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Mug Topaz Mist

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CakeWe're almost One

Yes its true, 12 Months ago on Monday (1st March 2009) we launched the Figaro Owners Club based on an extensive 500 page business plan and a number of high level strategic meetings... well okay on a wing and a prayer (and a hunch)!

Thanks to your support the club has gone from strength to strength. With over 60,000 hits on our web site, 320+ Forum Members and 2,000 Club Members in 11 countries!

Big Love and thanks to the following people
Toby @ The Figaro Shop ~ Gareth @ GJNorthall Factors ~ Patrick @ Figaro Car Sales ~ Marc @ Figaro Club ~ Dan @ Figaro Imports ~ Dave @ Figaro Restore ~ Brian @ Jap Cars ~ Bob @ Nissan Figaro ~ Faisal @ Nissan Figaro World ~ Hamid @ Wimbledon Cars ~ Darren @ Classic Insurance ~ Nathan @ Blue Print ~ David @ Fig10 ~ Paul & Richard @ FigFest ~ Glen @ Halifax Figaros ~ Nick @ Rustmaster ~ Baz @ Figaro Car Imports ~ Andy Powell for his fantastic merchandise designs and lastly Caz, Paul and Gary for helping out on the forum and anyone else who we may have forgotten!

This newsletter is packed with useful stuff so go and make yourself a cup of tea, sit down and enjoy :)

For those newbie's to the club then a big hug and welcome. We really are a friendly bunch so please feel free to contribute, we would love to hear from you Read more.

Catch you all next Month, bye for now.

Kevin Fagan
Figaro Owners Club Founder

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Your Car Featured in the clubs 'FIGARO' 2011 Calendar

2011 Calendar Version 2 The club is delighted to announce our plans to Design and Print our very first 'Round-the-World' FIGARO Calendar!

Each month the Calendar will feature a spectacular photo of a Figaro with a stunning backdrop from places around the world!

The picture will be captioned with the cars name/location/photographer's name, and will have a perforation so the photos can be easily removed for framing.

Get Snapping

We are looking for you to help us create this great Calendar so get clicking and submit pictures. Don't forget we are looking for your Figaro with a really stunning background (not parked outside your house!) Deadline for submission is 31st October 2010.

 Example of Picture Submitted for Sept 2011    

Submit my Car for FIGARO 2011 Calendar
Click here

CameraPhotographic Tips
We have put together a useful collection of tips to help you take that really special picture of your Figaro. Click here

Car of the Month ~ March 2010

Carol HerbottleThis month we have a tear jerkier of a story from Carol Harbottle and her 'Little Fig'. I love the fact that when she went to buy the car the owner burst into tears. It just shows these little cars offer so much more than A-B transport!

Carol takes up the story "I am not normally bothered about what I drive but I do like something a little different. I have had a new mini and an MX5 and after that a polo. Needing a vehicle we looked around but nothing took my fancy..until my husband said what about a Figaro.

We saw one, drove one and I fell in love with them. After a long search and numerous 'expensive duds' we found a Topaz Mist one, the colour I preferred. I saw it, I drove it and I wanted it. The lady we bought it off" ...

Checkout Full Story, and more Pictures (Submit your Comments) Click here

 Destination Figaro Dealer ~ Revised Garage Listings

Garage MapFor those of you who have yet to take the plunge and purchase your Figaro we have news of our revised listings and location map. We have ditched our old database which required users to enter county locations to search for Garages in favour of a more 'Visual Map' of the UK which shows more clearly the location of each Garage.

Garages also have Postal, Phone, Email and Web Info and links.  Click here 

 Celebrate your Figaro's Birthday ~ Fig10 Competition

Ever wondered when your Figaro came into the world? The club has been contacted by the organisers of Fig10 who are running a competition to find the oldest and youngest Figaro and perhaps find a Figaro with a birthday on the Day!

Car Manufacture

Original Photo of Nissan Figaro in Production

Following Fig10 David & Laura will be expanding the Figaro Register on the site to include the Date Built info as well - with permission from owners of course. (Data Protection observed)

The Register are hoping this will throw up all sorts of interesting information (well for Fig owners). e.g find another Fig with the same birthday - is it the same colour? Apparently although only 20,000 were built the Production Number could go up to 20,200 as there were a number of pre-launch vehicles.

Also you could have a later numbered car with a earlier build date due to the fact that it was not an automated production line assembly or the car may have gone back for re-work. So they do not necessarily run in order.

The Production Number is the last 5 numbers of the Chassis Number which can be found on your V5, MOT Certificate, or on a plate under the bonnet on the bulkhead.. For example FK10-002543 is Production Number 02543 built 18th March 1991.

Due to the research involved this service is at first only available to owners attending Fig10 on 16th May. To attend Fig10 please first Register Here

Thanks to The Figaro Register and GJNORTHALL for providing this free service.

 FigFest Update  ~ 17th / 18th July 2010

FigFest Vertical Organiser Paul comments: First of all thanks to all the people who came last year and made it such a fantastic record breaking  weekend and thanks for all the fantastic comments about the whole event and all the donated raffle prizes (thought we was going to be there all day giving them away!).
Richard and I are busy at the FigFest HQ organising another record breaking figtastic event for you all.

Let the Festival begin
This years event will have the usual Friday night BBQ, chat and music. Saturday will be the official opening and we will be celebrating the Figaro Owners Clubs 1st birthday, along with popmaster and general knowledge quizzes , buskers, scooters and campervans and in the evening it's fancy dress party time this year to be held in our marquee with band and our fantastic DJ Fancy - who did last years DJ'ing . Sunday will see yet another record breaking figaro convoy, if you missed last years you can see part of it here...

throughout the rest of the weekend there will also be raffles,prizes,stocks,  boats, t shirts, posters and stalls and lots of laughs. look forward to seeing you all there for the biggest figaro festival weekend of the year. cheers. Paul.

It all Sounds fantastic Register Me Now

Trade Suppliers Weekend Pitch £25
FigFest will have a limited number of Piches for Trade Locations and welcome Suppliers and Garages to partisipate in the Festival.
Book your trade stand now

 On-line Figaro Help just a Click Away ~ PROMOTIONAL FEATURE

PDFCurrent and Future Owners may not be aware of a great web site run by Gareth of Gjnorthall Factors. The site features a comprehensive library of FIGARO OWNER INFORMATION.

You can download up to 20 PDF's covering just about every issue to do with the Nissan Figaro!

Common Problems PDF Part 1 ~ Car won't start in Park ~ Reverse won't engage ~ Gearstick won't move from Park ~ Can't withdraw ignition key ~ Can't lock / unlock door ~ Catalytic converter warning light remains illuminated.

Common Problems PDF Part 2~ Dashboard top has cracked ~ The interior panels are sticky ~  There's brown marks on the carpet ~ There's stains on the leather seats ~ Window doesn't work properly ~ My speedometer has stopped working ~ I've lost / broken my key ~ My tonneau cover has shrunk.

Common Problems PDF Part 3 ~ My Figaro won't idle properly when cold ~ Engine shakes / steering wheel vibrates when stationary ~ Engine speed drops when switching on lights etc ~ Idle speed goes up and down ~ Faults with automatic gearbox (including procedure for checking gearbox fluid level)

Common Problems PDF Part 4~ I can't seem to find new tyres for my Figaro ~ How do I change the oil and filter on my Figaro? ~ I can't remove the end spark plug! ~ I've got a water leak ~  the carpets are wet! ~ The rear window demister doesn't work


Important Information for the New Figaro Owner PDF
Some Useful Things to Know about Your Figaro PDF
Figaro Colours PDF Light Bulbs PDF
Servicing the Nissan Figaro PDF
Service Checklist PDF
Lubricants and Fluids PDF
Service Specifications PDF
Winterisation PDF
Battery and Alternator Problems PDF
Fault Codes PDF
Starting Issues PDF
Fuel Consumptions PDF
Nissan Figaro Turbo Problems PDF
Insuring your Nissan Figaro PDF
Servicing and Maintenance Labour Costs PDF

About GJNorthall
We are a long established garage and new parts provider specialising in Japanese Imports. We have been caring for Figaro's for over 10 years so have developed a large knowledge base of these cars - we really do know every nut and bolt on these cars! We also have an enviable reputation and are always happy to give help and advice to Figaro owners and other Figaro dealers. We don't sell cars so we can therefore focus our attention on service and maintenance aspects. The Owners Information Section of our website covers many of the issues we've come across in dealing with Figaro's and the Problems and Issues subsection cover questions that are often raised by owners. It is our intention to add to the Owners Information Section on an ongoing basis and we'd like to hear from members of The Figaro Owners Club which topics they'd like us to cover in future. We probably have the largest stock of new Figaro parts in the UK - all competitively priced and including many parts now obsolete from Nissan. We also have a good selection of Figaro accessories. Very importantly - we back up everything with, instructions, technical information and advice. Over 10 years, or so, we have developed a large knowledge base of these cars ~ we really do know every nut and bolt!

News from the Forum ~ babies, Turbos & Cambelts!
babies v's figaros!
Turbo Question?

My wife is expecting out first child and i was wondering how the fig's cope with car seats etc,

You You can absolutley have a figaro with babies! I have an 8 month old and a 5 year old and have had my fig for 2 years. Stage one car seats fit well in the front seat which is probably the best place for them anyway in a 2 door car. I have a maxi cosi car seat and a quinny zapp buggy which fits into the top boot. The zapp can be used from birth with a maxi cosi car seat. Once the baby gets to 6 months you can use a mcclaren volo which fits into the lower boot and then you can still have the top down. My little one is fine with the top down.
I haven't yet tried my stage 2 car seat in the back but if it won't fit I will carry on using the front. The only down sides are for long journeys there is not much luggage space but we also have a volvo estate so that is not an issue. All 4 of us can fit in the car even with the baby in the front although it is a bit of a squash.
need to loosen the 14mm bolt on the front of the wheel for it to move up and down. Rachel

Need help or Got a question? Join our Forum Now

I am building up information for when I get my Fig. I have noticed that one has to keep the engine running for a couple of minutes to let the turbo cool off when stopping.How does one do this if filling up with petrol after a long hard run?the filling station would be rather annoyed if you kept the engine running whilst filling [its illegal] and other drivers would get annoyed if they had to wait.Would it do any damage to the turbo by ignoring the cooling off period.
Sorry if this is a silly question-just put it down to old age if it is. Mind you I think I asked stupid questions when I was younger nothing has changed.

the turbo should be run for a short while after a long run but only up to 1 min so should not be any probs really at a service station but it wont be a disaster if it isnt left to idle once in a while. It needs to be done to allow the turbo to cool down.

I've just been told by my garage that my Figaro won't start because the cambelt has broken - it was fine when i drove it a few days ago. Does anyone know what might normally happen when the cambelt goes? Or how much it might cost to fix? I'm hoping I haven't done any damage to the engine as I haven't actually driven it anywhere... It also seems strange as I only bought it last year and it had a full service. I've got an RAC warranty, but I've heard they're not worth much - does anyone have experience of trying to claim from them? Vicky

You'd be very lucky to avoid any damage. The Figaro has what's known as an interference engine - when the belt snaps - the pistons can strike the valves! Replacing a couple of bent valves would cost a few £100's - it's not a cheap repair. Usual procedure would be to refit a belt first (together with anything that caused the failure - water pump or tensioner usually). A compression test would then be carried out to ascertain if theres been any valve damage. Important to do this before leaping in and removing the cylinder head.

The RAC warranty is decent and should cover the consequences of belt failure. However the warranty co will inevitably ask for evidence of the last belt change - usually a garage invoice will be accepted as proof. Belt failure is a common and expensive warranty claim and warranty companies will usually reject claims where the belt change history isn't available. gjnorthall

 Figaro Spares at your fingertips - PROMOTIONAL FEATURE
Figaro Spares

Looking for a replacement ashtray or rear light? Figaro Spares can help. They stock a wide range of Figaro Replacement Parts for the Nissan Figaro. Visit the web site now

About Figaro Spares

We have been selling Nissan Figaro Cars and Parts for the last 5 years, and supplied parts to many Figaro Traders. We sell parts on Ebay as well. My username is : figaro-spares. We can supply brand new, genuine Nissan Figaro parts as well as second hand good condition parts. If there is something you require which is not listed on the website.

We need your contributions!
Typing on KeyboardContributeCan we remind all our members that THIS IS YOUR CLUB and everyone is welcome to contribute in any way you feel. Why not...
We appreciate all contributions large and small so don't be shy get involved! 

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My son Daniel had always wanted a Figaro and after saving for years (plus a small contribution from his mum and dad!) he brought an Emerald Green one in May 2008. That was it - I was hooked too! Even now we spend many a happy weekend polishing her in the garage. We just love all that chrome...

Kevin & Daniel Fagan (Figaro Owners Club Founders)
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