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Come and meet us at FIG09 - June 20th / 21st 2009

Figaro Owners Club Car 2Hi and Welcome to the June 09 edition of our Monthly Newsletter

In just 3 weeks time FIG09 kicks off. This is going to be a fantastic weekend so if you've not registered yet then do so today! We will be using the event to officially launch The Figaro Owners Club so please pop along for a chat.

This month we feature help on gear/starting problems which we had on our own car. It ended up being such a simple problem to fix so a huge thanks to Toby at the Figaro Shop for his help and advice.

We also bring to you a very unusual Figaro as car of the month for June. We think it's a more than a different take on the car but make your own mind up!

Looking forward to meeting you at FIG09, and as we said don't forget to say hello...

... Warm days and clear roads :) Kevin & Daniel

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Tea TowelFEATURE - Washing up is now fun 
Fun Figaro Tea Towel from Figgy Pudding

Looking for the ideal birthday gift then what about a 100% cotton tea towel, designed and made in the UK with a unique Figaro design? Emerald and aqua options available at 10 inc p&p to UK and Europe; contact:
EVENT - FIG 09 Update
Provisional Timetable for FIG09 Somerlayton Hall
June 20th - 21st 2009

Fig 08FRIDAY 19th June
The site will be unofficially open and we will be doing something in the evening for all those arriving early to the site. We're hoping to have a barbecue and maybe even a sing-song... Watch this space!

SATURDAY 20th June
10.00 am - the event officially opens. This is a good time to pitch your tent ready for the overnight stay and to meet fellow Pike owners. Evening entertainment includes a buffet food table, a superb glam rock band and DJ for you to groove the night away.  Saturday is also time to dress up as it's a bad taste fancy dress.

SUNDAY 21st June
After breakfast there will be a run to the sun - a massive convoy of all the Pike series cars driving to the coast, much like similar events at VW meets. This will be probably the largest Figaro/Pike series convoy yet to invade the shores of Great Yarmouth so we're hoping to get in to the Guinness Book of Records!

The day is expected to end between 4pm after the raffle, thanks to all and tearfull goodbyes to your new figgy friends. There will be entertainment on the Sunday night for those wishing to enjoy the beautiful Norfolk scenery just a little longer.

MONDAY 22nd June
A final goodbye for those who stayed an extra night then the long drive home. Once you get home don't forget to put up your photos on our Web Site.

Chat ON THE FORUM - Ask a Question?  
Every month we look at what's on our owners minds!

Italic writing

"I hope someone can help. I have noticed on a few Figs on the gallery that some have Figaro written on the back and from of the car in Italic writing, my Figaro does not have this. I would love this on my car so i was hoping that someone can tell me where and how they got this done?" poppymier

Driver Door Window Motor
"My electric window has stopped working and I think it's the motor that needs replacing - does anyone know if they can be replaced with micra motors or do I need to get one specifically for a Figaro?" Jo

Trim door handles
"Where can I purchase the body work trim for my Fig for Xmas (when its off the road) its getting a respray (original grey colour), the trim is looking a bit old & I would like to renew it including the door handles. The respray guy has asked if I can source these." etty

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Transmission ProblemsTECHNICAL HELP - Gear/Starting Issues Our Members provide some useful tips

Do you have problems starting your car after leaving it in the park position or do you need to rock it a few times to start it?

If so then it may be that you need to replace (or fit if missing) the small plastic insulator bush which connects the gear selector to the gear box underneath the car. It's a fairly simple job but does require some patience as you will be working in a confined space! Thanks to Toby from The Figaro Shop  Read more
Car of thye Month June 2009 CAR OF THE MONTH - Pimp my Fig!  Car of the Month for June 2009

Member Marc Harkins sent us these pictures of this car which was recently sold on Ebay for 8,200. You can post your comment on what you think?
See more pictures and post a comment - Click here
Advertising Feature  Thanks to The Figaro Shop for Supporting our June 09 Edition
The Figaro ShopThe Figaro Shop
High grade Nissan Figaros lovingly refurbished to the highest standard

We have a constant supply of Nissan Figaros available with prices from 6995. Our Figaros are in various stages of restoration and can be finalised to your own specification and budget.

Comprehensive 50 step programme.

Repairs & Service
We can do anything you need on your Figaro from servicing and engine rebuilds to fitting a mile per hour speedometer face.

Parts & Warranty
We supply all available parts on the market for the Nissan Figaro, at very competitive prices. Parts can be supplied new or second hand.

Visit Our Web Site Click Here

AdvertisePromote your Garage - Advertise from 5 Month
And communicate with over 10,000 people

Between 1st March - 1st April 2009 our web site got over 10,000 hits. Also with our growing membership there's never been a better time to get on-board and support the group!

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