Reminder: Dr. Huabing Wen Webinar Part II
Side Effects of Cancer Radiation Therapy with TCM & Acupuncture

Noon-2 pm (PST), Monday Feb 13 

(2 CEU's with NCCAOM, CA & FL Board Approval) 

Huabing Wen, L.Ac. OMD., specializes in Internal Medicine of Traditional ChineseHuabing Wen, L.Ac. Medicine (TCM) with a focus on cancer care. He is a graduate of the Integrated TCM & Western Medicine Program at Beijing University of TCM, and was an attending-physician in Dept. of Internal Med. at Dong-Zhi-Men Hospital in Beijing. He has practiced Chinese Medicine in America for over 20 years. In addition to his private practice in Beverly Hills CA, he currently serves as a faculty member of the Masters programs at both Yo San University of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Emperor's College of Oriental Medicine. To read more about Dr. Wen, visit his own website at  

Webinar Objectives: 

  • TCM perspectives of radiation therapy, how to view the various stages of this treatment using TCM principles. 
  • Review TCM common patterns of side effects brought on by radiation therapy, learn how we can use herbs and acupuncture to help manage these side effects.
  • Comprehend commonly used formulas and Acupuncture points that help to improve immunity and detoxify.     

Webinar at a glance:

Date: Mon. Feb 13, 2012

Times: 12-2 pm (PST)

CEU/PDA: 2 NCCAOM, CA & FL Board Approved

Cost: $25/session and receive $25 product voucher upon completion of webinar


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