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January 2012 Edition
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 Missionary Independent Spiritual Church  

Forestville, California Pastor: Rev. catherine yronwode.


 Four Altars Gospel Sanctuary  

California High Desert Pastor: Rev. Deacon Millett.


 Divine Harmony Spiritual Church

Miami, Florida Pastor: Rev. D. John Michael Hilford.


 Caroline Dye Memorial Chapel

Willetts, California Pastor: Rev. Michaele Maurer.


 Sacred Clarity Spiritual Church

Dallas, Texas Pastor: Rev. Valentina Burton.

 Santisima Muerte Chapel of Perpetual Pilgrimage

Forestville, California Pastor: Rev. Sister Robin Petersen.

 House of Prophecy Spiritual Church

Birmingham, Alabama Pastor:  Rev. Brother Jeffrey Vanderson.


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The Year Ahead 
At the opening of the year, we review how the Crystal Silence League has grown, give thanks to those who have helped, and present our newest members with an orientation to what the CSL offers in the way of spiritual support and spiritual prayer resources.

Our Community 


The Crystal Silence League was begun many, many years ago. Its actual founding date is unknown; some say it was originated as early at 1912, but we know for certain that its first published books are dated 1919. The CSL has long been both a prayer society and a source for reliable individual instruction on the use of the crystal ball in the arcane arts of visionary scrying, spiritualistic mediumship, distance healing, and  the projection of personal magnetism and prayers.

From its deep beginnings, almost 100 years ago,  the CSL has recently leaped into the digital age, and, since 2011, has been available both online and via email to participants all around the world.

In May, 2011 we unveiled our new website as a part of the CSL's affiliation with Missionary Independent Spiritual Churches. This was followed by our republication of one of the earliest CSL handbooks, by C. Alexander. A Facebook site followed soon thereafter, and then this newsletter, under the editorship of Brother Jeffrey Vanderson of House of Prophecy Spiritual Church.

Finally, in July, our aims and purposes were immeasurably strengthened when Oran Davis, a computer consultant, crafted the interactive CSL prayer site -- a place where the public, CSL members, and pastors of MISC-affiliated churches and chapels can upload prayers, hold the thoughts of the prayerful in their hearts and - such a gloriously modern concept - send a tiny email to those whose payers have been acknowledged, to let them know that "The Crystal Silence League has prayed for you."

In addition to the transmission of prayers and the teaching of methods of use for the crystal ball in spiritual practices, one of the most popular facets of the CSL's internet presence is the "Crystal Balls on Our Altars" image-gallery. Now, thanks to the services of Oran Davis, this portion of our Facebook page has been installed in permanent form at our CRYSTAL SILENCE LEAGUE PHOTO GALLERY:

Now when CSL members upload images of their own altars, showing the crystal balls they work with for the purposes of divination, thought-projection, mediumship, distance healing, prayer amplification, and personal metaphysical development, these pictures become part of the growing archive of helpful material that can be shown to newbies and to those who are simply wondering "What's it all about?"

If you use a crystal ball in any of your metaphysical practices and want to share a snapshot of your altar with the world, please drop by the CSL's Facebook page at and post your photo with a brief description. We will archive it in the CSL gallery online, where it will become part of our ongoing visual guide to those who are newly embarking on the old but vital path of spiritual crystal gazing.  



CSL Resources: Sharing Our Light   


Our daily volume of prayers at the CSL web site continues to grow - as does participation in the CSL Facebook page. If this is your first CSL newsletter, do take a moment to click the links at the left to acquaint yourself with who we are, what we offer, and to learn how YOU can support others in prayer.  



"The Crystal Silence League was a wonderful support as I went through the process of finding my current job. Thanks to everyone for the little email messages of hope. They really helped."
D.J. from the CSL Prayer Site 



If you have an experience or discovery that you would like to share, send a message to the newsletter editor,  Br. Jeffrey Vanderson.


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