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Paleo Discoveries' Newsletter                          Spring 2010 
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 Welcome back to our newsletter! Paleo Discoveries is based in Vero Beach, Fla. and specializes in guided fossil-hunting tours and educational programs geared to people of all ages. While our guided tours and class trips generally take place on the Peace River in central Fla, our on-location educational programs are great for libraries, nature centers and schools all around Florida. Read on for more info or Contact Us for available dates.                                                                   Fossil Gravel
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Lately we've been getting request for our popular Fossil Gravel in bulk so we're now offering it in a 20lb. educator's pack which comes with instructions and ID charts.  20 lbs. allows 30 students to participate in the activity. They'll all find many shark teeth, stingray and fish fossils along with bits and pieces of things like fossil turtle shell, horse teeth, mammoth and mastodon teeth and bone.
This is also an great summer camp activity as well. Please forward this email to anyone you know who may be interested by clicking on "Forward Email" at the bottom of this page.   

Educational Program-  Vero in the Ice Age
   On March 4th, a special program was held in Vero Beach to raise awareness  of and educate the public about the special "Vero Man Site" which is located here in Indian River County. This is one of the very few sites ever found in North America which definitively shows humans and extinct megafauna such as mammoths, mastodons and saber-tooth cats living simultaneously in one location.
  A recent find by local collector James Kennedy of a large piece of fossil bone, likely a  mammoth or mastodon limb bone, was found with a very distinct image engraved upon it of a mammoth.  The fossil/artifact's authenticity was verified by experts in paleontology, archeology and microanalytical research experts. Barbara Purdy, retired head of Fla. archeology at the Univ. of Fla., proclaimed the find the "Oldest and most spectacular piece of artwork ever found in the Western hemisphere." 
   Paleo Discoveries was invited to participate in a "Fossil Road Show" to help identify fossils brought in by the public and to assist in learning more about the fossils found at the Vero Man Site.  We also displayed fossils from the site as well including mammoth and mastodon teeth, jaguar teeth and bones, tapir bones and other fossils. 
   One of the primary reasons for the program was also to help raise interest in funding a professional archeological/paleontological excavation of the site. The proposed budget is $500,000 and hopefully the dig will take place within the next year or 2 pending funding and permitting approval. For further info contact Ruth Stanbridge of the Vero Beach Historical Society at
(772) 567-5363.
alligator scutes   alligator scutes
Fred Mazza of Paleo Discoveries     Richard Hulbert (Head of vertebrate
with fossils from the Vero Site.      paleontology at the Fla. Mus. of Natural
                                                             History) and Fred Mazza.

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