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December 2009 Christmas Hamper Newsletter                                                                              Figaro Owners Club
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Welcome to our Figaro Christmas Hamper!

Hi  ,

With the big event just around the corner we're delighted to announce the launch of a brand new sister web site!

The Figaro Store is a direct result of requests from members for the club to offer a professional on-line store where you can buy Figaro Merchandise and includes over 350 items such as T-shirts, Clocks, Mouse Mats, Bags, Sweat Shirts and so much more, all available for delivery before Christmas. Many thanks to Andy Powell for all his wonderful artwork!

Car of the Month goes to Carolyn and her car 'Freddi' which is such a lovely colour its worth a visit to the web site to see more. 

Can I just say a huge thanks to all our advertisers and members who have made donations. Please have a safe, and healthy Christmas and New Year and we will catch you next month :)

PS - Cannot wait for 2010 and meeting all our great members again!!

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Freddi Car of the MonthCar of the Month

Congratulations to Carolyn and her lovely lilac Figaro.
I first saw a pink fig a couple of years ago and, like the rest of us, desperately researched all I could about the car and its history, never really thought I would have one though until earlier this year my husband gave me a surprise wedding anniversary gift of...a picture of a fig!!- no that's not it, said he! lets import one for you - how fabby I thought!

Read more, make comments and see pictures 
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And communicate with over 10,000 people

Between 1st March - 1st April 2009 our web site got over 10,000 hits. Also with our growing membership there's never been a better time to get on-board and support the group!


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