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Paleo Discoveries  E-Newsletter Special Winter Issue 2009
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Paleo Discoveries' East-Coast Summer Tour

  Welcome to our newsletter! Paleo Discoveries is based in Florida and specializes in guided fossil-hunting tours and educational programs geared to people of all ages. While the majority of our programs take place in Fla., this summer we will be doing an east coast tour that will take us to the Atlanta, Philadelphia and New York areas between July 15th and Aug 7.  These programs are great for libraries, nature centers and summer schools. Read on for more info or Contact Us for available dates.   

Educational Programs make Prehistory come alive!

   Been looking for something unique to offer your students or members?
Check out our "Fossil Discovery Hour". This program is a fun and educational exploration of our planet's prehistory with emphasis on paleontology and geology. For libraries focusing on creativity-related activities, an optional bonus program will be a shark-tooth necklace craft.  This program can be presented to all ages.

What we do in an hour...

1. Fossil "Show and Tell" / Q+A 

You could say we bring the museum to you! We have an extensive array of real (most of which were found on our tours) and reproduction fossils that we bring to your facility. These include mammoth and mastodon teeth, dinosaur teeth, skulls of saber-tooth cats and lions, giant shark teeth, T-Rex, Velociraptor, whale, crocodiles and more. Unlike a museum, however, you can touch and hold many of these fossils which brings a whole new dimension to the experience.
   We discuss the animals as the fossils are presented and always encourage questions. This program is very interactive and tons of fun.
2. Real Fossil Dig

Can't get out to Montana or down to Florida for a real fossil dig? No problem- we'll bring ours to you! During our mini-dig, participants can find (and keep!) fossils from sharks, stingrays, fish, horses, mammoths, plus bones and teeth from many other animals.
   We bring fossil-laden gravel from the Bone Valley Region here in Florida where we do our day-trip tours and supply everyone with a sample. Everyone will go home with 10-20 fossils from the list above.  Fossil shark teeth between 1/2" and 2 " are especially common.

   Additionally, everyone will get a chart
to help identify their shark teeth.
  The craft section of the program, which
is optional, lets p
articipants explore
creative side by making shark-tooth necklaces they also get to keep. The shark teeth are pre-wired and ready to decorate with beads and your choice of cords. We supply all materials you need to make prehistoric art!
                                                            Having Fun with an American Lion
   How much does it cost?   

   The Fossil Discovery Hour on this special tour is $300; subsequent programs $225, the optional craft section is an additional $75. Group size limited to 40 per program.  Available dates are between July 15th and Aug 7. Days and nights available.  Call for details (772) 539-7005.  References available.
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Megalodon Shark Tooth- 4"