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 Missionary Independent Spiritual Church  

Forestville, California Pastor: Rev. catherine yronwode.


 Four Altars Gospel Sanctuary  

California High Desert Pastor: Rev. Deacon Millett.


 Divine Harmony Spiritual Church

Miami, Florida  

Pastor: Rev. D. John Michael Hilford.


 Caroline Dye Memorial Chapel

Willetts, California Pastor: Rev. Michaele Maurer.


 Sacred Clarity Spiritual Church

Dallas, Texas  

Pastor: Rev. Valentina Burton.

 Santisima Muerte Chapel of Perpetual Pilgrimage

Forestville, California Pastor: Rev. Sister Robin Petersen.

 House of Prophecy Spiritual Church

Birmingham, Alabama Pastor:  Rev. Brother Jeffrey Vanderson.




Ransberg, Sweden

Pastors: Revs, Johannes Gardback, Benedikte Lindstron, Ida Lundin


Five Gates Spiritual Church

Bethel, Vermont

Pastor: Rev. Kirk White 


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This month, we explore Automatic Writing with a Crystal Ball, contacting Spirit Guides, and more!

Further Work with Spirit Guides


Last month we learned that Spirit Guides are non-incarnate beings who make themselves available to individuals to aid and inform them. Spirit Guides reveal themselves is through inner vision and inner voice.  The use of a crystal ball can aid in contacting and working with your Spirit Guide.


Crystal gazing can also enhance automatic writing, which is a time honored way to make contact with your Spirit Guide. By incorporating a crystal ball into your automatic writing, you can increase your communications and intensify the experience.  

Automatic Writing with Your Spirit Guide and a Crystal Ball  
The term "automatic writing" refers to the ability to write out messages while in a trance state. It is often experienced as communication with a Spirit Guide who either dictates the words or guides the hand. Automatic writing may be  engaged when you are in a state of passive consciousness during which you are open and receptive to spirit messages.  


Typically, automatic writing is achieved by entering into an open and receptive state and allowing your hand to move freely while holding a pen or pencil over paper. Some people close their eyes while others just allow their mind to go blank. The result may be expressed as legible and coherent lines of writing or -- if you are of an artistic nature -- as images or drawings. The images received through automatic drawing are often referred to as "spirit art." 


While this passive approach is a time honored method of receiving automatic writing and spirit art, the use of a crystal ball activates higher vibrations with you. This, in turn, aids in Spirit Guide contact. By incorporating a crystal ball, the messages or images can come faster and with greater clarity.
 Contacting Your Spirit Guide with A Crystal Ball and Automatic Writing


This is a slightly advanced technique that assumes you are already comfortable with trance-work and that you are able to readily go into a gentle trance state with a crystal ball.
Before you begin the work, it is important to put yourself into the proper spiritual state. You should be physically relaxed and comfortable. To prepare, state your intentions and ask your Spirit Guide to be present and guide your hand.

This is best done at a table or desk where you can have your hands in a comfortable writing position.  Have a few pieces of paper in front of you and a pen or pencil in hand. Begin by sitting comfortably with your sphere in gazing position. Adjust and become aware of your breathing.

Gazing into your crystal ball, be very aware of your Spirit Guide. Be prepared for a guidance. Maintain a comfortable gaze as you open to Spirit. Be patient. After a bit of time, you will feel your hand begin to write or draw. Allow it to move freely as you hold your gaze into the crystal. You do not need to -- and in fact, may be advised not to -- watch the hand that is writing or drawing. Gaze only into the crystal.

Sometimes the conscious mind can try to get in the way of automatic writing or drawing. If at first, you become too self conscious and avert your gaze from the crystal, take a break and try again later. Some people open up more quickly than others; some may require several sessions before they finally achieve a true state of automatic writing.

Allow the work to happen and the messages or art to flow for as long as you can. In time, your ability to receive the messages will grow and intensify. 
"The prayers from the Crystal Silence League have been a true blessing to me and my family. I finally found a job that is right for me and I know that all the prayers helped!"
Jared, California

If you have an experience or discovery that you would like to share, send a message to the newsletter editor, Br. Jeffrey Vanderson.
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