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May 07, 2008  Volume 1, No. 9 
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Weekly Reminders
5th Graders Visit Ellis Island!
Kindergarten Classroom Dedicated in Memory of Jennie Lawrence
Zinnias, Nocturnal Animals Charlotte's Web and more!
School Board Elections
Morning Arrival and Dismissal
Tuition Rates for 2008-2009
Vacation Bible School
St. Christopher Alumni
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This week we look forward to our Second Graders receiving their First Communion on Saturday.  Please keep these students in your prayers as they prepare for this wonderful day.  On Monday the students will continue their celebration by attending 9:00 Mass and enjoying a Communion Breakfast afterwards.  Our First Grade mothers will be hosting the breakfast.

Monday, May 12th, we will have the school May Crowning at 2pm in the Church.  All are welcome to attend.

I wish a very happy and relaxing Mother's Day to all the mothers in
our school.  Enjoy your day!!

Have a good week,

Mrs. Lederer

Weekly Reminders 
May 6, 2008
Weekly RemindersThis weeks highlights:
  • Plant Sale - Wednesday, May 7th
  • Cookie Dough Sale ended Monday - Still Accepting Orders! 
  • Mother's Day Boutique - Friday, May 9th 
  • Field Day - May 23rd!
  • 3rd Annual Mom/Son Sports Night - May 30th
  • Merit Day - June 16th
  • And much more...
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Ellis Island
5th Graders Visit Ellis Island!

Ellis Island 2008Today on May 6th 2008 the entire 5th grade went to Ellis Island.  We first took the bus into Manhattan to Battery Park.  We got to Battery Park and we got on the boat.  We circled around Liberty Island.  Then we headed to Ellis Island.  We got to Ellis Island and then we got off the boat and we had lunch.  Then we went into the museum.  When we were in the museum and we went into the room that was called the registry room.  We learned that in that room immigrants would have to be tested.  They had to take two tests to see if they can move on.  We also learned that the way to get up to that room you have to go up stairs and that was one part of the two tests that the immigrants had to take.  The second part of the test was that the police would have to ask them 25 questions in only two minutes.  

    After the guide was done talking to us we went to the gift shop.  We all brought a lot of souvenirs.  Then when we were done with that we got back on the boat to Battery Park.  When we got back to Battery Park we got back on the bus and headed for St. Christopher's School.

We all had a great time!  

Click here to see pictures of our trip.

Article by: Meagan Kennedy, 5-1
Kindergarten Classroom Dedicated 
in Memory of Jennie Lawrence
On Friday, May 9th we will be dedicating our Kindergarten classroom in memory of Jennie Lawrence.  Jennie was a very visible part of St. Christopher's parish, having worked at both the Rectory and Convent.  She was loved and revered by many.  As our dedication plaque reads "she was a woman of faith, kindness and wisdom".
Mrs. Whalen's First Grade Class 
"Zinnias, Nocturnal Animals Charlotte's Web and more!"

Mrs. Whalen's first grade class planted zinnia seeds in flower pots and are excitedly observing their amazing growth. (Secret: Miracle Gro potting soil and lots of sun!)
The first graders have been doing research about nocturnal animals. Many students brought in articles they found on the Internet and had fun "googling" with their families.
In Social Studies they are learning about the 7 Continents and are using an Atlas to find out more about each one. Did you know that summer and winter each last for 6 months in polar regions?
The students are listening carefully as Mrs. Whalen reads aloud from "Charlotte's Web" by E.B. White. They are noticing how "describing words" help paint a picture in the mind of the reader when there are no pictures in the book. Good readers always become great writers!
School Board Elections 
4 Positions are OPEN

Coming this June, our Parish School Board will have four open positions.  Members of the School Board include the Pastor, Principal and parents of St. Christopher's students and/or St. Christopher's Church parishioners.  The Board has one goal in mind. To improve the Quality of Education at St. Christopher's School.
The School Board meets monthly.  The eight lay members along with the president of the Home and School (in ex-officio status) serve in an advisory capacity addressing such school policies and issues as:

            * School financial status

            * Academic achievements - e.g. State test scores

            * School programs (academic as well as extra curricular)

            * Communications - Internal and external (e.g. publicity and recruitment)
We welcome those who are interested in serving our parish and School Board in this capacity.  Board members will be elected by members of the parish and registered school families.  Interested candidates must be at least eighteen years of age and a registered parishioner or member of a registered school family.
Please send a letter of intent along with a brief biography (for publication in the Church bulletin) to Rev. Steven Camp by May 09, 2008.  For further information, please contact William Mitchell, School Board President, at 516-632-8727.
Morining Arrival & Dismissal 
A Few Remidners
Please take a few moments to read these gentle reminders about the poilies regarding morning arrival and dismissal.  These policies are in place to help ensure the safety of our children.  Please pay close attention to them and abide by them.
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Tuition Rates for 2008-2009 
Now Available

The new year brings new Tuition Rates to St. Christopher's School.  In addition, St. Christopher's School will be using a new tuition management company for the school year 2008-2009.  FACTS will be replacing Smart Tuition.  Therefore, there are new forms that must be filled out.  On Thursday or Friday when you come in for your Parent Teacher Conferences you will be given a form to fill out. 
Vacation Bible School 
Summer, 2008
God's Big Back Yard 

St. Christopher's School will host "God's Big Backyard" - Where kids have a blast serving Jesus! 

St. Christopher Alumni 
We want to hear from you!
St. Chris Alumni LogoWe love to hear from our Alumni.  Please send us your stories so we can share them with students and families currently attending St. Christopher School.  There's nothing like hearing about your great successes and how your lives are evolving.
Let us know how your experiences at St. Christopher School helped prepare you for later life and help current students understand the value of St. Chris!
Click Here to tell us your stories and send us pictures!

St. ChristopherSt. Christopher's Parochial School was founded in 1925 under the aegis of the Sisters of St. Joseph. Today, under the direction of a dedicated, professional Religious and lay faculty, St. Christopher's continues its tradition of excellence.

Recognizing each student as unique, we strive to develop the whole person through a spiritual, academic, physical and aesthetic education. We employ creative, innovative and practical methods in our teaching. It is our belief that we must prepare our students to be critical-thinkers, responsible, loving, service-oriented citizens in preparation for the years to come and eternity. Thus we strive to fulfill Jesus' command, "to love our neighbor as ourselves".