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Paleo Discoveries' Newsletter Winter 2010
   Welcome to the Winter edition of our quarterly newsletter- if you're interested in prehistoric life, fossils or just nature in general, we think you'll find something to like here.
  The marine mammal on the left should be familiar to most of us, especially here in Florida. If you look closer though, there's something different about this manatee. It's actually an animal called a dugong which is a cousin of the manatee and at one time extremely common here in the south. Dugongs are our animal of quarter featured below.
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News- The Peace River Times
 Things couldn't be better for fossils hunting in south Florida rivers than they are now. The dry season started earlier than usual and rain has been very sparse. The water level is very low right now (11/30) and should hold for awhile.  The high water this summer did indeed wash out some new fossils from the river bottoms. Get the goods while the gettin' is good!
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Fossil Animals of the Quarter- Dugongs  
dugong vertsdugong ribs
              Dugong Vertebrae                                Dugong Rib Sections

   Whenever we find fossils like these on our tours and I tell people they're from a dugong, they usually have to ask "What is that?" Mantees are far better known, at least here in the U.S., but their fossils are far rarer. Dugongs have lived here in the southeast since at least the Eocene epoch approx. 40-45 million years ago but are most common as fossils in Miocene epoch sediments 5-20 million years old. Dugongs faded into extinction about 4 million years ago in the SE and manatees became much more common.
  Dugongs and manatees like whales evolved from land-dwelling mammals and made their lives entirely in the sea; their closest living relatives today are elephants. They feed entirely on aquatic vegetation and spend much of their day eating.
 As fossils, dense, heavy dugong rib sections are very abundant in rivers such as the Peace here in Fla. but skull sections, vertebrae, limb bones and teeth are sometimes found. Dugongs' rib bones function as ballast to keep them from being too buoyant and floating in the water. 
   Dugongs and Manatees today are endangered animals, largely as a result of loss or degradation of their habitat, injury from boat propellers, hunting or pollution.  Dugongs millions of years ago may have gone extinct due to climatic change or other factors. Let's hope their still living relatives stay around for a long time to come and don't disappear at our hands.  
Megalodon of the Quarter
   Found this Meg tooth a couple of years ago in a clay deposit on the bottom of the Peace River. The blue-green clay gave the tooth it's unusual color.  Most fossils in the river eventually turn black from river staining so I felt lucky to have found it before it washed out of the clay. It's about 2-1/2" long.     bluer meg 2bluer meg                                            

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dugong tooth 2dugong tooth 1
                                                   Dugong Tooth

dugong 2