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June 2011
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Dr. Susan Corso is the Spiritual Alignment expert at Visions HealthCare in Wellesley, MA. A born intuitive, she has had a spiritual counseling practice for 29 years. Aligning Spirit, Soul and Body makes for a deeper, more fulfilling life. Says Susan, "Seeking includes finding in my reality. I walk parallel with you on your path to the fulfillment of your best dreams." If you resonate to this, I'll be delighted to serve you.



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Donna Henes is an internationally renowned urban shaman, award-winning author, popular speaker and workshop leader whose joyful celebrations of celestial events have introduced ancient traditional rituals and contemporary ceremonies to millions of people in more than 100 cities since 1972. She has published four books, a CD, an acclaimed quarterly journal and currently writes for the Huffington Post, Beliefnet and UPI (United Press International) Religion and Spirituality Forum. She has created and officiated public ceremonies for two mayors and a governor and serves as the ritual consultant on Hollywood films. Mama Donna, as she is affectionately called, maintains a ceremonial center, spirit shop, ritual practice and consultancy in Exotic Brooklyn, NY where she offers intuitive tarot readings and spiritual counseling and works with individuals, groups, institutions, municipalities and corporations to create meaningful ceremonies for every imaginable occasion.



The Queen of My Self is now available in all E-formats: Kindle, Nook Book, Apple and PDF from Art & Words Editions.  


The Queen of My Self is a great read. Although it will appeal to women of all ages, it should be mandatory for those facing what could otherwise be a mid-life crisis. Mama Donna's writing is clear, inspired, and filled with light-hearted, humorous wisdom as she exhorts us to live life to the fullest, and in doing so enhance and empower our elder years.

- Nicki Scully, author of Alchemical Healing and Power Animal Meditations  




Thank you for writing The Queen of My Self: Stepping into Sovereignty in Midlife. I'm learning about the ways in which I can live up to my namesake as Queen Victoria! Your work is helping to provide me with much hopefulness of rediscovering my true Self. As a recent post-menopausal woman of 53 years young, I was beginning to think I was headed straight to the rocking chair, never to live out any of my long-stifled dreams. Thank you so much for the realization that I've only just begun my journey! From an evolving Queen of My Self,

- Victoria, MA       

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- Leisette, CA

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The transition from Maiden and Mother to Queen can be a difficult one, fraught with hard lessons and lots of loss. It takes great determination and courage to confront and embrace the changes brought about by the midlife passage.

It can be really helpful during this confusing time to have the inspiration, advice and encouragement of a counselor/coach/mentor - someone who has been there and done that and is ready to help you do the same.

Queen Mama Donna offers upbeat, practical and ceremonial guidance for individual women and groups who want to enjoy the fruits of an enriching, influential, purposeful, passionate, and powerful maturity. 


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Ever since I first introduced The Queen as a helpful archetype for midlife women, I have received hundreds of requests for detailed instructions on how to become a Queen.

"Dear Mama Donna," women would write, "I want to be a Queen, too. How do I access my power? How can I feel good about myself? How do I change my life? How do I find magic and spiritual wisdom? How do I know what to do? How do I learn how to rule?"

The reality is that I cannot possibly know how anyone else will attain her Queendom, I only know how I came into mine, and that is largely through hindsight. The truth, my truth, at least, is that there is no one true truth. We must each find our own way in this world.

As a shaman, I teach through example, but not through dictum. I can and do offer information, exposure, personal experience, encouragement, inspiration, suggestions and support to my constituents, but I cannot - dare not - pass judgment or establish rules and laws. It is simply not for me to say.

When you come to me for help and spiritual guidance, I listen to your concerns and embrace your needs. I pat you on the back, give you a good, swift kick in the butt, or let you cry on my shoulder, as needed. I can tell you what I did in such and such situation, how I did it, what I learned from this or that lesson, but I cannot tell you what you should do. How do I know what your soul needs?

Only you know what you know. I can, of course, aid you in reaching into the well of your own deepest wisdom, and help you to hear the messages from your best inner Self. And I can offer tools and practices to help you develop the confidence to follow your own purpose, path, passion and power.

A woman who I have been working with recently told me that I had changed her life. "Well, no, of course, I didn't, honey," I assured her. "You changed your own life." The fact of the matter remains that I could not give her what was not already hers.

If you don't go after what you want, you'll never have it. If you don't ask, the answer is always no. If you don't step forward, you're always in the same place.

- Nora Roberts 
with Mama Donna


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Lessons in practical spirituality that offer no-nonsense approaches  

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queen in blueCrow Flag


Hail Queens!

This spring the world watched in awe as the Arab world rose in protest against repressive dictatorships.

It was a woman who sparked the first of the Middle East revolts. Asmaa Mahfouz sent out a call to rally on her blog and mobilized tens of thousands of Egyptians: "I am a woman and I am going out on Jan 25 and am not afraid of the police. For the men who brag of their toughness, why exactly are you not joining us to go out and demonstrate... If you stay home, you deserve what will happen to you... if each of us manages to bring 5 or 10 people to Tahrir Square...talk to people and tell them, this is enough!"

Mahfouz has been called "The Girl Who Crushed Mubarak" and "A Woman worth 100 Men." Women who participated in the demonstrations confronted not only the regime, but their families and society as a whole so as to be taken seriously as equal partners in the revolution.

My family was so worried about me and they told me women are not harsh enough for that kind of confrontation...They now tell me they are so proud of me. I knew that if I get scared and everybody gets scared, then this country will be lost for good.

Suzanne Himmi, a Libyan housewife and mother of five came out to protest on the first days because "my father-in-law died in prison and many more of my relatives have been hurt by Qaddafi." She lived close to the action in Benghazi and witnessed everything that was happening, so she decided to collect people's stories. She explained "It is important that people know what is going on so they are not scared. Now she writes daily for the newspaper Libya, one of the new media outlets to pop up in Benghazi.

Women have joined in protest and action to bring down dictatorships across the region, some because their husbands and sons have been killed and some have joined specifically to keep women in the struggle. Their organizing is not new. Female voices rang out loud and clear during massive protests that brought down the authoritarian rule of Tunisian President Zine el Abidine Ben Ali. Irgui Najet, a lawyer argued that "the force of the Tunisian feminist movement is that we've never separated it from the fight for democracy and a secular society...We will continue our combat, which is to make sure that religion remains completely separate from politics." "We believe that we have a right to rebuild Egypt," said Fatima Mansour.

Azza Kamel, a women's rights advocate in Egypt, says the popular uprisings in her country and its neighbors are creating new opportunities for women.

"There was no difference between women who were veiled or not veiled,'' Kamel said at the United Nations. "The revolution created a land as free for women as for men.''

Two Saudi campaigns have been inspired by the powerful contributions of women to the fall of Mubarak in Egypt and Ben Ali in Tunisia. The Baladi (My Country) campaign is fighting for women to be allowed to vote in this year's municipal elections - only the second nationwide ballot that the absolute monarchy has allowed. History lecturer and human rights activist Dr. Hatoon al-Fassi is an activist for women's participation in elections. She said, "We have decided to create municipal councils paralleling the men-only municipal elections...We will never give up."

Saudi Women's Revolution is pressing for equal treatment and international solidarity. Alia al-Faqih, a member the Facebook group of 2000 women demanding change in Saudi Arabia, wrote "The protesters in Egypt and Tunisia did something that was almost impossible... If they could bring down two tough presidents, why can't we demand our rights?"

Women have not been spared from attacks for daring to protest. Women in Saudi Arabia say they are considered to be minors under the law except when facing criminal charges - then they are equal.

Often there is a gendered dimension to the assaults. A group of women protesters in Cairo's Tahrir Square were dragged to a military prison and beaten, electrocuted and verbally abused. They were then stripped and subjected to "virginity checks" by a male doctor all the while being filmed and threatened with charges of prostitution.

Dr. Amal Abdel Hadi, head of the New Women Foundation, says "Egyptian police and security forces have a long and troubling history of violating the sanctity of women's bodies to intimidate people....It's not unusual for police or security officers to detain a woman and force her to strip naked because her husband has been caught stealing or is a terrorist suspect." She says sexual humiliation is a disturbing yet effective form of psychological torture and pubic control.

In Libya special spaces were designated so that women would feel free to protest in Benghazi. Rosanna Ramadan, an organizer explained, "Women want to have their voice heard so we have a special area to make sure everyone is comfortable enough to come out." The protests have broken down some barriers for women. Girls say they are allowed out late and are working together with men. "I think this will transform the lot for women afterwards when all of Libya is free," said Ramadan.

Egyptian Women in Tahrir Square

There is a sense of celebration, defiance, and determination, as well as anxiety of what the future holds. In uprising there was "real equality and we'll never go back to square one," proclaims Magda Adly. "They can't just send us home after the revolution, we are half the population." "If we stay silent, we will continue to experience all the discrimination of the past," Shaza Abdel Lateef argues.

On International Women's Day this March 8th, after the fall of Mubarak, women organized a protest in Tahrir Square against the fact that the interim military council ruling Egypt failed to appoint even one women to the committee drafting constitutional amendments. "We fought side by side with men during the revolution, and now we're not represented," said Passat Rabie after some men dispersed their protest, saying women have enough rights, their acts are against Islam, and they should go home and wash clothes. "We need to change social and cultural concepts about what women's role is to begin with. That is one of the biggest battles," says Yasmine Khalifa, an organizer of the protest. "This is a long process... a continuation of the revolution."

Whether the turmoil in the Arab world will yield progress toward full political and economic rights for women is unclear, said Isobel Coleman, author of Paradise Beneath Her Feet: How Woman Are Transforming The Middle East and a senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations in New York.

Re-imagining society through struggle has created a sense of pride and potential, which is the foundation for the next steps of moving forward. What would it mean for women to protect the revolution - the spirit of millions of people together in a square demanding justice, freedom, democracy in spite of class, gender, race, age, religion - what will it take? Tariq Ali argues that "It is important not just to celebrate women's courageous roles in these uprisings, but to look at grievances and campaigns of women in the region before these uprisings, as a measure/yardstick to keep in the forefront of our questions as the transitions to democracy take place there. Dismantling patriarchy needs to be at the center of the restructuring and women's organizations and feminist solidarities must remain vigilant in the struggle for human liberation."

When the rules for right conduct fall away,

and the power of external authority

drops away too,

I listen to the steady building

of my own voice

gaining momentum until it breaks free

into a wide open song.

- Miriam Bassuk

Praise to these brave and insightful women. They are sheroes of the first order. May their struggles improve their lot in life.


With blessings of freedom,



The Arab Woman You Don't See

By Queen Noor of Jordan

Queen Noor of Jordan
Throughout the extraordinary events of the last few months, across the Middle East and North Africa, long-silenced voices demanding change are being heard worldwide - and stalwart among them are the voices of women. From the bereaved mother of the first tragic Tunisian protester, to Asmaa Mahfouz, the 26-year-old whose YouTube video brought Egyptians into the streets, to Sally Zahran, a passionate 23-year-old Egyptian woman who was bludgeoned to death on January 28, to Tawakul Abdel-Salam Karman, the activist whose arrest sparked demonstrations in Yemen and countless others, women have joined with men in peaceful protest, braving beatings, rubber bullets, and worse.

In Egypt, considered the birthplace of Arab feminism in the 1920s, an estimated quarter of the million protesters at the height of the demonstration were female. In all the pictures from the protest, none was as powerful as that of the woman standing face to face with an Egyptian soldier in a pose of utmost defiance. One young female protester stated, "There are no differences between men and women here. We are all one hand." In more conservative cultures such as Bahrain and Yemen, fewer women have demonstrated, but for that very reason their presence is perhaps even more significant.

This should come as no surprise. Women are consummate peacemakers, and civil protest has always been one of their most powerful tools of expression.

I have been privileged to work with numerous networks of courageous women who have suffered the worst consequences of war, conflict and discrimination; in Jordan and Palestine, in Israel, in Colombia, in Central Asia, in Africa and the Balkans, raising their voices and joining forces for change.

Many countries that are struggling to recover from harrowing civil war, including Rwanda, Sri Lanka, Chile, Bosnia, and Liberia, have turned to women leaders for stability, security and peace. After the genocide of 1994 in Rwanda, Hutu and Tutsi women joined together to support each other and the war's victims and to lead the search for truth and reconciliation as official members of government.

In Liberia, I have witnessed the inspiring force of the market women who, throughout 16 years of civil war, sustained their families, saved lives and kept food supplies flowing while they marched and successfully negotiated for peace and, then ensured the election of Africa's first woman president.

And, in the former Yugoslavia, the site of the worst carnage in Europe since World War II, I have sat and wept with Bosnian, Serb and Croatian women as they struggled to come to terms with the deaths of their husbands, sons and fathers -- killed, in some cases, by the husbands or sons of women sitting across the table.

Why such compassion to the widows of their enemies? As one woman put it simply, "We are all mothers." They came to our meetings to search for threads of human connection amidst the chaos of conflict.

Today, women raising their voices in Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, Bahrain and Yemen are not all mothers, but they are also daughters, wives, sisters. They are fighting for their families, but they are also fighting for themselves; and in Palestine, the women of the occupied territories are fighting for the freedom to be included in the greater Palestinian struggle.

Woman Confronting Army Barricade 

Heartening though this may be, as revolution gives way to realpolitik, women's rights are all too often the first things to be compromised on and bartered away. For example, although these protests present an unprecedented opportunity for women, some of the results are less than encouraging. In Egypt, while the protests themselves were marked by a sense of unity, it did not take long for sexual harassment to reassert itself. And women returned to protest when the Supreme Council for the Armed forces, designating a committee to amend the country's constitution, neglected to appoint a single woman.

Women's new empowerment will not be suppressed easily, however. So far, these have not been the traditional stories about women - especially Muslim women - that tend to show up on the news. Many do not imagine Arab and Muslim women have much in common with their counterparts in the West because of the selective, damaging and stereotypical images that the media commonly present. When I married King Hussein in 1978, reporters were constantly asking me how a progressive, educated, American woman could go live in such a repressive culture.

Those reporters did not know the Arab women I did - the doctors, lawyers, professors and entrepreneurs - many of whom became friends and advisers as I set my priorities for public service. The dedication and ambition of the increasing numbers of such women gives great cause for optimism about their prospects for shaping the future of the region. Providing these women with opportunities for partnering with international institutions and networks can enhance that transformative potential both within their own societies and for the benefit of our larger world.

Too many in the Western world still equate the images and soundbites describing women under Taliban and restrictive rule in other countries with the teachings of our faith and conditions throughout the Muslim world. Many worry that greater democracy in the region will give reign to more restrictive interpretations of Islam and a rollback of women's rights. I think, however, that there is reason for hope for women within our faith itself.

Most westerners - and even some in our region - do not recognize that women were granted political, economic, legal and social rights by Islam in the 7th century - rights then unheard of in the West; rights that women were still struggling for in the 20th century in so many parts of the world - such as the equal right to education, to own and inherit property, to conduct business, to participate in decision making, to be elected to office and not be coerced into marriage. The oppression of women in parts of the Muslim world is not because of Islam, but contrary to it.

Male and female equality is enshrined in numerous places in Islamic scripture, such as the Quranic verse: "I waste not the labor of any that labors among you, be you male or female - the one of you is as the other." And from the later teachings: "For the white to lord it over the black, the Arab over the non-Arab, the rich over the poor, the strong over the weak or men over women is out of place and wrong." The true application of fundamental Islamic principles can actually empower women to play a crucial role in the process of peaceful change.

As popular demands progress to political and social transition in the MENA region, it is of critical importance that the women who have played such an important role not be relegated to secondary status yet again. They must not simply be forced to exchange an old for a new set of oppressions. Any reforms must continue the progress toward full human rights for women that our region so desperately needs, not only for the women's sake. It is vital that MENA countries more urgently recognize that the status of women is the key determinant to the development of their societies. In turn, the international community can play a critical role in helping to build bridges that can further integrate women both locally and globally.

Veiled Women Protesting

It is fitting that in Egypt, where Arab feminists first made their voices heard, women have played such an integral role, and have set something of a precedent, by courageously fighting for their unequivocal rights.

I am writing this on the anniversary of International Women's Day, almost a century since those Arab feminists raised their voices. It is now time for women everywhere to take their proper place beside men as equal parents of new societies born in democracy and justice.
Phone call from Iran!!     

I received this astonishing email from a sister Queen:

"I have translated this phone call, so people of the rest of the world has a better view on the peoples condition in Iran. It may have lots of English error, due to my lack of English knowledge!! I am sorry for that!!

But the most important message this phone call from a 66-years old lady is giving, is that people WILL NOT GIVE UP!! UNTIL THEIR GET THEIR JUSTICE!! UNTILL THE ENTIRE REGIME HAS CHANGED!!"

Translation of the phone call:

My name is Maral, I am talking from Tehran, I have reached your phone with a lot of difficulty! I am 66-years old lady. We are group of three, that have contact with each other and going out for protest together, and we are our own leader! I am the youngest one in this group. The next two are 70 and 73 years old! We are fighting side by side with our young ones!

Older Iranian Women

You don't know what's going on here, you only see it on movies that some one got killed... and when the movie is finish, he rises up and laughing!

But this time, when someone got shooted at, he don't rise up anymore, for he know that it's not a movie anymore! But his soul is smiling!

It's like war-movie, but the real war is for soul and body, for freedom. It's war for escaping from the big prison, named Iran!! People want either to die or live normal!! Now the fear is gone, no one is afraid for anything anymore!! People are in the street for gaining a normal life, for to breathe normal, and escaping from this big prison!

Iranian Protester

They stole people's money to spend it on terror, to support Hamas, Hizbollah and etc. They have taken away people's Pride, Dignity, Soul, Mind, Faith, Trust, Believe!! They have stolen so much that people are full of Anger now, they are not afraid anymore, for they have nothing to lose anymore!!

I have seen so much things that I am so sure that people will not give up until they have get what is belonging to them. Until that day the people have opened the door of this Big Prison! Justice has to be taken, you cannot give it!!

It's time to rise up now. The time is here, rise up because of your children, We have to take back our Justice! Dignity has to come back to Iran!! You don't know what they do to people here.

You are watching a Movie, it's like a tragic-movie, a movie of Horror. This is a movie of Justice, and the seeking for Justice!!

After all I have said now, let me also say the positive thing from this last days:

You don't know that before this uprising, people were soIranian Protester full of anger, hate and frustration. You don't know how much people in the streets, in malls, etc have changed. It has been so gentle now. Everybody is happy and smiling now! The frustration is gone now! With two fingers they show each other the Victory sign! Cars that are passing each other, do that while they are showing each other Victory sign and get response from other cars!!

There is no more fighting among the people anymore like before.

Everyone who has been beaten up and fallen, just rise up and continue their own way for freedom! I AM ONE OF THEM MY SELF!! At the age of 66 I was beaten up, and fell to the ground!!! My knee is still wounded. BUT I AM HAPPY.

Everyone is polite and respectful now. The cars show respect to people who are crossing the road. When I complained before, they told me that I live in a dreamland. But now people apologize and showing respect to each other!!

Is that something that traitor wanted (refering to Khamenei)? They don't let people have a free mind. I don't know if this regime are from another Planet??

Everybody is in Alarm mode, a War mode, for closing their shops.

You don't know about the nights in our streets. Every night at 22.00 when people are chanting "God Is Great"!! And Tehran is shaking!! It's like a wave of Music and Melody!! People get such a relaxing feeling to listen to that!!

I know about the entire city - Niyavaran, Mahomide, Shahrake-gharb,eslam-shahr, Afsariye. I have friends in all these places, and we have contact with each other, for checking where the sounds are coming from!. People are chanting "God is Great" "Death of Dictator"

Once I was witness myself, when people was chanting from their windows, Five Basiji members and 20 more on motorbikes arrived our street. They fired in the air, and at the same time, they arrested several people in our street. But people still continued to chant against them!! Their power is only in they weapons as long as they have it in their hand. But they are nothing!! I know that WE WILL WIN!! For Justice belong to us!!

About our Neda they told us that it was the foreigners, but from what this regime did during the last revolution they know exactly what to do!! They know who to make the Lie!! They have training in that! They say that foreigners killed Neda, but no one believes them. If they tell people that its day now, people will say that its night!!

Even though we are in a war now, people mood is good, the faith is good, the Hope is back! No one is afraid anymore!!

Iran Protestors Group

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A. Just perused the latest of your Queen's Chronicles, and am inspired to write you about a powerful anthology put together by Sandra Haldeman Martz, At Our Core: Women Writing About Power that is unfortunately out of print because the publisher crashed, but a number of copies are available through Amazon.com at amazing reduced prices: 17 new from yes! 35 cents, and 54 used from (yes) 1 cent. It was marketed new for $11.00, a bargain even then, with a stunning cover and 179 pages about women and power. Tragic that it's no longer being marketed, but what a bargain at the above prices. Power to us Women People! Power to the Queens! Love you and all your productions,
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Report from Cairo
By Dalia Basiouny

Queen Dalia
Queen Dalia was a regular participant at my many rituals during her years of living in New York City. She has since returned home to Egypt. This is an email that she sent me during the insurrection. We Queens are everywhere!

These are some of my notes on my experiences in Cairo, today Feb 3rd, the 10th day of the revolution.

After a very turbulent night in Egypt, the morning finally came. The attack on the demonstrators in Tahrir Square seems to stop, leaving so many casualties. I got a couple of phone calls from friends saying they are heading to the square with supplies. I called the friends who live by the square to see what the injured's needs are, and to find out if I can get into the square. The images of Tahrir on TV are showing the aftermath of the battle that took place there overnight. It looks like a war zone. No news if they are allowing people to enter. Rumors about thugs blocking the entrances.

After a couple of phone calls, I got a list of medical supplies needed. I called a medical student I know and he gave me some suggestions on the kind of medicines, etc. I headed to the pharmacy and got all the anti-biotech they have (thankfully in Egypt it's over the counter), and passed by a number of other pharmacies to get "neck support." I drove to downtown.

I usually park a mile away, and walk across the bridge. Today, I was carrying medicine and water (even a few bottles are rather heavy) I parked as close as possible to the check point at the entrance of Kasr El Nil bridge. Signs of destruction. Piles of Garbage. People were gathered. It's not clear who is who. I saw a familiar face; a journalist who came from New York to cover the uprising. We walked to the entrance together, but we were separated as men and women enter from different places for inspection.

The inspection of bags and ID by the people committees was more vigilant. They were very polite. They apologized profusely before checking us to make sure we are not carrying sharp objects. I was carrying sharp objects. My medical student friend told me to take medical scissors. I bought two small ones that I fit into a side pocket in my bag. I know they will not find them. They didn't.

I passed the first checkpoint operated by the people, guarded by the military tanks. There was another inspection. I saw Samah, one of the graduates of the theatre department. She was very happy to see one of her teachers there. She said she's been coming everyday since Jan 25th. She was entering the square with other friends who were also bringing medical supplies.

When we passed the checkpoint area we were taken aback seeing the broken parts of the pavement and the garbage. Samah was especially disturbed by the sight. She was one of many who created daily patrols to clean the square. It's really the cleanest demonstration I have ever been to. People are careful not to litter, and there are so many people who volunteer to clean and sweep the square, throughout the day. Some use the activity to express their political views. Walking with large garbage bags, instead of saying drop your garbage here, they call out "Donate to the National Party" (Mubarak's party which abused Egyptians for decades.)

We make our way across the square to the makeshift hospital. I am surprised that there are many people there. A whole night of violent attacks did not stop so many of the demonstrators from continuing to demonstrate, peacefully. And many people were flocking to the square in support.

The "hospital" is a tiny corner street mosque, in a back alley. A few square meters. There are a few injured people, resting on blankets on the floor, under cardboard signs designating areas for the different departments. Bone injuries are the most obvious as they have casts. A number of other head injuries with bandages over their eyes, or foreheads, possibly from all the rocks thrown at them by government thugs.

The volunteers in the hospital are very grateful. They are sorting out the supplies. There are many plastic bags with supplies. I apologized for not finding any surgical thread at the pharmacy. The doctors said they don't need any more. Good! That means they sewed up the big wounds. As I drop the few supplies I got, I look around the small busy space. The pigeonholes, where people leave their shoes as they enter the mosque, are filled with different medicines, and supplies. Piles more are gathering in front of the volunteers to sort. It's so heartwarming to see that so many people came throughout the night and the morning to donate, and to help, and many more were flocking in.

While I was there, one of the doctors climbed on a plastic stool and said. "What we currently need is two laptops and two people to enter data about the injured." I call a friend to inform her about what's needed. She finds people who can donate a laptop, but needs more information. I go back to the hospital and ask for details. One of the young doctors explain that they don't want a donation of a laptop, just one they can use to enter data about the people they are treating, and other patients that were taken to other locations in case people are looking for them. They also wanted someone to start a Facebook page for the hospital, so that they can share the info of the people they have been treating since the beginning of the uprising. I want to volunteer for the job. I can type fast, but I am not an expert with Excel program. A few minutes after I get back on the square I hear on the microphone that they found two volunteers to do the data entry, and they are still waiting for the laptops.

The guy on the microphone, I couldn't see his face because of the thick crowds, repeated a few times that under no circumstance people should collect money. Whatever they need, they announce and people provide it. No money collection. The crowd cheered and clapped.

It's close to noon, and the square is filling up with people. Definitely more than the number present at the same hour the day before. I walk around the square many of the pavements on the far side, where the major attacks happened, are gone. The street tiles were pulled out and used by the demonstrator to defend themselves in their night fight.

While I stand near the Egyptian National Museum that the demonstrators protected from the petroleum bombs of the thugs last night, I hear a loud banging sound. A young man is using a stick to bang on the metal street fence. Another man picks up a metal bar and starts to bang. It takes me a moment to realize what's going on. The watchmen on the rooftops of the surrounding buildings saw pro-government crowds trying to enter the square. They warn the watchmen on the ground, who bang the fence to alert the demonstrators. Flocks of men come to that area, to stop the thugs from infiltrating the square. Impressive! The young demonstrators are protecting the National Museum, the square and our future.

Seeing these enduring, well-organized demonstrators, still hanging in there with faith in change, even after a horrific night of defending themselves gives me so much hope for Egypt and the Egyptians.

This is dampened by the news about the thugs circling the square, intimidating people and preventing them from getting in, and confiscating the food and medical supplies. I was waiting to hear from a friend who was driving in with a car full of food and supplies, so I can gather people and go pick it up from him. He called to say the thugs took everything from them!

One of my students called to say that they weren't letting her into the square and were telling her that there are gunshots and people are being arrested inside. Another had to walk three miles to find an easier place to enter. He was intimidated by a guy who is carrying a sword. Yes, a sword. Yesterday they attacked on horseback and camelback, today swords. Which century do they belong to?

Another friend who lives nearby comes to the square in the morning and in the evening. Today he couldn't enter in the evening. The thugs stopped him and accused him of being Israeli. They took him to an Army officer, who "advised" him to go back home.

I made it home safely. Tired. More hopeful than in the morning, but worried about tomorrow. The eleventh day. The Friday of Departure. It's going to be a turning point. Please direct your prayers to Egypt and to Peace on Friday. I know the people defending their rights for a decent life will be triumphant. I deeply hope their path to change will be peaceful.

3 egyptian women

(Sorry if my sentences are incoherent or unclear. It's been a very long week, with little sleep.)

Cairo, 3 Feb 2011

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