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April 2010 Newsletter
Dog Humor on April Fool's Day

We are celebrating April Fool's Day by sharing some fun dog humor with you. This YouTube clip landed in my inbox multiple times. Personally, no matter how many times I view it, I still laugh uncontrollably. What Labs won't do to get to the dinner table! Click here for a good laugh.

Is this Really Funny?

Another YouTube clip (actually dozens of them) spread all over the internet last month. It was so viral that Dogster blogger, Maria Goodavage provided a link to 28 of them with just one click. People were noticing that their dogs were howling to the theme song of Law and Order. I asked our resident sound researcher, my Through a Dog's Ear partner,  Joshua Leeds, for his opinion on why so many dogs were reacting so strongly to the theme song and here's what he had to say... "It is not the actual tune that is causing the reaction, but the sound of the music itself. It appears to be an auditory response to . .  ."  Click here to read more.

Facebook Page

Through a Dog's Ear has over 1,200 fans now on our Facebook page!  We are so enjoying our conversations with you. Facebook is a wonderful way for us to learn about you and your needs as dog lovers and dog professionals. To join in the conversation, click here. If you don't have a Facebook profile, don't be afraid to click either. You can still view the fascinating discussions, videos, photos, downloads and personal stories.

Music for Dogs and Everyone who Loves Them

While the Through a Dog's Ear music library of four CD's is now played around the world and our fan base is growing, our mission stays the same:

1)      To help improve the lives of dogs worldwide

2)      To educate people on how our human soundscape affects canines

      3)      To provide dogs and people with beautiful music that improves their sound               environment

Change of Format

You may have noticed that we took out all of the wonderful dog photos we usually include in our newsletters. This is to aid in faster downloads for people viewing their email by mobile devices. We'd love to hear from you. How do you view our newsletter - mobile internet device or computer? Through a Dog's Ear is listening and we want to know if you prefer the new format or want the dog photos back. I look forward to hearing your preferences via email.


Musically yours,
Lisa Spector
Co-Creator, Through a Dog's Ear

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