Songbird Project

We at ArtSpring are very proud to share with you the latest national documentary on our arts in corrections programming.  This film, produced by the Public Domain Foundation, highlights our Songbird project.  We are very grateful to our featured faculty member, Amy Carol Webb and to Elizabeth Sunde and the Public Domain Foundation for this beautiful film and their support to fund this ongoing program.
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"Music2Life is a call heard powerfully, resonating throughout the songwriting and performing communities, and touching all who hear the moving and inspiring songs...In these times of great possibility and hopefulness, the efforts of M2L are as wonderful as they are needed; these are the songs that bind our hearts in common purpose once again, helping us to restore our humanity and our compassion, and ignite our commitment to fostering justice for everyone, everywhere.." -- Peter Yarrow 
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Music 2 Life - Fellows Program Documentary
Songbird Project



featuring Miami native singer/songwriter
Amy Carol Webb and the ArtSpring program
"Songbird Project"
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ArtSpring, Inc., a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization in Florida, believes in the power of art to transform individuals and strengthen communities. Our mission is to use arts, education and environmental programming to develop selfgrowth and effective life skills for incarcerated women, men and youth as well as other at-risk populations in underserved communities. Our faculty empowers participants to redirect their lives, resulting in a healthier and safer society.