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IMS Guardian Installation Video
IMS Guardian Installation Video
Watch the simple 19 step IMS Guardian installation process in this video.

From Jake...
I hope that you enjoy the Flat 6 Innovations Newletter that we have prepared for you. We have more in the works here  than ever before and I felt it was time to emerge from the camouflage for a bit of an update.

From the release of the IMS Guardian to new internal developments with the M96 platform to blazing trails with the first ever big bore, stroker 9A1 DFI engine, Flat 6 Innovations continues to create solutions and bust myths.

Please feel free to contact us via email or phone with your questions concerning the contents of this newsletter. 

Coming in December is a Raby Development announcement that you don't want to miss.. Those of you who know me personally probably won't believe it... Keep your eyes peeled for the December newsletter!

I greatly appreciate the purchasers of our products who made 2010 the best year on record for Raby Engine Development and I am pleased to announce that we have already surpassed the 2010 numbers with figures from 2011!
Jake Raby
Founder, President
Raby Engine Development 
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IMS Guardian Install Video
From Jake
Technical Article: Winterizing
IMS Guardian In Stock
Big Bore 3.6 to 3.8 = Big Power
DFI Engine Development
New Products
Raby Engine Development and Joe Gibbs Racing have partnered to produce the ultimate in protection for your Flat 6 Engine...

This label is what the owners of Aircooled Porsches will be seeing in January 2012. A similar product has been developed specifically for the modern Porsche engines with their insanely high oil temperatures.

 The result of two years of development this hi performance engine oil has previously only been available to the owners of Flat 6 Innovations Turn-Key engines. That all changes in February 2012 as the formulation becomes available to the masses! Check out that Raby Engine Development seal of approval right on the Joe Gibbs label!

Featured Technical Article

Winterizing your 986/987/996/997


For those of us not lucky enough to be able to enjoy our cars year round, here are a few things to do to ensure your engine is in the best shape possible for next season.


Change your oil. It is imperative that you store your car with fresh engine oil and install a new oil filter.


Do not start your car unless you plan on driving the car for an extended priod. Short drives or even worse, idling your car needlessly will lead to buildup of fuel in the oil and along with combustion byproducts and moisture, you will build up acid in your crankcase which will cause corrosion and later engine problems.


Put fuel stabilizer in the gas tank. In older cars with metal gas tanks, store the car with a full tank of gas. Newer cars with plastic gas tanks should store the car with about a 1/4 tank of gas. Regardless, make sure you use a fuel stabilizer like "Stabil", as modern ethanol added fuels will cause problems if such a product is not used. Make sure to add it before filling the tank and drive the car a bit, to make sure any fuel in the fuel system has it mixed in properly.


Use a battery tender to maintain your battery.


Put rat poison in the trunk and inside the car to make sure you don't get any unwanted tenants in your car over the winter. 


Lastly, use a moisture absorber in the interior like Damp Rid to prevent mold and mildew inside the car.

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Beth Raby's Land Speed Record Video 
Beth Raby  sets 4 Land Speed Records at the Maxton Mile
Beth Raby sets 4 Land Speed Records at the Maxton Mile

Featured Engine Failure
2002 3.2 liter Boxster S with 85K miles. This engine featured several modes of failure simultaneously to include spun rod bearings and a cracked head!
Smoked Rod. Spun Bearing
Trio of destroyed rods
Destroyed Crankshaft
Destroyed Rod Bearings


Flat 6 Innovations Buys And Sells Used Porsches

Are you looking for a Porsche Boxster, 996 or Cayman? Has your Boxster or 996 suffered an engine failure that you can't afford to repair or simply don't want to deal with? We have been buying, repairing, upgrading and selling Boxster, Cayman and 996 models with great success over the past several months.

We have several vehicles in stock with many options for engines and engine packages to include full reconstruction or big bore street and track engines. 

If you are considering buying an M96 powered vehicle, contact us to see what we have in stock.. You might just find the perfect car with a compromised engine, awaiting a reconstructed engine from Flat 6 Innovations.

Now In Stock!! 
The first line of defense against IMS Bearing Failures!!!


IMSG Packaged
Developed by the Flat 6 Innovations division of Raby Engine Development, the IMS Guardian was featured in the December 2011 edition of Excellence Magazine as a "Tech Forum" feature article

 For all the latest information concerning the IMS Guardian follow this link to the Flat 6 Innovations website.

IMS Guardian Home Page 


Excellence IMSG Ad Jan 2012
Flat 6 Innovations
3.6 to 3.8 Big Bore @ 400HP!
Davidson Power
Earlier this year one of our clients experienced an on-track engine failure.. He called the Flat 6 Innovations phone line and was told something he didn't want to hear... That it would cost 20 thousand dollars to reconstruct and upgrade the engine in his car to resist future failures... The good news was for that price he would add 200ccs of displacement and a minimum of 40HP as standard.
He chose to go an alternate path at an expenditure of 9,000.00 from a shop that could do the work quicker and was willing to tell him what he wanted to hear.. Thats the path he chose..
The engine had a longevity of two laps. He wasted 9,000 dollars and then made the choice to take advantage of the Flat 6 Innovations engine program. Unfortunately the engine failure wasted his crankshaft, destroyed his crankcase and the end result was a much heavier price tag than the 20 thousand that he was previously quoted...
At the beginning of the process the client wanted a reliable engine with more power and something that just wouldn't break. We met this desire with a 3.8 liter big bore reconstructed engine featuring all the Flat 6 Innovations and LN Engineering upgrades and tricks. Producing 320 HP at the rear wheels on pump gas (not race fuel) this 3.6 to 3.8 Big Bore engine is filled with torque and has unparalleled throttle response.The best part is, it won't break after two laps..
9A1 DFI Engine Development Underway!
Venturing where others dare to go...


Our newest patient at Flat 6 Innovations is LN Engineering's 2010 Cayman S track car, owned and driven by Tammy Hellings, LN Engineering's resident engineer and co-owner of LN Engineering. Over the last two years, its seen 13,000+ miles driven across about eight months with 50+ hours hard track duty. Starting with a bone stock PDK Cayman S, LN Engineering has upgraded every part of the car to make it every bit as capable on the track as a GT3, with exception of the engine. Now it's Flat 6 Innovations turn to make it into a GT3 killer with a planned 3.4 to a whopping 4.2 build that is sure to melt the rubber off the rims and tear up pavement, all while remaining reliable.


Here's a preview of what's to come - our billet 104mm JE Piston for the 9A1 engine:



 Here are some never before seen internal pictures of the 9A1 DFI engine:


DFI mains






New Product Developments


LN Engineering has been busy this year developing new products for the track, all of which are currently undergoing testing by Flat 6 Innovations. 


This includes a billet race filter with a washable 60 micron stainless element to provide full flow filtration with less restriction while providing the needed improved ground clearance required when installing an Accusump system. 




This was the missing link to make the Accusump system foolproof and we're glad to see this addition. 


To address concerns of high oil temperatures, an oil cooler bypass to delete the factory water to oil heat exchanger is also in testing.



The last development is LN Engineering's dual tandem scavenge pumps, doubling the number of scavenge pumps on the engine to help prevent oil starvation by ensuring the oil is returned to the sump rather than getting trapped in the heads.




Coupled with a new 2 quart deep sump featuring a windage tray and upgraded baffle to ensure the additional oil cannot slosh out of the sump, this solution ensures positive oiling in most track conditions where a stock oil system would suffer from oil starvation and is a viable alternative to those who do not want to install an Accusump system.