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Hello, How are you? Well, it's about a week from Valentine's Day and thoughts naturally move towards love. It's typically a busy time for us as people celebrate their special significant others. We also begin to get lots of requests for weddings coming up this Summer around this time too. We do a lot of gigs, but actually enjoy weddings probably most. What's not to like about the celebration of love?

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  • Nat "King" Cole

    Most people remember Nat Cole as the velvety smooth singer of love songs, who was a superstar through the 40's, 50's and early 60's. He was that indeed. He had an amazing ability to communicate vocal magic without being a shouter. He delivered his songs with class and unmistakable flair. He sold millions of records and was the first Black artist to have his own weekly TV variety show. What most don't know is that Nat was a monster piano player. In fact, piano playing was what gave him initial fame. Great piano players that followed him often point out his influences on them. He only began to sing when he was requested by a patron to do a song and he had to comply. The story is that it was a gangster, but that can't be verified. Whoever it was, did the world a favor! Click his picture above to see an example of how he influenced other iconic pianists. You'll see him in a duet with the great Oscar Peterson, who modeled his trio after Nat's (bass, piano and guitar). You'll also hear a bit from some of Nat's family. Really touching. Almost 50 years after his death he remains a giant of pop music

    Los Angeles Weddings and Music Blog
    Bridal Bouqet

    Since we do a lot of weddings, I've decided to start a wedding tips blog for people who are planning to marry or who know those who are. Check out the blog by clicking the bridal bouquet. Feel free to pass it on if you know someone who is planning a wedding!

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    Also check out my CD on CD Baby! You can also find me on iTunes under ROGER HARRISON: Jazz Club Open Late

Jazz Club Open Late

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    We call the band an "Ensemble" because the size and personnel can change according to the need of the client. Here we added a great vocalist, Beckki. Click on the picture to check out our Wedding Montage Video. Pretty cool! Share it if you know someone thinking of tying the knot and feel free to comment if you like!

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