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Industrial Lumber Needs!

Conner Industries isn't a small division of a global lumber products provider - We specialize in Industrial lumber users; from our highly experienced purchasing team, to our efficient production team, to our effective distribution team, and our dedicated sales team.
All of us are committed to your success in today's competitive marketplace.
If you need pre-cut lumber, pallet & crating stock, cut-to-size lumber components, in softwood, hardwood, or panel products we would love the opportunity to provide a custom solution for your unique industrial needs.

Today's Volatile Lumber Market
The lumber market today is definitely different from years past - significant increases in lumber cost and significant decreases in lumber availability have created excuses for other companies in the lumber business to lose sight of your industrial lumber needs. Please reference the Random Lengths article below; it discusses some of the challenges to the current industrial lumber market.Even with these market conditions persisting, Conner can create solutions with potential design changes or possibly high quality used pallets to keep you competitive.  If you would like more information regarding these programs please contact us at 800.580.2112.

Random Lengths Article

Conner innovates, delivers value, and executes for your industrial needs, your partnership is our focus.
Thank you for your business!

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