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October 19, 2011
Canine Noise Phobia Series



  • Thunderstorms  
  • Fireworks
  • City Sounds
  • Calming


Dear Dog's Ear friends,


We are excited and pleased to announce the release of four new Dog's Ear CD's, the Canine Noise Phobia Series. We're honored to co-create this breakthrough sound therapy with Victoria Stilwell, star of Animal Planet's It's Me or the Dog.  

Lisa Spector, Victoria Stilwell, Joshua Leeds
Lisa Spector, Victoria Stilwell, Joshua Leeds at APDT Conference


CNP is a desensitization training tool that combines three distinctive elements for the treatment and prevention of sound sensitivities: 

  • progressive sound effects (distant/close) 
  • specially-designed psychoacoustic music (TaDE) 
  • reward-based reinforcement protocols (Victoria Stilwell)   

Each CD of the CNP series can be purchased individually for $14.98, or the 4-CD series is available at a discount price of $49.98 (16% off). 


In this introductory release, CNP is available only at and  


Further information: Canine Noise Phobia Series. 



Musically yours,

Lisa Spector

Co-Founder, Through a Dog's Ear

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