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us to find out how. 

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  Other Creations is  a  team of creative
 professionals whose mission is to fully understand your vision and goals, and bring to the table innovative solutions and fresh ideas, in order to define and implement projects to completion.  It is our priority to build successful, long
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Using Social Media to Build Your Business  


       Your time is very valuable; wasting it is not wise. Many folks are avoiding social media because they consider it a major time waster. It can be that; or, used properly, it can be a powerful tool to grow your business. Here is a brief rundown on how the most popular outlets can help you succeed. 
Facebook:  Facebook is the King of Social Media Sites. They are very close to having a Billion subscribers. Many of those users could be your new customers. You can attract people to your website from Facebook, or back again.  
       New features on Facebook allow you to create customized pages that promote you or your products. It is easy to add valuable content that will engage your clients, encourage them to refer you to their friends, or reinforce your relationships. 
Twitter:  You can tweet for yourself or for your company. A tweet is a posting of up to 140 characters that is intended to be informative or offer special value to your customers. By following associates within your industry you can stay ahead of events, trends, and news that help you better serve your clients. 
       There are tools available like hash tags (#) and replies (@) that enable you to have ongoing, virtual conversations. The one caveat to using Twitter is to remember that you are limited to 140 characters. Use a URL shortening service, like so you don't waste valuable real estate. 
LinkedIn:  LinkedIn is the premier business professional's networking site. It is considered the place to go to find a job or an employee, industry specific information, groups of like-minded professionals, share information about your company or products. LinkedIn is a good place to ask questions or follow discussions that are beneficial to your business. 
YouTube: Fortunes and futures have happened on YouTube. It is easy to waste a lot of valuable time on YouTube because it is the home of all levels of entertainment. However, it is also a fantastic search engine: online videos are a great way to market your products and your company. 
       Once you have created a custom YouTube channel and uploaded your videos, you can create a tab on your Facebook page, post the link on your LinkedIn profile, and tweet the link to your followers. Exchanging information between platforms and citing your efforts in your email marketing creates your own private "web" of information and services that will help you build your business and succeed. 
Shayna's Success Stories
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      Shayna's author DonnaUpshaw is available for custom cartooning and also has a line of wonderful note cards to bring smiles to your clients.. Click here to follow Shayna's Success Stories  from the beginning of her adventures.

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Your Money - Your Life     

Are You Prepared?      

        It is imperative that you create a chain of responsibility for your affairs.  The first, and most important thing, that you can do for yourself and for your family is to execute a Durable Power of Attorney.  This document, which is available at most office supply stores, gives someone you choose the authority to make decisions for you if you are not able to make them for yourself.  Unfortunately, life happens sometimes putting us in the position of not being able to act for ourselves,  illness or injury are the most common events that come to mind.  Banks, Doctors, Lawyers, and others cannot act without this authority. Check with your State to confirm the requirements.                 Creating a Power of Attorney is very easy and not expensive,  and should be considered one of the most important things you can do for your loved ones and for yourself. 




"If you really want to do something, you'll find a way. If you don't, you'll find an excuse."

                                                                                               Jim Rohn



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We have made a contribution to Relief, Inc. to help

 support their education efforts.  They will provide 

books, teachers, adult job training, school supplies 

and a library. We believe this will help create an 

environment where self-sufficiency can become a reality.



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