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Helpful Tips for Keeping Dogs Calm During the Holidays!

The holidays are upon us and we all know that they can be a joyous time of year. But the holidays are often stressful - and our animals are sensitive to us and the changes in their daily routine. Through a Dog's Ear research showed that the same music that calms the human nervous system also calms the canine nervous system.

We suggest bathing your household in the beautiful tones of Music to Calm Your Canine Companion, Vol. 1 and 2 frequently while preparing for the holidays. It not only will help keep your dogs deeply relaxed, but will lower your stress levels, as well, You and your animals will be happier. 

Christmas Dogs

When you are expecting holiday visitors, we recommend that you start playing Calm your Canine for two hours or more before the doorbell starts ringing. If your dog has not been trained to greet visitors without jumping, barking, or running out the door, we recommend you read The Other End of the Leash  by Patricia McConnell - particularly chapter 8 - "Mind Your Manners at the Door." It's filled with terrific, simple, canine training tips. If your dog has had some positive training in this arena, then Calm your Canine will help in keeping her calm and relaxed after visitors have entered.

Tip! Since Calm your Canine is designed for very deep relaxation (and often makes people drowsy), we recommend that once your dog is calm, you change to Music for the Canine Household. These specific sequences are a little more uptempo and designed for the enjoyment of people while still helping your dogs settle.

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Best wishes to you and your family (two- & four-legged) for a very joyous holiday season!
Musically yours,
Lisa Spector and Joshua Leeds
Co-creators of Through a Dog's Ear
Photo of Holiday Dogs by Nancy Campanile
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