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June 17, 2011

Sanchez and Lisa July 4th

Dear Dog's Ear Friends, 


The July 4th holiday is around the corner and the good news is we have independence! The bad news is that this holiday constitutes the most stressful days of the year for American dogs. TaDE's  

Music to Calm your Canine Companion has helped thousands of dogs stay calm during the loud boom-dada-boom of fireworks.   


Nancy C. shares this story....

"I used to dread Fourth of July. The sound of fireworks caused so much anxiety for my four dogs. Chili was the worst!  She would shake and drool terribly and bark with fear. So, last year I put the dogs in my office, closed the blinds and put on Calm your Canine at a moderate volume. I didn't hear any barking. When I peeped in after the local fireworks started, they were all lying down, very content."


25% off July 4th Prep-Pak!   

This 4th of July weekend, be prepared! From June 17 to 23, you can purchase the 3-CD Calm your Canine Companion series at a special discount of $33.71. That's 25% off the normal retail price of $44.94 for three hours of beautiful music that has been clinically-demonstrated to relieve canine anxiety issues.  


If you already have any of these CD's and love them, this is a great time to share this remarkable canine music therapy with your best dog buddies. Click here to purchase, and 25% will be automatically taken off of your order at check-out.  


Please note: Friday, June 24 is the last day we suggest to order for delivery by Saturday, July 2nd. 


Tips for Keeping Dogs Safe on July 4th

From exercise, to kongs, to music, click here to learn how to keep your dogs calm and safe during fireworks.   


5 TaDE CD's Sound Samples 

Listen to sound samples from the Dog's Ear music library.  




Don't forget! 25% off the Calm your Canine series from June 17-23. Wishing you and your canine household a safe, peaceful 4th of July.


Musically yours,

Lisa Spector

Co-Founder, Through a Dog's Ear

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