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September 2010

Get Paid with TADE
Check out our new Referral Program

Since 2008, Through a Dog's Ear (TADE) music programs have improved the lives of tens of thousands of canines. In many cases, anxiety issues were extreme and the music provided measurable changes in behavior. Most sales have been through word-of-mouth and direct sales from our website. We are a small organization (with a big heart) and can now finally put resources to making Through a Dog's Ear available to the pet trade. We need your assistance!

Can you help us place these valuable auditory programs in more canine households and, in the process, help fund yourself or your favorite animal non-profit? We have a new wholesale program called TADE Referral. This no cash out-of-pocket program is the easiest way to make some extra kibble while helping dogs. All you do is bark about Through a Dog's Ear to your favorite dog biz.

Click here to find out how easily you can earn $10 on the first order plus 10% of subsequent orders for an entire year. Get paid with TADE! There's some cash to be made and no limit to the number of businesses you can approach!

Blog Paws
I recently returned from BlogPaws West (a fabulous pet blogging conference) in Denver. I was honored to be a guest performer and benefited from the wonderful educational sessions. I was so inspired by all the hundreds of attendees, all seriously dedicated to making a difference in the lives of animals. I learned how even a little action can make a big difference! My jaw dropped as I listened to a panel of women discussing a great program called "Be the Change for Pets".  I'm so inspired to be the change that TADE has created a program that can help support your favorite animal organizations. With the above-mentioned TADE Referral Program, you have an option of donating your proceeds (10% of all re-orders of a year!) to your preferred animal organizations. Click here to read how it works. This is a totally win/winner program!

Through a Dog's Ear music is now available as downloads
TADE has gone green by making all of our music available digitally. Download the music here. No paper or petroleum products, no shipping charges, no waiting, delivered right to your computer.

Using music to improve the lives of dogs... and their people!
While the Through a Dog's Ear music library is now played internationally, our mission stays the same:

1)      To help improve the lives of dogs everywhere

2)      To educate people on how the human soundscape affects canines

      3)      To provide dogs and their people with beautiful, psychoacoustically-designed music that creates a healthy sound environment.

Musically yours,
Lisa Spector
Co-Creator, Through a Dog's Ear

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