September 2009

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Our goal is to serve as a resource for you as you navigate the pathway through school and, ultimately, to a health career. Each month, you'll receive career and college planning tips, advice and resources to help you make your health career dreams a reality.

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The North Carolina Health Careers Access Program (NC-HCAP) is located at UNC-Chapel Hill. Additional campus-based centers are located at Elizabeth City State University, North Carolina Central University, and the University of North Carolina at Pembroke.

Established in 1971 by Dr. Cecil G. Sheps, we work to increase the number of underrepresented minorities or economically and/or educationally disadvantaged students who are educated, trained and employed in the health professions.

For more than 35 years, we have provided thousands of students with a variety of programs and activities to raise their awareness of opportunities available within the health professions and to increase their competitiveness as a health professional school applicant.

We're always here to assist you. Simply contact us at:

(919) 966-2264
[email protected]
Motivational Minute

"One of the secrets of life is to make stepping stones out of stumbling blocks."

~Jack Penn

Now that a new school year is in full swing, there are many distractions and obstacles that might try to stand in the way of your progress as you walk toward your educational and career goals. However, you need to stay charged and ready to overcome these potential barriers and continue to believe and achieve! 
Health Careers 101
Recreation Therapy ImageAre you a sports enthusiast? Are you interested in career as a health professional? Then why not combine the two for a rewarding career?

Recreation therapists actively change people's lives for the better!

Recreation Therapist
These professionals use a variety of methods such as exercise, sports, games, dance, arts and crafts, music, pets and field trips to increase the independence, health and well-being of patients.  They work in hospitals, schools, rehabilitation centers, nursing homes and other residential facilities.

Salary: $40,000 or more

Education: You will need a bachelor's degree in therapeutic recreation. A master's degree is usually needed for supervisory positions. An associate degree in physical therapy, training in art, drama or music therapy, or qualifying work experience may be sufficient for entry level positions.

Hot Link:
American Recreation Therapeutic Association

Source: NC-HCAP Health Careers Information & Enrichment Workshop manual
Spotlight on Success
10 Helpful Studying Tips
Another school year, another opportunity to take your education to the next level!  Realize your full academic potential th
is year with these 10 helpful tips:
  1. Take good notes and attend all your classes.  It sounds simple enough, but taking good notes during class will aid you during your study time.
  2. Create a schedule for studying. Designating time for your studies keeps you in the habit of studying. You should study for at least 45 minutes everyday even if you don't have an assignment or a test for the next day.
  3. Find a good study partner. Compare notes and ask each other questions.
  4. Find a good study area. Areas that are clean, quiet, have good lighting and few distractions are ideal for study time.
  5. Make the most of your study time. Plan your study time so that it is as effective and efficient as possible. Your time is precious, don't waste it!
  6. Go over your study materials on a regular basis. By reviewing your materials on a regular basis, you won't have to worry about falling behind.
  7. Study difficult (or your least favorite) subjects first. You are most alert when you first start studying. Use that brainpower to tackle your most difficult subjects.
  8. Divide large amounts of study materials into smaller amounts. Studying all along will keep you from feeling overwhelmed the night before a test!
  9. Take breaks from studying. Study 45 minutes and break 15 minutes.
  10. Have a positive attitude! Poet Ray Eliot said it perfectly, "Success begins with a person's will, It's all in the state of mind!"
Source: NC-HCAP Health Careers Information & Enrichment Workshop manual
 Question of the Month
Do you have a college or career planning question you'd like to ask? If so, email Ms. Rivera at [email protected] Each month, at least one question will be answered right here in Pathways.

Question: I'm a senior and I'm completely overwhelmed by the college application process.  There's just so much to do!  Can you give me a checklist of things I need to do this fall?
Anonymous Senior, NC

With senior year comes a laundry list of things that must be done to prepare for college, but don't be discouraged!  You can tackle that to-do list with the help of

Check out this Senior Year Checklist which will help you stay on track and successfully complete your college applications.

Also, a guidance counselor can be a great resource during these busy fall months. They are there to answer any questions you may have about the college application process, so don't hesitate to ask for help!  Good luck!
College Planning and Preparation
Find information on college careers & majors, the college application process, and financial aid at

Find information on preparing for college at

Visit for help planning, applying, and paying for college.
Enrichment Programs
For information about additional health professions enrichment programs, activities, and summer camps in your local area, contact the NC Area Health Education Centers (AHEC) in your area.

Financial Aid
For information to help you plan, apply, and pay for college, contact The College Foundation of North Carolina.

Scholarships are available based on many different criteria: financial need, merit, and chosen college major. Begin your search today at Fastweb.

Health Careers
Explore various health careers, read about students and professionals in the health field, and even locate information on current health-related issues and topics at and

North Carolina Colleges and Universities
Learn more about North Carolina's 16 public universities by visiting the UNC System Website.

Volunteer Opportunities 
Looking for volunteer opportunities? Check out
  Meet Mrs. Rivera
As the pre-college outreach coordinator, Koyah Rivera is responsible for planning, developing and implementing pre-college outreach initiatives across North Carolina.

Before joining NC-HCAP, Rivera was employed as a college admissions counselor at Shaw University in Raleigh. She has served as a Language Arts teacher for Wake County Public Schools and TV news producer/writer at two NBC TV stations. She is also the founder/executive director/TV host of Beyond Gifted, Inc., a non-profit organization which produces the "Beyond Gifted" television program to assist K-12 students in developing post-secondary plans to reach school and life success. She received dual B.A. degrees in communications and English from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington.