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And the Winner is...

Congratulations to Graham Foulston and his stunning 'Ting Tong' for winning our prestigious Figaro Owners Club 'Car of the Year 2009'.

Certificate Car of Month V3Since 'Ting Tong' appeared in our September Car of the Month competition it has stirred up everyone's imagination and captivated us all with its superb finish and extensive accessories brochure.

For those of you following our Forum you're be aware that Graham was planning on selling the car before Christmas but has now delayed it. Great News! Chances are someone will end up owning this very special Figaro. We at the club just pray that whoever that is, they are aware that owning 'Ting Tong' will be a huge on-going responsibility!

Well done to everyone who entered the competition and commiserations to Leanne Peel and 'Dorris' who came in 2nd!

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Rustmaster Save Our Members £100
The club was contacted by Director Nick Velody of Rustmaster regarding offering our members a unique deal. If you are one of those many Figaro drivers that use their car come rain and shine we would highly recommend exploring this great offer. See more below.

For those newbie's to the club then a big hug and welcome. We really are a friendly bunch so please feel free to contribute, we would love to hear from you Read more.

Catch you all next Month, bye for now.

Kevin Fagan
Figaro Owners Club Founder

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Winner of Figaro Owners Club Car of the Year 2009

Graham and Ting TongA worthy winner. Graham with his superb 'Ting Tong'.

The car is a technology revelation and along with its accessories list delivers quality in buckets!  

Commenting on his win Graham said. "Obviously very, very pleased, it really does mean a lot to me. I'm looking forward to going to a few meets this year and to know that TingTong has been voted 'Figaro Owners Club Car of the Year 2009' will make me feel so proud.

Also a very BIG "Thank You" to all the people who took the time and effort to vote, not just for me but for everyone else in the competition too. I'm very happy and this has made all the hard work along with scraped knuckles and the occasional swearword so worthwhile"

See more pictures of Ting Tong and comment Click here
See extensive accessories list Click here

Club Expands Web Presence into 27 Countries

European GlobeThe club has recently registered the new European IDN ensuring our presence within 27 Member States and over 500 Million possible uses! In the last few months we have attracted more members fro Europe and we hope this investment will assist us in increasing overseas membership.

The new IDN was launched on 10th December 2009 and is particularly supports 23 official languages.

Preserve your Figaro (and investment)

Rustmaster LogoWe are delighted to announce a cracking deal for all our members. We have been talking with Rustmaster who are specialists in vehicle rust protection and have depots all over the UK.  

Rustmaster usual charge £390+VAT for a Figaro but we have negotiated a massive which means members price is just £100 discount£290+VAT!

Rustmaster 2Rustmaster are the only specialist rustproofing company in the UK using Waxoyl Professional Products

These industrial standard products are designed for trade application only and are proven the world over from oil rigs to armed forces.

Why Waxoyl?
Uniquely Waxoyl Professional 120-4 has UV impregnation which allows us to check coverage in tricky areas using UV lighting. There are specific formulations for cavity and underbody protection respectively of which Rustmaster Ltd are sole UK users.

Rustmaster 1How do I book my Figaro in?
Please make your booking either by phone 01707 274819 and pay your £100 deposit by debit / credit card or cheque, or save time and effort and book your bay and pay the deposit online using our secure payment technology.

You will need to provide them with your Membership Discount Code which is FIC20406 to ensure you receive your discount!

On the day, simply drop off your Figaro and you can either watch treatment or we'll help you go shopping or visit a local attraction. On your return, thanks to our UV technology you'll be able to see how and where the Waxoyl Professional wax was applied and be provided with  vehicle specific evidence that you've invested in a Rustmaster treatment.  Click here

A Short Story

"I bought my Figaro in October without even looking under the bonnet. (Having sold my super duper Peugeot convertible....was told we didn't need two cars !!)....... I just couldn't be without wheels. I did a test drive fell in love and wouldn't have my Peugeot back if they gave it to me.I drove it for one month loving every minute & then went on holiday for a month. My little car was left outside all on it's own in all that snow..........I went to start it . Wow Started first time. I love it even more.....she's my car of the year".

Many thanks to member Val sturgeon Submit your story

My Poor Little Fig

Fire Engine"I was lucky enough to get a Figaro for my birthday my children love the excitement of roof off days and I really enjoying being looked at and asked what is that make of car? Unfortunately three days before Christmas our beautiful barn conversion home had a chimney fire which took six fire crews to extinguish when the first fire engine arrived they shouted move that car NOW. It was thick snow and a neighbour and I tried starting the fig it had not been moved for five days and started first time, but with no visibility, fire men pressure we hit the children's sand pit and the fig cut out and would not re start.

Once the madness of being homeless with three children three days before Christmas had settled down my husband and I dared to look at the fig with a simple tap the dint on the left side popped out instantly just leaving a patch of paint missing. My beautiful topaz mist is now spending the winter in the garage recovering the trauma .Roll on the summer when we can move back home after the repairs and figs can show off again in the glorious sunshine. Looking forward to meeting some other fig owners this summer at the events we have the dates on our calendar."


Many thanks to member Allison Smith Submit your story

Car of the Month ~ February 2009

Car of the Month Feb 10Congratulations to Gordon Bishton and his very nice Lapis Grey example. Gordon tells us that she is only used on dry days.The pictures were taken on a trip to Southport Merseyside,it was a good day out and very hot. She is very genuine in its Lapis grey paint not a respray. He has fitted a few new chrome parts that had tarnished other than that Gordon just keep her serviced and well polished!

Checkout Pictures and Submit your Comments Click here

Best Winter Scene Competition

Best Winter Car CompAfter all that crazy snow fall in January and for a bit of fun we thought it would be a great idea to ask everyone to send in a picture of the snow and their Fig.

After careful consideration we choose this as the best picture submitted by fistralfig - We are also keen to know how you get your car out as it looks a tight squeeze!  See more pictures Click here

News from the Forum
changing belts / idler pulley Passenger door problems
Fog Lights

I wanted to change the alternator belt today. To remove the old belt, I have to remove the air conditioner belt as well. The adjustment bolt for this belt is located below the car (below the idler pulley). I can unscrew the adjustment bolt, so that it comes down, but the idler pulley doesn't seem to move. Isn't the pulley supposed to go up, when I turn the bolt? I don't want to use force on the pulley when I'm not sure, what part is supposed to move.

You need to loosen the 14mm bolt on the front of the wheel for it to move up and down. bbob

Join the Forum Now

My passenger door is not opening, the handle is just empty on squeezing. I wondered if anyone can tell me how to safely remove the panel so we can fix the rods ( I believe this does happen ). Do you need special tools. I don't want to wreck the door! Any advice gratefully received! alexcrylex

WD40 is not a good idea as it can gunge up the mechanisms. I think graphite is the right stuff to use. If you're having long term problems then it's worth taking the whole thing apart as usually it means the rods have got bent out of shape and need replacing. mrsevens101
Please help, how do i turn my fog lights off. julesd3511

The fog lights are added to figs after import as they are a legal requirement in the UK but were never originally fitted. This means that every fig is slightly different. If you look round the dash there should be a lit switch (as this is what is required). It can be in line with the other switches, under the dash where your knees are or in between the door and the dash. But if you haven't turned the fog light on then I would wonder if it is in fact your brake lights playing up instead. The fog light is generally fitted under the bumper or within one of the reversing lights. Is this what is lit up on yours? mrsevans101
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Typing on KeyboardContributeCan we remind all our members that THIS IS YOUR CLUB and everyone is welcome to contribute in any way you feel. Why not...
We appreciate all contributions large and small so don't be shy get involved! 
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My son Daniel had always wanted a Figaro and after saving for years (plus a small contribution from his mum and dad!) he brought an Emerald Green one in May 2008. That was it - I was hooked too! Even now we spend many a happy weekend polishing her in the garage. We just love all that chrome...

Kevin & Daniel Fagan (Figaro Owners Club Founders)
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