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Mug Topaz Mist

Beach Tote with Figaro Montage


Easter BunnyHappy Easter from your Club

Yippee its bank holiday time! After what's felt like the longest winter in history the clocks finally went forward last weekend and the days now seem longer. Its now time to get your Figaro out of the garage and give it some serious one-to-one love and attention.

Dad you've missed a bit!
Kevin cleaning Figaro
Last Sunday (after raiding Halfords) Daniel and I spent a couple of hours armed with dozens of dusters, car wax, chrome polish and the like, applying and polishing 'Figgy'.  She looked stunning.

In the afternoon bang on time the sun came out, we dropped the roof for some serious cruising (trying to avoid potholes!) around our little village. It was just what the doctor ordered! 

Can we just say a big "thank you"  to all our new and existing members who  donated to the club last month. As Tesco say 'Every Penny Counts' and it really does help to oil the wheels. You can make your donation by Clicking here

Welcome to our New Members
For those newbie's to the club then a big hug and welcome. We really are a friendly bunch so please feel free to contribute, we would love to hear from you Read more.

Next Month
We will be featuring FIG10 along with the usual forum updates, news and more... 

Hope you enjoy the Newsletter catch you all next month, bye for now :)


Kevin Fagan
Figaro Owners Club Founder
Web Site:

Car of the Month ~ April 2010

Not for the faint hearted this Figaro will certainly get you noticed
Tilly car of the month
Congratulations to Jennifer Rothwell and Tilly which is one crazy Figaro! The club understands that Tilly was hurt in an accident recently and is currently convalescing in 'Figaro Hospital' trying to get better for Fig10. I for one cannot wait to see her in the flesh so please Get Well Soon.

Jennifer takes up the story " This is Tilly. My first ever car. I have loved Figaro's for many a year now and had always intended on purchasing an emerald one as soon as I had passed my test. I would sit searching the internet in my spare time just looking at all of the fantastic options"

Checkout Full Story, and more Pictures Click here

Attend FIG10 and collect your FREE Members Badge!

Help promote the club and wear your badge with pride!
Figaro Owbers Club Badges
We are delighted to announce that the club will be giving out FREE Members Badges at FIG10. So when you arrive please don't forget to pop along to our stand and collect your badge!

This will also be great opportunity to meet me the team and have a good chinwag :D

Register to attend FIG10

Can you Help Gary?

We have been contacted by one of our members who is looking to locate any photos or information on the first prototype Figaro's from 1989,  Gary has only been able to find one picture so far, more of a artist impression really. He noticed a few low resolution ones on Brian's site ( Garages / 11 ) and understands quite a few of these prototype cars were made ... wonder how many ?.

Is this the original artist impression?
Figarom Prototype

The video below shows the car I'm wanting pictures of ... you will see smaller bonnet, no front wing / valance joint lines below headlights, different bumpers front and back, no spare wheel hatch, a smaller boot lid, different number plate plinth and no petrol flap on near side quarter panel. The badge we have on our Fig's is also on the back on this car. Study the toggle switches and clocks on the dash too, also slightly different to our cars, I wonder if any of these survive ? and how much one would be worth today .... 25 grand ?. Surely Nissan will have one at least in their Museum.

To see the prototype Figaro driving, see the short extract on this video I posted a short while ago below, the prototype starts at 0:52secs. If you look very closely on the video the rear lights are very slightly different ( not as deeply dished ) and it looks as though the central rear brake light we have in the rear window is boot mounted although much slimmer. I can see why the smaller bonnet and boot lid were replaced for what we have on our Figaro's, it is obvious to see access to the engine etc would have been much more restricted if left as the prototype was.

Any help would be appreciated, I'm making digital print drawings of the Figaro and would like to do myself a set of the prototype ones also.

Please post any messages on our forum thread many thanks Gary ~ Member - Post Now

Cafe Figaro - Opening Near You?

Figaro CafeWe spotted this image on Google and wondered where this is in the world? Maybe its the latest new coffee chain? If so we're  hoping it may end up replacing Starbucks!

Just imagine going for a 'Figaro Latte' in your local high street along with all those parked Figaro's...

Haynes Village 100 Event ~ June 27th 2010

Fancy a day out on Sunday 27th June with a group of other Figaro Owners? The club has been invited to attend the Classic Vehicle Event.

They are trying to show 100 years of motoring. Full details, gallery of past events, pics, event history, entry details and entry forms are to be found on the web site below.


Lets do the Nissan Figaro proud and attend "The more the merrier"

Why not post your detail on our forum to arrange who is going along with meeting places and times?  Click here

Full Details are on the Web Site

Personalised Number Plates

The club has been contacted by Speedy Reg who claim to provide Figaro themed number plates for your car. 

Figaro Number Plates

Speedy Registrations has grown from having one sales person to its present day, headed by the office manager Alanda. The Sales Staff team are, Jayne, Isobel, Marty, Craig, Jenny and Lilian in accounts plus our two Directors Des and Brigitte.

Speedy Registrations also hold the coveted industry internationally recognised Government backed quality management systems standard, ISO 9001:2000. As a result we place customer care and after sales to the forefront of our company principles.

For our creditability we are members of CNDA, MIRAD, FSB and RMI.

further information visit SpeedyReg web site Click here

Our forum has had over 90 posts regarding Personised Number plates ~ Click here

News from the Dealers
We have been contacted by our dealers this Month regarding some changes and new services.

New Figaro Parts Shop
The Figaro Shop' has changed its email address. It is now which is where this message has come from. Toby is also proud to announce 'Figaro Parts Shop' a new online shop. You can purchase parts and accessories and also book in fitting and servicing at your preferred date using the site.

Jap Cars and Parts have moved 
Brian tells us that they have just moved to a new site and are sending out flyers to all their customers, New address is: St Lawrence Road, Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE6 1AR, Tel: 0191 2659207.

If you are a dealer please let us know about any news you have. If you tell us we can then tell our members! Contact Us

TheFigaroShop Advert

Daphne's been a haunting in Northumberland ~ Member Story

Scooby StoryMember Paul Posted this on our forum on the 29th March 2010

"Was away last week ghost hunting and stone hunting in Northumberland. Once again stayed at Chillingham Castle , about the 6th time we've been there and this time we stayed in the most haunted room in the castle :o :o :o :o  had a good feeling though when i walked in and had the most relaxed stay at the castle since we first started going- ghost must have welcomed us.

Fantastic stay and walked so much finding megalith sites and sheep and our new friend the Shetland Pony"

Read all about Paul's fantastic weekend Click here

Send in your Story and Pictures Click here

Attending FIG10? Smile your on Camera!

Eddy Sounds
FIG10 have arranged for a professional photographer to take pictures of all cars entering the event. Eddie is an event photographer working alongside the events dept at the Heritage, and will also take random shots through the day, possibly overhead etc. should you want specific shots he will oblige.

Eddie will print on the day to a very high standard and will also supply to the organisers any shots they would like for the web or press, free of charge

We may choose the best shot for the Month of May in next years 2011 Calender?

Club New Clothing and Gifts Range

14 - Club Golf T-Shirt
Figaro Tee-Shirt
With FIG10 and FIGFEST2010 just around the corner. We thought it would be a great idea to create a range of branded clothing for our members to promote and show off the club! 

Clothing Range ~ Starts at 12.50 56 Sweatshirts, T-Shirts, Hoodies, Golf and Scoop Neck Shirts. Gifts Range ~ Starts at 4 Bumper Stickers, Hats, Tote, Messenger, Gym and Beach Bags. Clocks, Mugs and more...

Take a tour of our New Range Click here

News from the Forum
Ordering Spare Keys?
Mould between roof linings
Handbrake Bang?
My local Nissan dealer claims that Nissan UK doesn't hold key codes for imported cars i.e. Figaro's. There's a 4 digit code on my master key, can I get a spare cut from that? He says that there's a key code behind the door card but I'm loathed to remove it, in-case it gets damaged. Lornabear

You can order a replacement key cut from your 4-digit number from GJNORTHALL.

Need help or Got a question? Join our Forum Now
Hi, after keeping my Figaro under cover for the winter, I have found mould on the inside of the outer layer of its roof. I'd like to clean it but access is difficult without taking the roof apart. Does anyone have experience of this problem and successfully cleaned it away?
Cheers Megan

The roof skin void on most convertibles goes moldy from condensation. Originally there was a sort of plastic film on the back of the roof fabric to keep the cotton backing clean / dry - you may have noticed flakes of this in the void. Its better to get to the void via the edges with the roof partially folded back. If you wanted to expose the full surface then you'd need to unbolt the front header bar and drill out the rivets in the webbing - the roof can then be draped over the back of the car. A solution of bio washing powder will help to clean but it's difficult to get the black stains out of the cotton backing of the roof fabric. gjnorthall
Does your handbrake go bang when you release it and try to pull away. Had this yesterday (and several other occasions) and it is more than likely that your rear brake cylinders are leaking into the brake drum. The shoes stick to the drum due to the leaking fluid, when you take the handbrake off it's the shoes that bang as they release from the brake drum. bbob

A symptom of this is low brake fluid in the reservoir, constantly having to top up fluid between servicing and poor braking. Brake cylinders and shoes are fairly cheap but can be a bit awkward to change, easy if you can remember which way they came apart. You will need to replace the brake cylinder and shoes as the shoes will be impregnated with brake fluid, you will also need to clean out the brake drums with brake cleaner to get rid of all the old fluid washing around in there. You will need to bleed the brakes as there will be air in the pipes from when you removed the brake cylinders.

Brakes should not be messed around with for obvious reasons and if your not sure of what you are doing take it to a garage. bbob

Updated Garage Listings

Garage MapFor those of you who have yet to take the plunge and purchase your Figaro we have news of our revised listings and location map. We have ditched our old database which required users to enter county locations to search for Garages in favour of a more 'Visual Map' of the UK which shows more clearly the location of each Garage.

Garages also have Postal, Phone, Email and Web Info and links.  Click here 

Don't forget to take Your Pictures for the clubs 'FIGARO' 2011 Calendar

2011 Calendar Version 2 Get Snapping

We are looking for you to help us create this great Calendar so get clicking and submit pictures. Don't forget we are looking for your Figaro with a really stunning background (not parked outside your house!) Deadline for submission is 31st October 2010.

Each month the Calendar will feature a spectacular photo of a Figaro with a stunning backdrop from places around the world! The picture will be captioned with the cars name/location/photographer's name, and will have a perforation so the photos can be easily removed for framing.

Submit Your Pictures Now

Photographic Tips
We have put together a useful collection of tips to help you take that really special picture of your Figaro. Click here

We need your contributions!
Typing on KeyboardContributeCan we remind all our members that THIS IS YOUR CLUB and everyone is welcome to contribute in any way you feel. Why not...
We appreciate all contributions large and small so don't be shy get involved! 

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My son Daniel had always wanted a Figaro and after saving for years (plus a small contribution from his mum and dad!) he brought an Emerald Green one in May 2008. That was it - I was hooked too! Even now we spend many a happy weekend polishing her in the garage. We just love all that chrome...

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