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From Jake...
After a super busy early spring and another very successful IMS Retrofit Clinic I have finally had the time to publish another Flat 6 Innovations Newsletter!

The month of April was filled with elective IMS Retrofits as we set aside the entire month to retrofit as many vehicles as possible. This "IMS Retrofit Clinic" saved those that took advantage of it a whopping 500.00 discount! We will have our Fall 2012 IMSR Clinic in October, so schedule soon to take advantage of the discounts as we can only process 10 cars in one month.

We have also completed "Cayman X" and its 4.2 liter fire breathing (9A1 based) engine is now in the optimization stages as we work to find the best mix of tuning and enhancements to meet the crazy power potential of the "Big Bore-Stroker" engine. The engine was originally based on the 9A1 DFI 3.4 liter foundation and is the first of its kind in the world. With LN Engineering we have once again lead the way with advancement of the Porsche Flat 6 Engine and today our 4.2 supersedes anything produced by the factory! Look for a comparison of "Cayman X" Vs. a factory Cayman R in an upcoming edition of your favorite Porsche Magazine :-)

I'll close by saying that I have been hired on as an Instructor for the Worldpac Training Institute and they have adopted a version of my "M96-101" curriculum for their training program. See this newsletter for more details. Between classes and developing more and more engine solutions I hope to have to have time to finish my "M96 Engine Assembly Guide" over the summer as well...Have fun!

Jake Raby
Founder, President
Raby Engine Development 

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From Jake
2.5 For Sale!
Technical Article: Water Pump Info
Featured Engine Failure
Targa For Sale
IMS Guardian Jr.
October IMSR Clinic
The Frankenboxster!
The 4.2 is Alive!
Details on M96 101 Rebuild School
All about DT40 Engine Oil
IMS Guardian In Stock
Big Power From Flat 6 Innovations
 "Good Used" 2.5 Boxster Engine For Sale

Today its very hard to find a good used early Boxster engine that hasn't been molested by a dismantler. We now have one available that made 170RWHP and performs flawlessly. If you need an engine for your early Boxster this might be an economical way to get back on the road and the best part is we can update the IMS Bearing, AOS and water pump for you prior to shipping. Click here for details.
Featured Technical Article

More Water Pump Info


Make sure that you grab the August 2012 issue of Excellence Magazine to read all about water pump failures. The technical team at Excellence gathered a ton of info from our files to include pictures of what can happen when water pumps are not proactively changed. I have never had time to write an article like this one, so I deiced to help Tony Callas and Tom Prine with theirs. You will find information overload in this article!

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Featured Engine Failure
This one didn't suffer a catastrophic failure... It just ran so poorly and had lost so much compression that it was considered "worn out". Upon disassembly we found every timing chain guide rail broken and the IMS bearing literally coming apart. The owner never heard a noise and the engine had no symptoms of IMS bearing failure other than ferromagnetic debris in the oil sump. Watch this video of a stage 3 IMS Bearing failure.
Silent Death of an IMS Bearing
Silent Death of an IMS Bearing
This engine was a one owner car that had been religiously serviced at the sOEM factory service intervals, yet it only lasted 135,000 miles before so much carbon was built up within the combustion chambers that the engine would not rotate to top dead center. We can now honestly say that we have experienced a "worn out" M96. See these phenomenal photos:
worn pad2
Carbon accumulation within the cylinders was so great that the engine would not start!

Whats missing? The variorum wear pads for the 4th and 5th timing chains were worn so badly that they broke and were consumed by the timing chains! The timing chains then begin to wear against the chain actuators.
Keep in mind that this vehicle was shipped to us from the parking lot of a dealership where no one "knew what was wrong with it". Its now undergoing a full Flat 6 Innovations big bore engine reconstruction and won't ever go back to that dealership!
Flat 6 Innovations Buys And Sells Used Porsches

Are you looking for a Porsche Boxster, 996 or Cayman? Has your Boxster or 996 suffered an engine failure that you can't afford to repair or simply don't want to deal with? We have been buying, repairing, upgrading and selling Boxster, Cayman and 996 models with great success over the past several months.
This month we have a very clean 2002 Targa featured. These are some of the most sought after models and for very good reason! This car experienced an engine failure and was purchased by one of our local clients who then had us install a documented, low mileage engine (58K) into the car. We applied the LN IMSR bearing and he then decided to sell the car, so we have placed it on consignment here at the shop.For more pics and details click here.TargaFS1


The IMS Guardian Jr. 

Designed for all 2005 and later 987/997 applications but also compatible with the earlier 97-04 models. The IMS Guardian Jr. offers engine protection just like the standard IMS Guardian system at roughly 1/2 the cost. The IMS Guardian Jr. is even easier to install than the standard Guardian system! Release coming SOON, stay tuned to the Flat 6 Newsletter for the details! We recently enhanced the user interface of the Jr. system to be even more user friendly!


October IMS Retrofit Clinic 
Twice yearly we set aside one month to carry out as many IMS Retrofit procedures as possible here at our Cleveland Georgia facility. These "IMS Retrofit Clinics" find Porsches from all over the US and Canada shipped to and from our facility. The best part is our procedures are carried out at a 500.00 discount during these clinics, making it more cost effective to take advantage of our version of the IMS Retrofit procedure. Remember: The very first IMS Retrofit utilizing the LN/ Flat 6" retrofit bearing was done right here at Flat 6 Innovations! 

Worried about shipping your Porsche?? Never fear, we are our own shipping brokers and can find you reliable vehicle enclosed or open transportation at a fair price. Click here to receive a price quote. 
These clinics fill very quickly, make your appointment early.
Raby Engine Development
Flat 6 Innovations Division
47 Raby Drive
Cleveland, Georgia 30528

The "FrankenBoxster" Hits The Track in 2012

 Dr. Phil Smith has created one hell of a Boxster track car after years of development. "The FrankenBoxster" is powered by a Flat 6 Innovations Stage II 3.6 liter big bore engine that was based from the original 3.2 liter Boxster S foundation. With insane throttle response, huge torque and 300RWHP this is one serious Boxster! The entire car is prepped to a level of perfection to include suspension, brakes and all the other required items to make it a "GT3 Killer"


We Beat The Factory!
Cayman X is Alive!!! The world's first DFI 9A1 Big Bore engine boasts 4.2 liters! 
"X" for Experimental....


Flat 6 Innovations & LN Engineering have been busy this year developing new products for the current generation Porsche Flat Six "DFI" engines. 


 Going where no one had ventured before, we started with a perfectly good running Porsche 3.4 liter DFI engine from the current generation 9A1 engine family. Without any OEM support we reconstructed the engine into a 4.2 liter fire breathing beast, using many components and processes developed to maximize the 9A1 platform by Flat 6 Innovations and LN Engineering. No components or processes to complete the engine's internals were outsourced to any other company to facilitate this development. This is a 100% effort between our partnered companies as a "Top Secret" development! How we have attained this level of displacement and performance simply will not be shared.



An aggressive developmental approach was taken with this internal exploration of the 9A1 engine, meaning that we have taken the platform to the absolute largest cylinders and pistons possible and have found the limitations, strengths and weaknesses of this 9A1 engine family YEARS before anyone else. We did not take the easy road; rather we took serious risks by going large right out of the gate. Keep in mind that the basis for this development was a perfectly good running, 14,000 mile vehicle and engine that needed nothing. 

 Our desire for being the first and going the farthest, with the largest was the only drive behind "Cayman X". To say the least the day it fired up for the first time was an awesome day after so many months of design and overcoming adversity on a routine basis. Here is video teaser of the first test drive. 

Cayman X
Cayman X Test Drive
Engine output and vehicle details will be released later due to the media coverage that is pending for the project.
Want one like it??? Now accepting orders for 2013 delivery! Email here for the details
Details Concerning "M96 101" and "Complete M96 Engine Mechanical Class"
In February 2009 the inaugural "M96 101" Engine Rebuild School was held at the Flat 6 Innovations Training Center here in Cleveland Georgia. Since the first class in 2009 Attendees have travelled from all over the USA, Canada and as far away as Australia to learn about the internals of the M96 engine.
In January 2012 Jake Raby was asked to instruct a special edition of "M96 101" as part of the WTI Training Expo held in Orange County California. The huge success of this class has lead to the creation of "The Complete M96 Engine Mechanical Class" as part of the Worldpac Training Institute's curriculum. The "WTI" program will now bring Jake Raby to various parts of the US and Canada to instruct these two day classes to as many as forty attendees per event.
The Differences between "M96-101" and "The Complete M96 Engine Mechanical Class:
 "M96 101"
-M96 101 will now only be held once per year at the Flat 6 Innovations Training Facility in Cleveland Georgia. This year the ONLY class will be held December 5-8 2012.
-M96 101 will now be tailored exclusively for enthusiasts.
-M96 101 now incorporates one extra day of classroom/lab time to allow the enthusiasts to familiarize themselves with the proper tear down and inspection of a project engine as well as the full reassembly of the engine as a complete "long-block" assembly.
-This class is scheduled and hosted exclusively by Flat 6 Innovations and has no affiliation with the "WTI" Training Program.
-Cost for the class is1,595.00 per person
"The Complete M96 Engine Mechanical Class"
 - Specifically tailored for experienced professional technicians that have a desire to enhance their knowledge of the M96 engine.
-Classes are scheduled and managed by the Worldpac Training Institute.
- This class covers all engine mechanical systems and is not limited to engine rebuild topics, though these are covered.
-Learn about proper diagnosis, troubleshooting, engine failures, IMS Bearing Retrofits and more.
-Build your confidence through knowledge as we unlock the secrets of the most misunderstood engine family of Porsche engines ever developed.
-Classes are planned for:
*June 23, 24 - San Rafeal California
*July 14,15- Cambridge Massachusetts
*August 4,5- Alexandria Virginia
*September 15,16- Edmonton ALB Canada
Joe Gibbs DT40 Engine Oil

On a daily basis we are asked what is the best engine oil for the M96/M97 based engines. For several years we avoided the question completely and simply would not make any recommendations, we even went so far as to not divulge what oil was used in our engine program.

During that period of time we were working with Lake Speed of Joe Gibbs Driven Racing Oils to develop the oil that your M96/97 based engine needs. After four solid years of research, used oil analysis, engine tear downs and the application of this base oil from the street to Land Speed Racing to Grand Am Endurance Racing we finally decided to label this specific oil for retail sale.
F6 oil cert stamp

DT40 does have it's limitations as it is developed as a street oil and requires oil service intervals @ 5,000 miles. DT40 is also formulated for street service and is not developed for the extremely high oil temperatures related to DE/ track service.
If your car is a DE/Street car you can benefit from one of our custom Race Oil blends that is compatible with DT40. This means you can use DT40 on the street, drain it into a clean container and then fill the engine with one of the flavors of Race Oil, swapping back to the DT40 after the track event. This is made possible by the oils sharing the same base stocks and it saves a lot of money on engine oil. DT40 is now available through our online store and is sold by the case, easily shipped anywhere in the USA.

How good is DT40 when tested directly against Mobil 1 10/40 in an HTHS evaluation? See below!


Now Available @ Pelican Parts! 
The first line of defense against IMS Bearing Failures has been improved with the following features:
- Magnetic Chip Detecting Sensor now utilizes the OEM Porsche drain plug sealing ring.
- Extended wire lengths for the MCD Sensor.
- MCD Harness now connects to main wire harness using  a superior GM Weatherpack connector.
-(optional)External 12 volt output circuit to drive remotely located warning lights and buzzers to increase driver awareness while on the track or when driving with the top down..
IMSG Packaged
Pictured here is a complete, ready to install IMS Guardian Engine Failure Detection System. The IMS Guardian system constantly monitors the levels of ferromagnetic wear metal within your engine that are produced by failing IMS Bearings as well as eleven other modes of documented engine failure. When these levels reach unsafe levels the driver is alerted with visual and audible warnings. This allows the engine to be shut down before collateral damages occur to the engine that are often terminal. The IMS Guardian is a simple DIY project that allows you to protect your vehicle from the dreaded IMS Bearing Failure that often results in a total and complete engine failure.

 For all the latest information concerning the IMS Guardian follow this link to the Flat 6 Innovations website.

IMS Guardian Home Page



Flat 6 Innovations Turn Key Engine Solutions!
Our engine program is better than ever here at Flat 6 Innovations. Take advantage of our years of internal research and development by opting for an elective engine reconstruction that included a big bore, higher performance engine! With the M96 engine being "proactive" is much cheaper than being "reactive". Now accepting orders for winter and early spring 2013 delivery with summer and fall 2012 completely booked. 
With our engine program there are no hidden costs and no "core charges" to deal with. We create your reconstructed, big bore engine from your existing engine foundation. This means the car remains "matching numbers" and you don't end up with someone else's "blown up core". Email us for dyno charts and detailed information. Serious inquiries only, please.
Here are our current prices for our standardized packages: (Remember: All of these engines are "drop in" solutions that do not require any vehicle conversion) 
 ALL PRICES INCLUDE FREE REMOVAL / INSTALLATION & DYNO! We also break the engine in on a 200 mile shakedown run and give the engine it's initial "break in" oil service and top it off with a fresh fill of intermediate oil. Nothing required upon vehicle receipt except your driving the car! Shipping your car to Flat 6 is as easy as a phone call to us!Big Bore Prices
Stage I Engines are designed specifically to function with all OEM sub-systems to include ECU tune, stock muffler, stock intake and all other stock hardware. These are 49 state emissions compliant.
Stage II Engines require non stock sub-systems and are generally equipped with our track package to create a true "dual purpose" street/ track car thats designed to live for years of fun at DE and AX events. Runs on premium pump gas- race gas not required.