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October 2010
It's Not a Trick ~ Through a Dog's Ear Puts Cash on the Table!

Halloween is all about tricks or treats. If you want to see dog tricks, click here. If you want a real treat, keep reading.

Counter Top Display
 The TADE Referral Program raises money - for you or your designated non-profit animal organization.
Here's how it works... It's easy!
1. When you visit your favorite vets, groomers, pet supply, doggie daycares, etc., introduce the manager to Through a Dog's Ear. Tell them how your dogs have benefited from this auditory series. Sharing any special stories of changes in your dogs behavior or improvement to their health goes a long way.
2. Bring along a TADE information sheet and order form The manager can then easily order a TADE Introductory Pre-Pak that includes a beautiful new counter-top display.
3. When the business places an order, your chosen animal organization will receive $10 from the first order and 10% of subsequent orders for an entire year.
This $10/10%  referral bonus applies to 1 or 100 venues. It's all up to you!

4. The TADE Referral program is a Win/Win/Win for dogs, animal orgs, and local pet businesses! Or if you'd prefer to have the
$10/10% referral bonus come directly to your dog household, that's great too! Simply check "send proceeds to me" in the order form referral box.
Care 2 Make a Difference

I recently became the newest pet blogger (joining Dr. Susan Wagner, co-author of the book Through a Dog's Ear) to join - an online community of over 14 million people making a difference in animal
  welfare and pets, healthy and green living, and human rights. I'm loving blogging for such a fabulous community of animal lovers. Feel free to join the conversation and post your comments to my blogs. And if there are any particular areas concerning pets and animal welfare that you'd like me to cover, drop me an email

Using music to improve the lives of dogs... and their people!
While the Through a Dog's Ear music library is now played internationally, our mission stays the same:

1)      To help improve the lives of dogs everywhere

2)      To educate people on how the human soundscape affects canines

      3)    To provide dogs and their people with beautiful, psychoacoustically-designed music that creates a healthy sound environment.

Musically yours,
Lisa Spector
Co-Creator, Through a Dog's Ear

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