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February/March 2012
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Tips For Parents Planning for A Child With a Developmental Disability
Tips for Parents Planning for Their Young Adults
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The Plan Parents Create Today Delivers Peace of Mind Tomorrow

grandpareads As parents we believe we will live forever and always be there for our children. This is especially important for parents who have a child with a developmental disability.    I would like to share a few tips for you to think about: 

1. Guardian Advocate: When the child reaches age 18 they are legally an adult even if they cannot make their own financial or, medical decisions. This means the parents will not be allowed to make that adult child's decisions for them.  A Guardian Advocate proceeding is a simple court process to have a family member appointed to help guide and advocate for the person with the developmental disability.  No legal rights are removed.  A 'developmental disability' includes: down syndrome, retardation, cerebral palsy, autism, spina bifida and Prader-Willi syndrome.  Please call me one month before your child's 18th birthday to begin the advocate process.
2. Government Benefits:  As a minor your child may not have qualified for government benefits such as Medicaid or SSI because of the parents' income and resources. At age 18 the adult child can apply for benefits and the government will no longer look at the parents' income and resources.  Please call me one month before your child's 18th birthday to begin the planning process.
3. Parents' Estate Planning: Parents should have a legal plan that provides an inheritance to the child with the developmental disability in the form of a special needs trust.  The special needs trust will not be counted as a resource by the government agencies, and can be administered without court intervention. It should also include a Durable Power of Attorney and Designation of Health Care Surrogate so that a guardianship is not needed if the parent becomes Incapacitated. Call me today and I will create a legal plan tailored to achieve your goals.
      Let us educate and support you, your friends and family so that together we can co-create solutions for your family's well-being.
National Healthcare Decisions Day- April 16th
NHDD Seminar
When Your 18-Year Old is NOT Your "Child"
Are you awaiting responses from colleges to your son or daughter's applications? Hearing about Prom and planning graduation parties?  What a great time for your child and you! You have done an awesome job raising your children and preparing them for what lies ahead. 
But, do you realize that on your child's 18th birthday you can no longer make medical or financial decisions for them? Consider this:
The medical privacy law called HIPAA prevents health care providers from sharing medical information with you. This is what happened following the shooting at Virginia Tech;
....   Your child is a legal adult and if he/she is incapacitated you will need a court ordered guardianship to make the adult child's financial and medical decisions.  Guardianship is time consuming, an invasion of privacy and expensive.
Give the gift that shows how much you really care.  We would be honored to meet with your child just after their 18th birthday to create:
1. A Durable Power of Attorney that will legally allow you to make their financial decisions if he/she is temporarily or permanently incapacitated (i.e. communicate with the banks, car leasing company, the I.R.A. administrator, financial advisor).
2. A Designation of Health Care Surrogate that will legally allow you to make medical decisions if he/she is temporarily or permanently incapacitated (i.e. obtain a second opinion, transfer your child to another hospital, gain access to medical records).
3. A HIPAA Authorization that will legally allow you to access what is otherwise considered confidential health information. 
     Call us today to schedule a consultation for the week of your child's 18th birthday and create a plan that delivers peace of mind.  As the MasterCard commercial says: Getting something they actually need 'priceless.'
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We will:
Review your existing legal documents
Advise you of new laws that affect you
Recommend an estate and incapacity plan that will best meet your needs.
*Mention this coupon when you call to schedule a consultation.
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Stephanie L. Schneider, CELA

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