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It's the 'People' that make Figaro ownership such a wonderful experience!

its the peopleLast weekend it finally hit me as to why we love owning our Figaro so much. Up until then it was all about the car, the unique shape, the admiring glances and the conversation it starts up every time you park it. But at Fig09 it struck me that it's also about the people who also own this great car. We are the 'new kids in town' and they all were so friendly and complementary about our web site.  We are so grateful to be part of this new big family. The convoy down to the coast on Sunday will live with us for many years, it really was unbelievable. Read more
I took this picture which sums up the story above >>>

Massive thanks to the people behind Fig09
Paul & Richard, Graham, Lou Lou, the scooter boys who did such a great job closing off those roundabouts, everyone who donated to the raffles, David, Yarmouth Police, Glam 69 and the DJ, Mrs Evens, CLS Offshore, Roxy Lovewell, and finally Paul and Sue.

Ownership Help
We bring to you this month some information about changing your disc brakes. The job is not that hard and can save you a few bob! Read more

Forum Update
Our forum is growing nicely with almost 100 members now. Its a great place to post questions and answer both technical and ownership issues. Read more

Tell us what you think?
On our 'Car of the Month' we have added a comment box. Please supply your thoughts good or bad. Read more

Roof down, Warm days and clear roads :) Kevin and Daniel

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carofthemonthCar of the Month
One of our members Cars our featured in all its glory

car of the month julyCongratulations to Madeline & 'Dirty Den' Wilson for Baby Girl & Baby Girl Too (Trailer).

We saw this fantastic (and very practical fig) at Fig09 and snapped away with our camera. It comes with matching pink umbrella which as Den told me he puts up next to the car so he can find it again!

See more pictures/post a comment on what you think -
Click here
Fig09Fig09 June 20th - 21st Figaro Weekend
We report on the Figaro Event of the year

Fig09 ReviewHaving driven from High Wycombe (3 1/2 hours) our little Fig was in need of a rest when we reached the venue on mid-day Saturday. A warm welcome from Richard and orange wristband was followed by handing over 40 for two cars and two tents. This is fantastic value for money when you stop to consider it includes all the facilities and evenings entertainment.

The afternoon was wet and with the weather against us we pitched out two tents in a superb idyllic location next to a 9 hole golf course. Next time I will bring my clubs! The afternoon was spent dodging rain showers whilst we explored the lovely surroundings.
The evening disco and hog roast was a real hit with drink and great music flowing into the early hours. My Son Daniel and his friend Becky made quite an impression on the dance floor! The next day we were all nursing hangovers as we prepared for the convoy.    
As we drove into the field we were faced with a fantastic site of around 50 Figaro's in a large circle around the field. We took our place and chatted to other owners as more and more tuned up at the gate. Around 9.50am the call went out to get into your cars and get your engines running. As the cars made there way down the lane towards the main road the site of 85 Figaro's was awesome.
The convoy drove towards Great Yarmouth horns honking and drivers waving at everyone. The scooter boys did a great job blocking roundabouts to ensure the convoy was not broken. A short stop was followed by the trip down to the seaside and more honking. The convoy then became a bit broken as some cars went back and others parked.
The trip back to the field was lead by the scooter boys. Bang on cue the sun came out as we drove into the filed and lined up. We handed out our Figaro Owners Leaflets to spread the word and talked to loads of owners as we exchanged stories.
At 4pm we walked back to the hall for prizes giving. Congratulations to the following owners of the cars.
Best Car of show - FIG 4454 (Nick & Alison) Click here
Best Figaro Emerald- FIG6164
Best Figaro Topaz- H343 FHG
Best Figaro Lapis- J938 PBT
Best Figaro Aqua - FIG 8120
Best Figaro Custom - ARA 273A
Best Cube - AU53 OKW
Best Pike Series /Other - S - Cargo

As we packed up our two tents we reflected on a wonderful weekend where we made so many friends. Thanks again Richard & Paul.

>>>> View Picture Gallery
>>>> Video Clips Cruise 1&2

Send your comment to Paul > Click here

Did we get the world record for the most Figaro's?
Paul is telling us that he has sent in the pictures and completed the application forms. It takes 6 weeks to process so watch this space!

FigFEST 2010 - 17th - 18th July 2010
Next year the event will be known as Figfest 2010. Because of all the positive feedback about Fritton Lake Paul and Richard have now booked it for next year. They have changed the dates, so as to not interfere with Fathers day and Glastonbury.It will be held on the 17th and 18th of July 2010.
Forum2On the Forum
Every month we look at what's on our owners minds!

skipdale writes
: Has anyone had their figi resprayed? how much am i looking to pay? Either in a flat colour or metallic, i am just looking for a ball park figure.

lucinda writes: Is it easy to get an immobiliser fitted to a Figaro? Does it effect the value at all?

jonneyclash writes: hi guys my wife is expecting out first child and i was wondering how the fig's cope with car seats etc,

tink writes:
Iv just purchased my Figaro after a lot of looking , sadly she is in need of a new roof . I have been to Wimbledon to a Figaro specialist, who has quoted me 250 fitted which seems fair . Has anybody any other Places they know I live in Hitchin Herts

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OwnershipHelpDisc BrackesOwnership Help
This Month we look at how to change your Disc Brakes

If your brakes are feeling a bit spongy or have just lost that bite then it may be worth checking to see the state of your disc pads.

It's not a huge job and can be done if you are reasonably practical.   Read more
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Repairs & Service
We can do anything you need on your Figaro from servicing and engine rebuilds to fitting a mile per hour speedometer face.

Parts & Warranty
We supply all available parts on the market for the Nissan Figaro, at very competitive prices. Parts can be supplied new or second hand.

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Between 1st March - 1st April 2009 our web site got over 10,000 hits. Also with our growing membership there's never been a better time to get on-board and support the group!

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