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Corporate Affiliates Program Newsletter:
Issue 1 Fall 2009

The Corporate Affiliates Program (CAP) at UCSB has expanded its capabilities and resources in the past few months. We have designed a newsletter to keep our affiliates and contacts in touch with our current activities. In these newsletters we hope to provide a resource that informs, stimulates and keeps you apprised of the activities and events of the Corporate Affiliates Program. We always appreciate any input you may have on how we can improve, so please don't hesitate to send us your feedback. We appreciate your continued support of our program and look forward to your future participation. Thank you.
The Corporate Affiliates Program
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Upcoming CAP Events
Launch of New CAP Website
Millipore and UCSB
Upcoming CAP Events

Bioengineering Insights Banner

Bioengineering Insights:

Monday, October 26

Graduate Student Symposium
Friday, October 2
Chemical Engineering- ESB 1001
Computer Science

Fall Career Fair:
Thursday, October 15

Emerging Technologies/Emerging Economies:
Wednesday-Friday, November 4-6
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Launch of New CAP Website
Circle CAP is pleased to announce the launch of our freshly renovated website. Our new website has been redesigned to improve navigation and the efficiency of resources. From the website, you now have easy access to the most current technology research being conducted at the university. You also have access to faculty, students and facilities on campus, as well as all other CAP related information, including upcoming events. CAP plays an integral part in connecting you to the research, talent and expertise at the university that your company needs. We welcome any feedback or suggestions you might have on how we can continue to improve our website and services.

Millipore and UCSB:
Gaining New Ground with Research Regeants
Millipore Millipore and UCSB's partnership began in 2007 with Millipore providing grants to supplement Professor Clegg's stem-cell research. Since this initial investment, Millipore has expanded its reach within UCSB and now collaborates with 5 molecular, cellular, and developmental biologists. The goal of this continued association with the university is to promote the development of technology and products that will result in direct benefits for society. Please see the link below for the full story and our other affiliate members.

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