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Intro to Judaism


Beginning in October 2012, Rabbi Julie Greenberg will offer a
5-part lecture series on Intro to Judaism.


For further details, contact:


Wendy Armon,

Managing Director


Interfaith Family Support Network

(215) 207-0990



Marking Lifecycle Events

Please remember Congregation Leyv Ha-Ir~Heart of the City when you have any occasion to send a greeting card to someone. 


While we are happy to receive contributions in any amount, for a minimum $10 contribution we will gladly send one of Marci Fleet's lovely art cards created for this purpose to the recipient of your choice.


Make a donation to your congregation and honor someone you care about at the same time. It might be a note of sympathy, a message of congratulations, get well, or a shout-out on a happy occasion. Sue Frank will gladly send along either one of Marci's cards, or one she will customize one based on your suggestions. Sue will also compose a note that carries your thought to the recipient.


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June 2012
Dear Friends of Leyv Ha-Ir ~ Heart of the City,  

We recently learned that 5 of our members were recognized by JFCS (Jewish Family and Children's Services) for their volunteerism. Beverly Hayden, Evy Simon, Heidi George, Karen Zeitz and Patricia Saddier volunteer their time on Fridays delivering challahs for Shabbat to hospital patients. They've all been doing this for years and find it to be a rewarding and satisfying mitzvah. How do each of you give back to your community, whether it be Leyv Ha-Ir or our larger community? Let us know of your volunteer achievements and we would be pleased to publicize them.


Yasher koach to these wonderful women who enrich their own lives as well as the lives of others!


Bobbi, Roby and Iris N.

LHI Calendar June 2012

Saturday,  June 2, 10 AM, Shabbat Morning Minyan 

Join us at the Ethical Society, 1906 S. Rittenhouse Square, for a lay-led service, Torah discussion, and veggie potluck lunch.


Sunday, Jun 10, 10 AM - 3 PM LHI at the Flea Market

LHI will be be participating at a Flea Market at the Germantown Jewish Center, 400 W. Ellet St., Philadelphia 19119


Do you have donations for our fund-raising Flea Market?  Items may be dropped off at Iris Newman's apartment, 215-561-0228 or picked up by Marsha Hyman, on or before June 6th. Hope to see you at this event! 


Monday, June 11, 7 PM, Council Meeting   All members are invited to join us at Joan Goldberg's. Call 215-629-1995 for more information.

Tuesday, June 12, 7 PM, POWER's Center City Philadelphia Economic Justice Forum  

Join us at Rodeph Shalom Synagogue. POWER congregations and allies will spotlight the need for bold and creative policy solutions to our city's Jobs Crisis. Some City Councilmen will be present.  


Friday, June 15, 6:30 PM, Shabbat home dinner/service 

Join us for a 45-minute lay-led service and a veggie potluck supper. We'll be at Beverly's apartment in Center City. Contact her at for directions and to tell her what you'll be bringingFurther details may be obtained by calling 215-629-1995.


Friday, June 22, 7:15 AM,  Mozi Greenberg Bat Mitzvah 
Rabbi Julie Greenberg's daughter Mozi will be featured in this Kabbalat Shabbat service with Torah reading.    



As part of the Kehillah of Center City we are invited to attend all of the events that are sponsored by the Kehillah and our larger community. To learn more about these events, check out the link to Center City Kehillah.


Take a complete look at Congregation Leyv Ha-Ir upcoming activities. 


Rabbi's Message 
Rabbi Julie Greenberg
by Rabbi Julie Greenberg


Dear Chevre,


At the heart of Leyv Ha-Ir~Heart of the City there is a treasure that few have discovered. Our lay-led Shabbat minyan meets on or near the first Saturday morning of every month. The minyan always welcomes participation because at least ten people are needed for a prayer quorum in Judaism. Some prayers, including Mourner's Kaddish, are only said in the presence of a minyan. There is a beautiful reason for this tradition: we want to surround each other with community at times of loss and remembrance.      


Being present to help make a minyan is a simple and meaningful thing we can do for each other. Just showing up and being counted makes all the difference. But you might be in for a surprise---you might actually enjoy the social connection, the lively Torah discussions,  shared meals and the mutuality of being in a covenantal relationship with your community.


So, come!


This will be my last newsletter communication before the summer break. I do hope to see everyone at the very important POWER Economic Justice Forum that we are helping organize for Tuesday, June 12 at 7:15 at Rodeph Shalom (on Broad St., a few blocks above City Hall). Many people have said, "I can't be involved in every detail of this social justice work but call me when there is something I can do." This will be the time; please talk to me if you want more background.


Love and Blessings, 

Rabbi Julie 


Leyv Ha-Ir Fundraising Campaign Launched


Our new fundraising campaign, which was discussed at the annual meeting, has been launched. We thank the generous donors who already pledged our matching donations. 


Please check your email for further information. We need everyone's participation, to whatever extent you can, to carry our community forward. Thank you in advance.


June Yahrzeits


May These Souls be Bound in the Book of Eternal Light:



Sylvia Bell

Jacqueline Hawkins

Friday Night Shabbat Service/Supper!


An animated conversation at our Friday Night Shabbat Service/Supper. 
Twelve members enjoyed this wonderful evening. Thanks to our host, Karen Zeitz.

Committee Report on POWER (Philadelphians Organized to Witness, Empower and Rebuild)


As many of you know a subset of the overarching POWER goals includes a focus on education for Philadelphia's residents. We have partnered with Rodeph Shalom and St. Rita's in helping to increase the number of libraries in Philadelphia public schools.


A meeting of the Library Committee was held at Rodeph Shalom on 5/15/12. Initial planning for selecting a local elementary school needing a library was implemented.  Three subgroups were setup: Public Awareness, Policy and Direct Service.  Each subgroup will develop a set of specific tasks and actions that will begin in September, 2012.  Spring Garden School will be contacted to see if it would be interested in participating.


Ideas that surfaced in discussion were having the target school develop an age-appropriate "wish list" of books students need to or might enjoy reading.  There could be a book drive to obtain these books in August. It might be possible to partner with Cradles to Crayons, which fills backpacks with school supplies for students in need, and add these books to the backpacks.  This is being looked into.


A community potluck dinner is being planned for late August to present the library campaign and highlight ways to get involved. There will be more specific information forthcoming.  We hope you will be able to join us.


Speaking of joining in, don't forget to attend POWER's Economic Justice Forum on June 12, 2012  at 7 PM at Rodeph Shalom on North Broad Street. Four City Councilmen will attend so we want to have a large presence of congregants.  Please plan on attending.


For further information, please contact Susan Thompson, thom5@comcast.netor Beverly Hayden,

Volunteers wanted to Mentor 2 Children at Philadelphia Schools


We have been approached by an active mentoring program to find folks in our congregation who might want to join in. You would be working with 2 children  in the city schools, spending about 45 minutes with each child, meeting weekly with the same two children (back to back).


The schools involved are:

  • Spring Garden 12th & Melon, near RS, easy parking right out front.
  • Nebinger 6th & Carpenter, easy street parking, nice neighborhood.
  • Childs 16th & Wharton, street parking.
  • Kearny 6th & Fairmount, parking in school lot or street.

The MENTOR program is holding a meeting on Wednesday, 13 June, 6pm, at Rodeph Shalom, for volunteers and prospective volunteers.  If you would like to attend please call Sharon Spinrad with any questions; 215-735-0797.


One Book, One Congregation
Rashi's Daughters by Maggie Anton


Dear Chevre, 


As revealed at our Annual Meeting, this year we will read the trilogy Rashi's Daughters, by Maggie Anton, for our One Book, One Congregation program. These books, which are meticulously researched historical novels, are set in eleventh century France. Each book focuses on one of the three daughters of the famous Jewish scholar known to us as Rashi. Reading them will immerse you in the day-to-day life of medieval Jewry and expose you to many fascinating Talmud texts. I loved reading these books! You can read any amount, from one chapter to all three books and then join in the Bagels and Books discussion scheduled for August 26 (see calendar for details). I'm excited about sharing this wonderful reading. 


Love and Blessings, 

Rabbi Julie 


Remembering Susan Budenstein 

Susan Budenstein



Leyv Ha-Ir's loved member, and friend of many, left us April 5, 2012.  A memorial service was held Sunday, May 27 at our home, Ethical Society of Philadelphia.  The auditorium was filled to capacity as family members and friends regaled her memory with stories of her adventures and exploits. Susan wanted no sadness as part of her memorial service and it was upheld. Rabbi Julie led and choir sang a favorite song of Susan's - "Sending You Light".


The photo of Susan, wearing a Statue of Liberty hat, was taken at our Purim Service on March 4 of this year.  Susan died a month later!  We will all miss you. 


Shavuot Services - May 27, 2012


Rabbi Julie, leading Shavuot services, May 27, 2012.  As part of the Yizkor service, the assembled broke into groups to share memories of departed family members. 


The conclusion of services was followed by a delicious cheese cake and other great dairy goodies! 


20th Anniversary of LHI's First B'not Mitzvah Celebration
May 30, 1992


B'not Mitzvah - LHI 1992During the Center City Reconstructionist Synagogue's first Rosh Hashanah service in September, 1990, Rabbi Jeff Eisenstat called a group aliyah for people who had never had an aliyah. A large flock of women came to the Torah, and Rabbi Jeff realized that we needed a b'not mitzvah class. In September, 1991, the class was organized with 7 women. After many classes and and a great number of discussions, we had a group ceremony on May 30, 1992, with much joy for the seven and our nearest and dearest.


Afterwards, Bernice Kates took a different Jewish path, but six of us took active roles in the congregation. Sylvia Goloff and Susan Singer eventally passed away. Roby Jacobs and Beverly Hayden each became President and are still machers. Iris Cutler sings in the choir and provides words of wisdom.  I seem to be Secretary for life. Following in our footsteps, there have been three (?) other b'nai mitzvah ceremonies and one Simchat Hochmah, and those participants remain valuable members.

Life Cycle Events and Counseling during Rabbi Julie's Sabbatical

Life Cycle Events


Normally, Rabbi Julie will conduct baby namings, weddings and funerals for LHI members (paid-up and listed on our membership roster) at no charge. During her sabbatical, LHI will underwrite the cost for someone to lead any of these events that arise. If Rabbi Julie is available at the time, she may do so. Otherwise, we will help the family select from a list of others, including Jessi Roemer and local rabbis.




Rabbi Julie provides counseling to LHI members. During her sabbatical, she will continue to counsel those she already has been helping, if she is available.  Otherwise, our Chesed Committee members will try to help members locate appropriate support resources.


Leyv Ha-Ir Listserv Reminders
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