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August 2010
Have you ever been hesitant to confront disorganization in your home or office?  What about the feeling you get when you "have" to hire a professional to help you?  Sometimes we feel guilty, even ashamed.  Lisa Wessan chimes in to give us her strategy for helping others let go of their negative emotions.

S.H.A.M.E=Should Have Already Mastered Everything

 By Lisa Wessan, aka Professional Shamebuster SM
As a geriatric social worker, I have worked with many clients and their loved ones who struggle with clutter or have Compulsive Hoarding Syndrome (CHS).  As you may already know, this is a complex issue and only a multi-modal treatment plan can be effective. 

To defrost the emotions of grief and shame that permeate most average clutterers and CHS patients, I have had great success working with them in support groups. In groups, there is an amplified power for releasing the shame burden amongst fellow sufferers.  The feeling of "we are all in the same boat" diminishes the acute anguish of being alone with this challenge.  In a group, we can laugh at the absurdity and oddness of our situation; alone, we often beat ourselves up for not being able to move anything. Together, we can face it, trace it, erase it, and then let go of the stuff.

As a Professional Shamebuster SM, let me briefly describe my definition of shame...S.H.A.M.E. stands for Should Have Already Mastered Everything.  Nay, Nay, I say!  Even if you are in your golden years, who says you should be an expert on this process of letting go?  Dear one, decluttering is a lifelong journey, often a spiritual journey, and it begins NOW.  What's important is to note your progress, not aim for perfection.  

Slowly, slowly, as people release their shame and guilt, they find they have more energy and are able to focus better on the clutter at hand.  They can ask for help, work with a Clutter Buddy, and prepare to allow a professional organizer to come in and ramp up the process. 
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Lisa Wessan, MSW, LCSW
Author, Counselor, Seminar Leader
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"Some people look at a shelf stacked with coffee mugs and see only mugs. But people with serious disorganization problems might see each one as a unique item - a souvenir from Yellowstone or a treasured gift from Grandma."
Lynne Johnson, Former President, National Study Group on Chronic Disorganization.

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