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2012 has started off on an amazing year already! With the birth of our new baby girl, Ava Ann Raby on 12.2.11 (Read more about Ava in the newsletter) to all the new and exciting things we are doing with M96/ M97 and DFI engines the pace has never been faster!

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Jake Raby
Founder, President
Raby Engine Development 
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From Jake
When Bad Things Happen
Featured Testimonial
New MCD Install Tool
Technical Article
Flat 6 Engines "In Stock" Soon
Featured Engine Failure
April 2012 IMS Retrofit Clinic
Welcome Ava Ann Raby
IMS Guardian In Stock
M96 101 Engine Rebuild School
DFI Engine Development
A compilation Of Catastrophe.
Pictures from the Morgue @ Flat 6. 
A compilation of Catastrophe
A compilation of Catastrophe
A video of some of our most bazaar failure events on record. Note the light side of this video which isn't associated with the "Doom and Gloom" of engine failure. Included in this compilation are two Flat 6 Innovations engines that failed on the track in our early days of development. Other than these two failures all the other failed components were experienced in normal street driving at normal speeds while being driven by normal people. ALL OF THESE FAILURES COULD HAVE BEEN AVOIDED!

Featured Testimonial:
Broken Hearts and Blown Up Parts.
Tales of a bad decision....
This months testimonial has a ton of detail and was so "typical" of what happens when people choose "other" engine suppliers that I chose to give it a featured article right on the Flat 6 Website. 
This one is a MUST READ for anyone torn about which way they should go following an engine failure as the writer shares his personal account of how "expensive a cheap engine really is".
Here it is:
The "MCD" Socket Now Available
Due to popular demand the Flat 6 Online Store now offers a special socket that assists with the installation of the IMS Guardian "MCD Sensor".

 Due to the wire that is routed out the side of the Magnetic Chip Detector a conventional socket will not work on the "MCD" making it near impossible to torque the sensor correctly. This tool solves that problem!
MCD socket4
Buy yours today here:
MCD Torque Assistance Tool
Featured Technical Article


Have you ever fired up your M96/ M97 powered Porsche and heard an odd mechanical sound immediately upon start up? Lots of myths exist about what this may be.. What you are hearing are your timing chains screaming! This is not good for the engine and here is why:


The timing chain tensioners are hydraulic, so they adjust with oil pressure variations. When the engine sits for a few hours or days the tensioners lose their "prime" and this allows the timing chains to become very loose. When the engine starts, prior to receiving enough oil pressure to "pump up" the tensioners the tensioners are a bit lazy and this allows the noise of the timing chains to be heard in the cockpit,


The timing chain tensioners are at the end of the oil system and are notorious for becoming dirty and having their passages plugged with debris. Dirty and worn tensioners make even more noise at start up.


To quieten the engine and sep the accelerated timing chain wear associated with this, simply remove and clean the tensioners, or replace them with new like items. Also choose an oil with an elevated level of moly content. If the problem persists you may have timing chain wear that may require intervention from an M96/M97 engine specialist.

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Flat 6 Innovations Working Hard to create "In-Stock" Engines!    

Take Advantage Of Special Pricing!!!!   

Here at Flat 6 Innovations our most precious commodity is time. The work that we carry out is done 100% the "Old Fashioned Way" meaning that we create engines by hand and from scratch. The downside to this is the turnaround times for our reconstructed engines averaging three months. We refuse to rush as we learned long ago that "Haste Makes Waste". 
Flat 6 Engine in assembly
Flat 6 Innovations Big Bore 3.6, 350HP Engine ready for Installation into a 2001 Boxster S
Through added capability, increased efficiency and standardization of our most popular engines we have worked to greatly reduce these turnaround times dramatically. If you are contemplating an engine reconstruction due to a prior failure, or just because you want more power, reliability and longevity please contact us today for all the details concerning availability.

Featured Engine Failure
996 engine from model year 2000. Featured a cracked cylinder head. The owner knew about the issue but decided to keep driving the car. In only 100 miles collateral damage from the colorant intrusion into the oil had already taken out the entire engine to include a compromise of the cylinders. If you have an issue STOP DRIVING THE CAR! A 4,000.00 repair ended up costing an 18,000 dollar engine. The sad part is a 600.00 preventive measure could have been employed and all of the excess expenses could have been avoided.
Does this picture look familiar? This nasty oil and water mix that can be avoided with preventive measures

Steam + A loss of intermixed coolant on the ground= Expensive!

Flat 6 Innovations Buys And Sells Used Porsches

Are you looking for a Porsche Boxster, 996 or Cayman? Has your Boxster or 996 suffered an engine failure that you can't afford to repair or simply don't want to deal with? We have been buying, repairing, upgrading and selling Boxster, Cayman and 996 models with great success over the past several years.

We have several vehicles in stock with many options for engines and engine packages to include full reconstruction or big bore street and track engines. 

If you are considering buying an M96 powered vehicle, contact us to see what we have in stock.. You might just find the perfect car with a compromised engine, awaiting a reconstructed engine from Flat 6 Innovations.
Raby Engine Development
Flat 6 Innovations Division
47 Raby Drive
Cleveland, Georgia 30528

April 2012 IMS Retrofit Clinic Flat 6 Innovations completed the very first IMS Retrofit using the LN Engineering Ceramic Composite Hybrid IMS Retrofit Bearing. To date we have installed more than anyone and know this retrofit intimately. Heck, we even designed the bearing extraction tools! Trust your Porsche to our specialized procedures.

Our next IMS Retrofit Clinic will be in April 2012. This is a perfect time to get those cars out of storage and ship them to Flat 6 so they can be properly upgraded to avoid issues during driving season. 
Flat 6 Innovations/ LN Engineering IMS Retrofit Kits are utilized on all Flat 6 IMS Retrofit procedures.

We are offering special rates for those on our newsletter mailing list, for the month of April only we will carry out all IMS Retrofits for 500.00 off the regular prices to include parts and labor!!

Please read this link to our comprehensive IMS Retrofit article to gain the "normal prices" for these procedures and also to understand exactly what we do that is so specialized. Email Flat 6 Innovations Scheduling to have your vehicle picked up and delivered with our door to door service anywhere in the US and Canada!! 

The Newest Raby Development!
Ava Ann Raby Born 12.2.11
The Raby family has grown! We are pleased to introduce Ava Ann Raby, Daughter of Jake and Beth Raby, born on December 2, 2011 weighing in at 7 lbs,7 oz. and 18.5" long!
Shortly after birth Ava was diagnosed with a spinal column birth defect. Only three hours after birth Ava was rushed to Egleston Children's Hospital in Atlanta Georgia where the Doctors and Nurses performed a miraculous surgical procedure.
After 10 days in the NICU at Egleston, Ava came home just before Christmas and today she is a healthy baby girl. We are confident that in just a few short years that she will have her own tool box here at the shop! Something tells us that Ava will build her first car from spare parts and will have quite an obsession with old Porsches and VWs!

Now In Stock!! 
The first line of defense against IMS Bearing Failures!!!


IMSG Packaged
Developed by the Flat 6 Innovations division of Raby Engine Development, the IMS Guardian was featured in the December 2011 edition of Excellence Magazine as a "Tech Forum" feature article

 For all the latest information concerning the IMS Guardian follow this link to the Flat 6 Innovations website.

IMS Guardian Home Page 


Flat 6 Innovations "M96 101"
Engine Rebuild School
Travel to Flat 6 and learn! 
Recently Jake Raby traveled to the Worldpac WTI Training Expo in Anaheim California to instruct a special edition of "M96 101" to attendees from all over the country. 
The response that this summarized version of our engine rebuild school created from the professional technician level was enormous. Due to this we have decided to offer more of our full (3 day hand on) engine rebuild schools in 2012. These classes fill EXTREMELY FAST so don't waste any time committing to them. Follow this link for the details. (Note We assemble a REAL engine, not just a mock up engine!!)
Jake Instructing "M96 101" in the Flat 6 Learning Center
9A1 DFI Engine Development Update!
Venturing where others dare to go... 3.4 to 4.2 liters of fury!


In the last installment of the Flat 6 Newsletter we shared with you the beginning of the processes to venture to the depths of the 9A1 DFI engine. Being the first company and group of individuals to disassemble one of these engines is quite an experience to say the least. We feel like we did back in the early days of the M96 program, having no one to call for help and since the engine is so new we are having to make our own special tools and actually have parts made from scratch.


Currently we have our stroker crankshaft completed and LN Engineering has completed the billet connecting rods. LN has also completed the overbore procedures to the crankcase and the bores are now Nikisil. We are awaiting the custom pistons to be delivered before we can do a mock up assembly. 


While we are awaiting parts, our cylinder head genius, Len Hoffman has been working with the port profiles that are necessary for this 4.2 liter engine to breathe. See the below, very revealing silicone molds that he was able to pull from the 9A1 DFI head and compare them to an M97 cylinder head. 


9A1 IN ports
9A1-3.4 DFI Intake Port Vs M97 3.8L Intake port. Note the differences in port volume and the dramatically altered bifurcation area due to the DFI characteristics.


These types of in depth studies separate the men form the boys and they are what makes our program so effective! This is much more than engine assembly!

9A1 EX ports
9A1-3.4 liters Vs M97 @ 3.8 liters. Radically altered bifurcation and massive volume difference
This is where the puzzle comes together.. Finding the strengths and weaknesses from each port to create a well though out approach to improving performance without creating compromises like a loss of throttle response or drive-ability.
9A1 3D chamberNports
9A1- 3D port and chamber mold. Putting this puzzle together helps us really understand the characteristics of the DFI heads and where they can see the biggest gains in performance at a whopping 800ccs of added displacement!

You saw it first from Flat 6 Innovations, Hoffman Automotive Machine and LN Engineering! It takes an insane group to disassemble a perfectly fine running 14,000 mile engine just to make it bigger, stronger and find its deficiencies.


We have found 4-5 areas of concern with the DFI engines, especially with intake valve guide wear, these heads looked like they had 80,000 miles on valve guides at only 14,000 miles!


More next time as we work to leave the lab and head to the engine assembly "operating room" here at Flat 6 Innovations



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