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Welcome to our September 2009 Newsletter

Hi  ,

Got an ownership query or technical question - Why not join our Forum?
For those of you who have not yet visited our growing forum we are delighted to report it is packed with some really useful information. When we created the sister site we spent a lot of time on the 'navigation' as we felt it was important to allow members to view or log on and post messages across a whole range of subject matter.

Log on and Join Now

We're delighted to announce the forum has almost 400 posts and 150 topics of content from Chit Chat, Ownership Question, Servicing and Technical Issues, Garage and Mechanics Feedback, Insurance, Figaro's for Sale, Parts for Sale, Wanted Items, Hire, Suppliers to Events. Can we mention at this point a huge thanks to those members who have the most incredible knowledge of Figaro's and go out of there way to answer the technical questions posted. A big thanks from Us!!

We want your Figaro stories!
Can I remind all our members that we're always looking for good ownership stories from our members. Have you been on holiday in your Fig? Do you have any technical or ownership tips? Maybe you've brought a car from a Garage and had great service? Please tell us so we can tell everyone else. Email Stories Now

That's all for now folks, catch you next month:)

Kevin Fagan - Email:

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Members to enjoy 15% savings on Insurance as Club launch 'Figaro Insurance Services' 

We're delighted to announce that on the 1st October 2009 our club will launching an Insurance Service specifically for Figs! The service will be available to members only and provided through Classicline Insurance who specialise in classic cars such as the Nissan Figaro.

Benefits will include access to an all singing all dancing online quote engine in addition to 15% discount. We will contact all our members when the service is available with links to the on-line quoting system.

 Car of the Month - August

Ting TongCongratulations to Graham Foulston and 'Ting Tong'. Graham brought his Figaro in September 2008 and according to him a year on its still very much 'work in progress'. The car has some very unique parts such as the rare boot rack which according to Graham is 'extremely rare'.

The exterior looks stunning but it's the interior that requires closer inspection. Everywhere you look there is superb detailing and the car it's packed with 'James Bond' gadgets such as an upgraded Clarion CD, gear shift, integrated iPhone and MP3 player with over 2000 tracks! Watch out for Ting Tong in the next 007 movie when Graham will be installing a hidden ejector seat button and machine gun!

Read more, make comments and see pictures
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The new hobby of 'Global' Figaro Spotting!

Whistler FigaroThanks to member Heather Denny sent us this picture of a Fig whilst holidaying in the Ski resort of Whistler British Columbia. She was amazed to see one so far away from home! We know that they do have a cult following in Canada and have a couple of links on our web site from Canada.

If you have not seen them Watch Now. In fact Heathers picture got us thinking... what about other countries? Next time you're on your holiday and happen to see a Fig then get snapping and send us the details, it would be great to see one parked in say Venice!

FORUM - Ask a Question/Chat to owners?  
Every month we look at what's on our members minds!

Radio [CHIT CHAT - 136 POSTS]

Hi , my betty's CD has started to go dodgy on me, it will not take the CD in however it will eject it out? it has a refurbished sticker on the unit for 1998, any idea's to get it going? kind regards mandy.

I know it's sacrilige but I have a dog who needs to go in the car and so need to protect the back seat, I have a universal waterproof cover but it's a terrible fit and doesn't stay on. Does anyone make a cover just for the Figaro? I don't want Frank to get damaged. Oh yeah- he's got a name at last, Frank the Figaro.

It worked fine the first time I tried it but now it's gone up and won't go down again! Have WD40 'd it with no joy but I don't know if it's an electrical problem? Thanks for any help

Can anyone tell me if I can get a cup holder for my figgie?

Join in the chat NOW!  -
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How Many Figaro's in the UK - Update

You will remember last month when we reported on the clubs application to the DVLA to try once and for all to nail this million dollar question! Well we have had some interesting feedback. Members Gareth (GJNORTHALL) and Brian (JAP CARS & PARTS) contacted us and said that if we ask the question - how many Nissan Figaro's are there - we will get a very small number from the DVLA records.

The reason is that most V5 documents don't have the name Figaro on them! The right question to ask is - how many Nissan's are there registered with a VIN number starting FK10. We have revised our request and await a response. Watch this space...

Member publishes story in Gloucester Citizen & Cheltenham Echo

Paul NicholsonThanks to Member Paul and Lydia for sending in their interesting story about how they researched then brought their Figaro.

We especially like the comment from the Bentley driver on there way home! Read more

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Between 1st March - 1st April 2009 our web site got over 10,000 hits. Also with our growing membership there's never been a better time to get on-board and support the group!

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