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Hope everyone is having a great summer! Remember, our courses are portable so wherever there

is WiFi you have access to it.


We would like to welcome our newcomers to the PlatinumProCommunity. We send out newsletters on a quarterly basis.  Our PlatinumProCommunity will make it easier for you to sort through information by highlighting any pertinent changes you should know about or just some fun tidbits. We take great pride in our customers and want to offer you exclusive discounts that are not available outside the PlatinumProCommunity. In our newsletter, we will offer you a promo code to get special offers again exclusively for our members.

Remember the deadline to pass the IRS Registered Tax Return Preparer test is December 31st 2013, if you need a prep course and plan to take the exam this year we recommend you take our IRS RTRP Test Prep Course which includes 15 hours of IRS CE credit.  You will not only prepare
for the exam but also fulfill the 15 hour IRS CE requirement. 
Tax Preparers who pass the competency test and tax compliance check are given a new credential: Registered Tax Return Preparer. To date, over 4,800 people have become Registered Tax Return Preparers. Currently, there are approximately 850,000 PTIN holders, 340,000 of which are Tax Preparers.

Beginning in 2014, only Registered Tax Return Preparers, Enrolled Agents, Certified Public Accountants, and attorneys will be authorized to prepare individual income tax returns for compensation. 


We are offering a promo on our IRS RTRP Test Prep Course as well as our IRS RTRP 15 hour CE course, please see below for more information.   


Recently, the IRS has received a number of certificates of completion directly from tax

preparers. The IRS wants you to know that you do NOT need to submit their certificates of completion to the IRS because the IRS Approved CE Providers, are responsible for submitting that information on your behalf.  Even though preparers do not have to submit their certificates to the IRS, per Circular 230, Registered Tax Return Preparers, Enrolled Agents, and Enrolled Retirement Plan Agents must retain their records of continuing education for four years. The IRS reporting system will be up and running in July of this year.  


The IRS also will create a publicly searchable database that will allow taxpayers to see if their tax preparers have met IRS standards or to find a tax preparer in their zip code area. The IRS will have a public education campaign to inform taxpayers to use only CPAs, EAs, attorneys or Registered Tax Return Preparers if they pay to have their taxes prepared.

Another benefit of being in the PlatinumProCommunity is the opportunity to become an affiliate of Platinum.  Have you ever thought of adding a tax school or notary school to your tax preparation service? Platinum is now offering two ways for you to do so.  The first one is if you have a website you can add a link to your website to Platinum's website and you can become an affiliate of Platinums and receive a referral fee for each course purchased.  The second way, if you have multiple offices with at least a staff of 500, we can design a tax or notary school website using your existing website's template.  If you are interested, please contact me directly. 


Lauren Zago                                                           
Platinum Professional Services
Latest News

Tax Preparer Tidbits


Platinum Professional ServicesStudy Finds Charities' Tax Returns Expose Social Security Numbers


A new study has found that the Form 990 tax returns filed by tax-exempt organizations frequently expose the Social Security numbers of tax preparers, donors, employees, scholarship recipients and others to the public.


H&R Block Manager Arrested for Identity Theft of Tax Client 


An H&R Block manager in Southern California has been arrested for using the identities of his former tax preparation clients in an identity theft scheme.

Damon Charles Dubose, 38, of North Hills, Calif., was arrested Thursday by special agents with the IRS's Criminal Investigation division after a criminal complaint was filed against him.


IRS Increases Audits of Wealthy Taxpayers 


The Internal Revenue Service increased its audits of high-income taxpayers last year by as much as 75 percent.

The IRS released its 2010 IRS Data Book earlier this month, showing trends in agency activities for the fiscal year (see IRS Collected $2.3 Trillion in FY2010). The statistics showed that the IRS audited 18.4 percent of taxpayers whose incomes exceeded $10 million last year, compared to 10.6 percent in 2009, according toBloomberg.com.


For more information on these and others check out our Platinum Blog.  








Latest News

Notary Public



If ever there were a job with built-in longevity, it's working as a notary public. Many major undertakings in life, whether it's buying a house, making a will or starting your own business, eventually require that a notary get involved to make sure everything is signed, sealed and legal.

There are 4.3 million notaries across the country, and the overwhelming majority of them are employed and perform notarizations as part of their regular employment. They are, for example, secretaries or legal assistants who notarize for their bosses."

In addition to those who notarize as part of their regular job, there is a smaller subset of the notary population with notaries that work for themselves. This is an ideal job to have if you're looking to supplement your regular income with a second job or add it to your existing tax preparation service.  

For more information visit our website www.platinumprostudies.com



CPA Tidbits

The AICPA is aware that some members received an email phishing scam that used an AICPA logo. If you receive an email that is suspicious, do not click on any attachments and delete the email.  





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