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August 16, 2012

TADE First Annual Rescue Campaign
Matching CDs August 16 - 23 

TADE Rescue Edition 

 Dear Dog's Ear Friends,


We love our dogs. We love our canine households. And we REALLY love the people who share their homes, time, and hearts to run rescue organizations. These groups are chronically overbooked, understaffed, and seriously under- financed. And so many of them come  to Through a Dog's Ear  for donations of music for their facilities and to be sent home with adopted dogs.  


TADE has donated thousands of CDs to shelters and rescues, but we can no longer keep up with the demand. Will you help us?  


The TADE community has proven to be loving and generous. Here is a way that you can support canine rescues: for every CD you buy at, we will match and send to the rescues on our waiting list.   


We have a goal. We'd like to raise 250 CDs during these next seven days. Can you step up and help these worthy rescue orgs? (Think: Dog play date  gifties or early holiday purchases.) 


We thank you ... as do the homeless dogs, and the people who rescue these dogs around the world.  


Musically yours,
Lisa Spector
Co-Founder, Through a Dog's Ear

 Calm Canine cover Calm Canine cover Vol 2 Music to Calm your Canine Vol. 3 Driving Edition cd Canie Household TADE book  


  • Matching campaign applies to sales between 8/16-23.
  • Matching applies to retail CD sales only.
  • Not applicable to wholesale, downloads, or the Canine Noise Phobia series.  
  • All bundles apply to Match Campaign (e.g., the 5-CD Dog's Ear Library will be matched by 5 donated CDs, etc.)
  • Rescues will be supplied with Music to Calm your Canine Companion, Vols. 2-3.   
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