax Figaro's...

Submit your car, read full story, see more pictures and post your comments 
Click here

TheFigaroShop Advert

Figaro Tyres


From the high level of emails the club receive concerning tyre sizes and availability there seems to be a bit of confusion!  We decided to try and clear this one up so approached some of our trusted experts for some good advice.


Expert No 1 - Gareth from GJNorthall

The Figaro was supplied originally with either 165 70 12 Tyre's or 155 80 12 Tyre's.

165 70 12 were the more prevalent but unfortunately this is not a popular size and most manufacturers have ceased production. Nankang was a commonly available brand but there were others such as Kleber, Fulma etc. Premier tyre producers such as Dunlop, Pirelli etc ceased production years ago. To complicate matters - Tyre's imported into the UK must have an Euro compliance mark - so Tyre's may be available elsewhere but can't be imported.


In the long run 165 70 12 will cease production altogether. Fortunately 155 80 12 are readily available and will likely be into the future, They must be fitted as a set of 4.

Note: 155 80 12 need a higher inflation pressure of 31.5psi.  155 80 12 is a common size for trailers, caravans etc - such tyres are known as 6 or 8 ply and are unsuitable for cars. When purchasing from a tyre depot - there's no problem - they wouldn't fit these tyres on cars - however beware of budget and bargain tyres offered elsewhere. 155 80 12 tyres for car use will generally have an S speed rating.

Buying advice

You'll pay around 130 for a set of 4 fully fitted from most tyre retailers

Many thanks Gareth for your contribution (Ed)



Expert No 2 - Dave from Total Respray

You can fit 1 of 2 sizes to the Figaro, butyou must fit the same size on the same axle.


The Sizes are:

155-SR-12  Plenty available

165-70 R 12 Difficult to obtain ( We sometimes bring in from Europe when available.


Makes of Tyre's Are:

Bridgestone, Nankang and Avent


Buying Advice
Prices very from 38.00 to 47.00 depending on suppliers. Try ATS Tyre or any Quick-fit Centre. They will sill have to order, but should be same day for the 155's

Many thanks Dave for your contribution (Ed)

Why not go camping in your Fig? - Story submitted by Niell McCord


It's surprising what you can get in a Figaro. We received some great pictures from Member Niall McCord who went camping in Melkridge, near Haltwhistle Northumberland, just a few minutes drive from Hadrians Wall.

Submit your picture and story Click here

Its a small world - Story Submitted by Member Bex

"My boyfriend came home on Friday and said he'd seen a lovely Fig pulling onto a drive across the road from us and that it was red with big white flowers all over, I was so excited we went to have a look at 12:15 am, so I'm sorry if the owner spotted a couple of loons having a nosey at their figgy in the middle of the night, it was us!!! Anyway we couldn't really see in the dark so I went and had a good look the next day and it was lovely! I then looked at my Figaro owners club newsletter and who is Figaro of the month?.... the one across the road!!!! What are the chances of that!"


We warned you won't miss this car even in the middle of the night! (Ed)

Submit your pictures and story
Click here

Figaro Meet April 2010, Near Arnhem (Netherlands) Story Submitted by Member Jonnietwo

The first Dutch Figaro meeting in Holland is a fact. (Just two cars is that a meeting??) Today we met Meike and Remco at the Westerbouwing on the banks of the river Rijn (Operation Market Garden)

See more pictures - Click here

Holland Meet

Two cars - Ten Cars it doesn't matter... Great pictures (Ed) 

Submit your pictures and story Click here

Its nice to be nice - Story submitted by Scooby

We can imagine Paul wearing this!
its nice to be nice
"Here's a basic story of a lovely old couple we met by chance on the way home on Saturday. We did the usual shopping dash and on the way home decided to go the long way around as there is a boy who is mentally disabled who sometimes stands outside his house and wave's to all the passing cars. We always try to drive past his house when we can and hoot and flash, he loves our figs and always waves back and has a big smile on his face. He wasn't there this day so we drove home along a country lane and just turned the corner at Bintree Mill when we saw a lapis Fig parked up and a bloke looking at us totally amused. We stopped and we ended up chatting with his wife and him about various events in Norfolk. I turns out his wife has only owned it since March and he lives not far from us and travel's to Bintree Mill to take photo's and paint as he loves the area
. He asked us if we knew where he could pick up a skirt (the cover that fills the gap when you've got your roof down) for her Fig and we said follow us home as we had a spare. He came back with us and they were over the moon with the skirt and that we had given it to her as a gift. We talked some more and swapped details and he said in return he would paint us a picture of Bintree Mill and drop it off to us when it was done. It was fantastic meeting such a nice couple. It's nice to be nice."

Great story and typical of a Figaro Owner (Ed)

Submit your pictures and story Click here

News from the Forum - Need help why not post a question on our forum Click here
Re-chroming plastic
Sticking Handbrake Button
Shelf/basket fittings
Hi all-does anyone know anywhere I can get a few bits re-chromed? they are plastic not metal though, mainly the rear light casings and the hub caps (I have the alloys not polo wheels trims) Not sure if re-chroming these is possible but it would be good to know either way! thanks Mabel

Chroming of plastic parts, known as vacuum chroming is possible but very expensive. It certainly wouldn't be cost effective against new for most items. Because of the cost new - it's worth re-chroming the stop / tail lights - but only if there's several to do - not just one or two. Gareth Jones. Figaro Owners Club Technical Specialist.

Read more threads on this post... Click here

My handbrake button has always stuck in sometimes not allowing the handbrake on, now it's stuck in permanent. I've tried spraying wd40 but it still won't work. Will I need to strip it down, is it a pain to do. Thanks Gary

Hi Gary, to get to the handbrake mechanism you will need to remove the centre console (4 bolts), cup holders first if you have them and the move the centre console either out of the way slightly to get to the handbrake or if it were me I would remove the console completely - it can be a bit of a flaf trying to get it over the gear stick but it will go. This will give you much more freedom to see what's going on with the handbrake. Hope that helps,

Read more threads on this post... Click here

Hi can anyone help? I have just received a shelf which has only one bracket [this is broken] from ebay, even though I checked with seller before I bought that all fittings were present. If I Can get hold of the original fittings how do they fit on? As there doesn't appear to be anywhere to screw them into. Also Graham I notice that you have lovely Chrome fittings for your shelf, where did you get these and how did you fix them? Thanks Clare

Hi Clare, my basket came with the brackets but not the little clips which secure the brackets to the lower part of the dashboard from behind. All I did was to position the basket in it's correct location and then mark for two holes to be drilled in each bracket. I then took that side of the lower dashboard off to drill the four holes (two for each bracket) and then got some nice chrome nuts and bolts to fix the brackets to the lower dashboard. I took the dashboard off as I didn't want to damage anything behind the dashboard when drilling.

If you can't get any original brackets then I wouldn't mind betting that there is something available at a B&Q or Homebase type store that would do just a good job. Hope that helps. Graham

Read more threads on this post... Click here
Updated Garage Listings

Garage MapFor those of you who have yet to take the plunge and purchase your Figaro we have news of our revised listings and location map. We have ditched our old database which required users to enter county locations to search for Garages in favour of a more 'Visual Map' of the UK which shows more clearly the location of each Garage.

Garages also have Postal, Phone, Email and Web Info and links.  Click here 

Don't forget to submit your pictures for the clubs 'FIGARO' 2011 Calendar

2011 Calendar Version 2 Get Snapping
We are looking for you to help us create this great Calendar so get clicking and submit pictures. Don't forget we are looking for your Figaro with a really stunning background (not parked outside your house!) Deadline for submission is 31st October 2010.

Each month the Calendar will feature a spectacular photo of a Figaro with a stunning backdrop from places around the world! The picture will be captioned with the cars name/location/photographer's name, and will have a perforation so the photos can be easily removed for framing.

Submit Your Pictures Now

Photographic Tips
We have put together a useful collection of tips to help you take that really special picture of your Figaro. Click here

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Typing on KeyboardContributeCan we remind all our members that THIS IS YOUR CLUB and everyone is welcome to contribute in any way you feel. Why not...
We appreciate all contributions large and small so don't be shy get involved! 

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