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May 2011

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Your business requirements are varied.  Your training solution needs to be responsive. 


Moraine Park works with businesses of all sizes to support their workforce development needs.  We stay connected to emerging trends in workplace learning and development and help organizations like yours implement training and development programs that support changing business requirements. 

Moraine Park Announces New President

Dr. Sheila Ruhland will become the next president of Moraine Park Technical College. Dr. Ruhland succeeds Dr. Gayle Hytrek who will retire in June after serving as president since July 2004.  "We are very pleased to have Dr. Ruhland joining Moraine Park as our next president," said Jodine Deppisch, Moraine Park's District Board chair. "Dr. Ruhland's experience building and growing partnerships with business and industry, as well as schools and universities, will help her continue to forward Moraine Park's mission of building and maintaining a competitive workforce. It will also ensure the College continues to provide the training employers need to grow their businesses and the economy."


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Leadership Forecast 2011


Recently Development Dimensions International (DDI) surveyed more than 2,600 organizations for their Leadership Forecast 2011 study.  Their goal was to understand the current state of leadership and the future talent-related needs of business.  The findings confirm that leadership quality does not just affect the bottom-line; it also affects employee retention and engagement.  The vast majority of organizations surveyed are in the process of changing their business models and services, going global or looking for ways to be more competitive.  Essential leadership skills needed to accomplish these tasks include:

  • Driving and Managing Change
  • Coaching
  • Identifying and Developing Talent
  • Fostering Creativity and Innovation


      Source: DDI Global Leadership Forecast 2011



    FREE Webinar: Customer Service: Moving from a Service to a Profit Center


    Customer service supports business growth by working to keep customers happy and promote their ongoing loyalty.  But, the challenges of today's business environment demand that customer service representatives take advantage of their unique capabilities, and the opportunities that present themselves with each customer interaction, to make a more substantial contribution to the top line.


    For customer-driven organizations, shedding the stigma of being a cost center and introducing strategies that will work to make customer relationships more profitable requires the right level of executive support and a commitment to implement a well-defined strategy.  Join us for this complimentary webinar on Tuesday, May 31 to learn how to move your service center to a profit center. 

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    OSHA 30 Training Opportunity


    Need to bring your team up to speed with the latest OSHA requirements?  Register today for OSHA 30 hour training for general industry.  The next session will run on the Moraine Park's West Bend campus from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. on the following dates:

    • June 6
    • June 14
    • June 16
    • June 23

    To learn more or to register, contact or call 920.924.3449.




    Leadership Impact 


    Organizations with the highest quality leaders were 13 times more likely to outperform their competition in key bottom-line metrics such as financial performance.



    Source:  DDI Global Leadership Forecast 2011




    Partnerships Power Success


     "I see myself bringing back my Moraine Park training to MEC every day ... my training allows me to assist in the root cause analysis and help determine a robust solution."


    Michael Wisnefsky

    Process Engineer

    Mayville Engineering Company


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