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October 2, 2012

Dear Dog's Ear friends,


We've just launched Lisa's Marketplace, an online canine product boutique. I've selected a dozen sensory-oriented items that I personally love and use with my own dogs, Sanchez and Gina.  


And the best part ...  All profits go to our Dog's Ear Shelter and Rescue Program - currently serving over 1,500 organizations world-wide and growing daily!  


FREE TADE CD ~ Three Days Only 

I'm so excited! Get a FREE CD with any purchase of $49 or more from Lisa's Marketplace. Between October 2-4, you will receive a FREE

CD of your choice from the Through a Dog's Ear 6-CD collection. This is a great opportunity to do well by doing good. Expand your Dog's Ear library while helping support shelters and rescues. Doesn't get any better than that! 


About Lisa's Marketplace 

Like people, each dog is an individual with sensory strengths and preferences. TADE specializes in programs that go through the ear. However, we understand that each animal has different issues or needs. The products in Lisa's Marketplace focus on sensory-oriented tools for improved health and behavior, targeting:

Sanchez reads Don't Leave Me 

  •  Separation anxiety
  •  Noise phobias
  •  Canine massage
  •  Aromatherapy for Calming
  •  Elder dog memory improvement
  •  Calming Chewables
  •  Books about canine senses
  •  And much more to come!


Read what Sanchez thinks of Lisa's Marketplace! (Hint: You won't want to miss the video of 9-year old Sanchez acting like a pup after being on Neutricks for two months now.)  

Lisa Spector in Concert!
If you reside in the San Francisco Bay Area, I have two upcoming performances for people AND their dogs in San Mateo and Marin County. In addition to  playing music from our TADE music series to keep your dogs calm, my fingers will be flying across the keys to keep you entertained and musically delighted October 6th and 7th.

Remember: Shop LMP by end of day Thursday to receive your FREE CD!


Musically yours, 

Lisa Spector
Co-Founder, Through a Dog's Ear

Calm Canine coverCalm Canine cover Vol 2Music to Calm your Canine Vol. 3Driving Edition cdCanie Household  


TADE book
FREE CD Details:
  • At checkout, you must specify in the comments section which Dog's Ear CD you are choosing for your FREE gift (i.e. Calm your Canine 1, Calm your Canine 2, Calm your Canine 3, Driving Edition, Canine Household, Elderly Canine.) 
  • FREE CD does not apply to downloads or Canine Noise Phobia Series.
  • FREE CD will be included in package with Marketplace items.  
  • Must purchase $49 or more at Lisa's Marketplace between Oct. 2 and Oct. 4, 2012 (midnight/ EST) to receive your FREE CD   
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