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February 9, 2012
Sanchez and Gina ValenDog Day!

Happy ValenDog!


Dear Dog's Ear friends,


Is your dog your sweetie on Valentine's Day? (Click here for my answer.) Whether you are celebrating with a special furry friend or those of the human sort, we hope you cuddle up and enjoy a lovely Valentine's Day. Dog's Ear love is being sent to you with a 25% discount on all product purchases at   


The Valentine's special applies to all hard good products (not downloads), and cannot be combined with other discounts or bundles. This wonderful 25% discount is valid through midnight on February 14th. Simply enter the code "ValenDog" at checkout, and 25% will automatically deduct from your order. The Dog's Ear book and music library makes a loving gift for any canine household you know, including your noisy dog next door.


Sanchez and Gina send you virtual dog kisses. I'm looking forward to all the smooches I'll be getting from them on Valentine's Day! And, don't worry, they didn't get to eat the chocolate in the photograph, much to their dismay ... and my delight!  


Musically yours,  

Lisa Spector

Co-Founder, Through a Dog's Ear    


Special Details:

  • Valentine's special applies to all hard good products at (not downloads). 
  • Valentine's special cannot be combined with discounted bundled packages. 
  • Enter "ValenDog" in the coupon code at checkout.  
  • 25% off limited to three of each title per customer
  • Expires Feb. 14 at midnight EST

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